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What religion is most practiced in india and nepal?
In both India and Nepal, the religion most practiced is Hinduism.
Is england bigger than india?
No, India is much bigger than England.
Why did india fight?
Because the Indians wanted India to be ruled by Indians.
What did britan use india for?
It happened through the trade system. Prior to the colonial period, Britain bought goods like …
Who was the heroine of 1942 quit india movement?
Aruna Asaf Ali was a legendary heroine of India's freedom struggle. Her moment of reckoning …
Which country did samosa come from?
Samosa originated in the Middle East, most likely in the Persian Gulf area.
Who was the man of the match in india pakistan semi final match 2011?
Sachin Tendulkar was the man of the match in India Pakistan semi final match 2011.
Who is the chairman of canara bank in india?
Shri S. Raman is the Chairman-cum-Managing Director of Canara Bank, India.
What is the country code and area code of agra- agra india?
The country code and area code of Agra- Agra, India is 91, (0)562.
Which insurance is competitive in india?
Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)
Where did the word indian come from and what does it mean?
The word, Indian, comes from India. It was derived from the country's name, India, as …
Does india follow managed floating system?
In India, the exchange rate system is managed floating (from 1994 onwards) and hence the …
Who is chiarman of hdfc bank in india?
Mr.jagdish capoor is the chairman of the HDFC bank.
Which is the strongest bank in india?
HDFC Bank : HDFC Bank has been ranked India's No. 1 Bank in forbes' world's …
Current repo rate in india?
That would depend on the damand for the specific bond
Is le meridian new delhi is 7 star hotel?
No,it is a 5 star hotel,it is very rare for a Hotel with that class …
Is aerospace engineering a good career in india?
The Aerospace Engineering field in India is well-positioned for rapid growth in the years to …
Foreign travelers in india in medieval period?
the foreigners were in india to explore
Is india's knowledge better than other countries?
Indian share customs, traditions, culture from all invaders and tourists. India is a country with …
How can i get clients outside india?
You can find the first overseas customers for your products or services through a wide …
What are the factors responsible for low human development index in india?
Education is the most important asset for human development. Second factor is the economy. Underdeveloped …
How do you dial from india to singapore?
Add 65 before the number you dial. Remember that if you are calling to residential …
When was all india chess federation created?
All India Chess Federation was created in 1951.
How do you call a mobile in india from the uk?
Your question is vague... If you mean to call an Indian mobile from the UK …
Where is sagar island in india?
Sagar Island, westernmost island of the Ganges-Brahmaputra delta, West Bengal state, northeastern India. It …
What water route was the dutch east india company looking for?
The Water Route to India and the Spice Islands in Indonesia and Malaysia via Cape …
Who was re-elected as vice president of india?
The current vice-president of India is Mohammad Hamid Ansari, who was re-elected on August 7, …
Can a divorce decree be reversed in india?
But reversal of divorce decree is clearly specified in Indian Divorce Act 1869. According to …
When was think india created?
Think India was created in 2006.
Is louis vuitton available in india?
Louis Vuitton India | Buy Certified Authentic Pre-owned Luxury Handbags Shoes Accessories Online at Best …
Where were the gold find in india?
in kollar gold fields in karnatka

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