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How did britain reinforce its control of india?
Britain by its policy of Divide and Rule were able to capture some provinces of …
What constitution say about muslim prime minister of india?
No muslim can ever dream of becoming indian prime minister .Constitutional or not
Does us monitor work in india?
The last US Navy Monitors were deactivated in Vietnam in 1970.
What is the telephone number for the grand hyatt in mumbai india?
The telephone number for the Grand Hyatt (a luxury hotel) in Mumbai, India is 91 …
What is the function of the thermax company in india?
Thermax is a company based in India and Britain which offers boiler solutions and can …
Whose side did the native americans fought on during the french and india war?
whose side did the native americans take between the french and british and why?
How can i register my ecommerce business in india?
After obtaining PAN Card for the business and opening a bank account, the required tax …
Was field hockey invented in india?
No, field hockey was invented in Britain.
Where you can hire cheap taxi in delhi?
In India if you need any thing any type home, furniture, agencies, travel, vehical just …
Who was the 9th prime minister of india?
Mr. Rajiv Ghandhi was the 9th prime minister of India
What cities 12 letters in india?
· Shahjahanpur, India
What song did india arie sing on the bernie mac show?
She sang "The Truth" from the album "Voyage to India"
What was the charter of east india company?
they just came here for making India colony by tradin
Where to watch game of thrones all seasons in india?
Hotstar Currently you are able to watch "Game of Thrones" streaming on Hotstar.
Is india cheaper than pakistan?
Pakistan is 7.1% cheaper than India.
Which is the state in india in which largest iron and steel plants are located?
Bokaro Steel Plant located in JHARKHAND (as of 2011)
How long does neft transfer take in india?
between 1-2 hours NEFT means National Electronic Fund Transfer which is a nationwide electronic payment …
Which income is not taxable in india?
According to new and old tax regimes, an individuals income below ₹ 2.50 Lakh is …
What are the names of the 8 gates of jodhpur?
sojati gate , jalori gate , nagauri gate ,shivanchi gate , merti gate ,
What's there to see in india?
Please refer
In which rock system iron ore found in india?
The correct answer is Dharwar. The iron-ore reserves of India are associated with the …
What companies offer good deals on travel to india?
For students and people under 35, Contiki Tours offer good deals on travel to India. …
Why is west bengal called the same when it is situated in east of india?
All of the region known as Bengal is in the extreme southeast of India and …
Can i carry 3 laptops from usa to india?
There is no limit on the number of devices that you can carry to India …
What is future of commercial banks in india?
The future of commercial banks in India is very bright as one of its major …
What is meant by indian standard time what is its importance?
It's the time zone that includes India and Sri Lanka and is five and a …
Which is the most north eastern state of india?
Arunachal Pradesh is geographically located at 27.06° N and 93.37° E. This farthest north eastern …
What is the life expectancy at birth for males in india?
What is the life expectancy at birth for males in India?