Why should india get a permanent seat in unsc?

Melba Hickle asked a question: Why should india get a permanent seat in unsc?
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A permanent seat in the UNSC will give India immense power and influence in global decision-making, and also further some of the country's key interests… And if India manages to get a veto, that would be an unparalleled bargaining chip in New Delhi's international negotiations.


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⭐️ Will india become unsc permanent member?

India has been elected eight times to the UN Security Council, most recently from 2021 to 2022 after receiving 184 of 192 votes… India's bid for permanent member of UNSC is now backed by four of the five permanent members, namely France, Russia, United Kingdom and United States.

⭐️ Should india be given a permanent seat in the council?

Permanent seat in the UNSC, would provide India with the much-needed leverage to expand its geo-political and geo-economic clout globally… Indian presence at the Security Council would ensure Indian interests are not sacrificed at the altar of great power politics.

⭐️ Is there an infant seat on air india?

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India already has nuclear weapons.

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Can india play a more positive role if it becomes a permanent member of united nations security council?

Yes. India is the third active contributing member to the United Nation Security council. It has been elected 7 times. All the permanent members exept Japan have supported India.

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