Why is china and india important to international business?

Meda Fritsch asked a question: Why is china and india important to international business?
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China and India are influential for one key reason; these markets are so colossal that engagement with them is essential for any global business wishing to survive in the new world economy. They are, to some extent, the battleground where major global businesses have their key encounter with competitors.


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⭐️ Why is it important to have a china and india strategy?

  • Scale. A combined market strategy for China and India is particularly important when a com­pany’s cost structure depends on significant economies of scale and when profit margins are razor thin. This is increasingly the case for makers of inexpensive products targeted at the middle- and low-income segments of emerging markets.

⭐️ Can china conquer india?

India invading China is highly unlikely. The Indian Army would not have the ground force necessary to drive through the Himalayas and sustain such a push… China would have to completely capture the disputed territories and move into India to be able to claim victory.

⭐️ What is india international exchange?

  • The India International Exchange Limited (India INX) is India 's first international stock exchange and subsidiary of Bombay Stock Exchange. It is located at the International Financial Services Centre, GIFT City in Gujarat.

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Can india beat china in manufacturing?

India has the potential to surpass even China in low-cost manufacturing if the government and industry work in a cohesive manner, Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) Chairman RC Bhargava said on Thursday. Bhargava also said the government should focus on increasing the competitiveness of the Indian industry.

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Can india defeat china in war?

Yes , India can defeat China in war. Indians are far more tall and stronger than Chinese

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Does india hates pakistan and china?

Yes, there is a reason for it..... Indians don't hate Pakistanis, however, we hate politicians of who are responsible for the condition where indian don't like Pakistan and Pakistanis don't like India. Don't want to comment on China as I don't have much information on it.

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India china war 1971 who won?

sino indian india vs china

Khan, surrendered without offering any resistance. On 16 December 1971, Pakistan ultimately called for unilateral ceasefire and surrendered its entire four-tier military to the Indian Army– hence ending the Indo-Pakistani war of 1971.

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Is china a friend of india?

In 2008, China became India's largest trading partner and the two countries have also extended their strategic and military relations… Both countries have steadily established military infrastructure along border areas including amidst the 2020 China–India skirmishes.

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Was silk from china or india?


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What china and india once were?

What China and India Once Were establishes innovative frameworks for understanding the historical and cultural roots of East and South Asia in global context, drawing on the variety of Asian pasts to offer new ways of thinking about Asian presents.

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What india imports most from china?

  • Electronic items are the most imported item by India from China. Its total imported values were US$ 20.6 billion followed by the machinery cost 13.4 billion dollars, organic chemicals of 8.6 billion dollars, and plastic items values at 2.7 billion dollars during 2018-19.

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What india lost in china war?

In 1962, India was badly defeated by the Chinese, losing the Aksai Chin region of Ladakh in a matter of days. Unlike in other border zones where the Chinese whipped the Indians, China did not withdraw from its gains. China took almost 15,000 square miles of what had been India in Aksai Chin, and has kept it ever since.

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What part of china borders india?

People's Republic of China's position

The Depsang Plains are located on the border of the Indian union territory of Ladakh and the disputed zone of Aksai Chin. The Chinese Army occupied most of the plains during its 1962 war with India, while India controls the western portion of the plains.

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When will india gdp overtake china?


Indian economy to grow at historic 12.5% in 2021, to surpass China: IMF.

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Why china attacked india in 1962?

Its is due to the border dispute and reclaiment of land on both sides. Thus sparked both countries to engage in a war. Which India suffered a humililating defeat at China's hands.

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Why does india rely on china?

China still remains the largest source of critical imports for India, from mobile phone components to pharmaceutical ingredients, and India is working on a multi-pronged strategy to reduce this reliance, which is a bigger concern than the imbalance in trade.

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Would india win war with china?

no china has much more men

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How many international airport in india 2018?

  • List of International Airports in India 2018 The International Airports in India are designed for an effective economic development and seamless international tourism for Indian Citizens. More than 20 International Airports are currently functioning in India and because of their high popularity & outstanding services, India has been listed in the top 5 airports in millions passenger handling capacity category.

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How to start international bpo in india?

The Six Steps To Start A BPO Business

  1. Determine The Type Of BPO You Want. The first step in setting up a BPO company is identifying your business niche…
  2. Develop A New Business Plan…
  3. Do The Paperwork…
  4. Invest In The Necessary Equipment And Technology…
  5. Staff Your BPO Firm…
  6. Marketing Your Business And Getting Clients.

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Why was india banned from international football?

They were never banned.

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Is india important to the world?

On the one hand, India is huge, with more than 1.3 billion people, and on track to become the world's third-largest economy. Yet India still struggles with poverty and other challenges of a developing economy. India is also the largest and most diverse democracy, but hesitates to promote these values abroad.

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Why 305 b.c. important for india?

Alexander the great came to India to establish his dynasty.

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Why cows are important in india?

The cow was revered as a mother goddess in the Mediterranean civilisations. The cow became celebrated in India, first during the Vedic period (1500–900 BCE) as a symbol of wealth. Bulls were sacrificed to the gods, and people ate their meat… The Puranas state that nothing is more religious than the gift of cows.

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Why gst is important for india?

  • Why in India, there is a need for GST? Imposing several taxes on goods and services can lead to high cost and inefficient tax structure which can subject to shirking and revenue disclosures. The need for GST in Indian Taxation System will add value at each stage and will set off the rates both at state and at central level.

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