Why india was and is a male preferred country?

Bryon Spencer asked a question: Why india was and is a male preferred country?
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⭐️ What is the population of male and male literacy in india?

a mans literacy rate in India is 82.14 and a females is 65.46

⭐️ Describe male female ratio in india?

Male female ratio is also called sex ratio. It has been very low in India.

⭐️ What country borders india?


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India was and is a male preferred country because in the past there were more female babies born than male babies. This made the male sex less common and preferred.

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Is india a powerful country?

India has become the fourth most powerful country in the Asia-Pacific region, according to the Sydney-based Lowy Institute's Asia Power Index for 2020, which ranks 26 nations and territories. India was on the fourth spot in the index after Japan.

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Is india a violent country?

India is considered to be one of the world's most dangerous country for sexual violence against women. Rape is one of the most common crimes in India… According to the National Crime Records Bureau, one woman is raped every 20 minutes in India. Incidents of reported rape increased 3% from 2011 to 2012.

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What european country colonized india?

Portugal and England Even tho the portuguese arrived there first.

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What is country of india?

India is a country and Capital is New Delhi.

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Which european country influenced india?

Indian influence in the West can be traced with reasonable certainty from the ancient Mediterranean world of Greece and Rome, through the European Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the age of European imperial expansion and decline, to the post-colonial world of the Indian diaspora of modern times.

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What is the ratio of male and female in india?

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From which country india import dates?

  • Mazafati dates (Kimia dates), Piarom dates (Maryami dates), Kali dates (Kalute dates) and several other dates are good imported dates in India and are produced in Iran. The statistics of Crystal Dates Company on exporting dates to India show the company’s ability to supply dates for export to India. Import dates from Dubai to India

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India was colonized by what country?


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Is india a poor country 2020?

India has a fast-growing, diverse economy with a large, skilled workforce. But because of its population, it's also one of the poorest countries in the world based on income and gross national product per capita. Although agriculture employs the most workers, services are the major source of economic growth.

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Is india a republic or country?

India is a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic with a Parliamentary form of government which is federal in structure with unitary features. There is a Council of Ministers with the Prime Minster as its head to advice the President who is the constitutional head of the country.

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Is india considered an asian country?

  • India is a country in the continent of Asia. It is the second largest country in Asia, both in terms of population (1.2 billion people) and area (1.27 million square miles). India is located in South Asia, in an area that is also commonly referred to as the Indian subcontinent .

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Is india is a developed country?

India is an emerging and developing country (EDC) found in southern Asia… However, despite its rapid growth, poverty in India is widespread. The Human Development Index (HDI) places India 136th out of 187 countries, with 25% of the nation's population still living on less than $1.25 (US dollar) a day.

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What country used to rule india?

Great Britain (British Empire)

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When did india become free country?

  • India became free on 15th August 1947, when they finally achieved Independence from the colonial rules of United Kingdom after a spell of nearly 200 long years.

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When did india become one country?

Though India became a free nation on August 15, 1947, it declared itself a Sovereign, Democratic and Republic state with the adoption of the Constitution on January 26, 1950.

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Which country borders russia and india?

The only country which borders both Russia and India is China.

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Which country is northwest of india?

Pakistan .

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When did the country of india become known as india?

india became known as india, because of the river indus.... this river flows along the north western border of india...... although today most part of indus valley comes under pakistan(which was formally a part of india)

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How to make india a better country?

  • A country can become a developed country by establishing new industries & factories as these industries are a major contributor to the national income of a country. So, industrialization is another way to make India a super power. A country can show its power to the entire world by way of space exploration.

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India was colonized by what european country?


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Is india a poor country or rich?

india is world richest country .... but there have lot corruption....

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Is india a safe country for females?

Being a woman is not easy and that too when you live in India. Because in India at every 20 minutes a girl is raped. And if we talked about the current scenario, India is not safe for women not even in this 21st century. This country has been ranked as the world most dangerous place for women.

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Is india an utc plus 5 country?

No it is GMT, because India is owned by Britain

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Was india pakistan and bangladesh one country?

indian subcontinent india map

Pakistan and Bangladesh are two separate and independent countries physically divided by India. Historically, this was not always the case: from 1947 to 1971 they were administered under the same government. The two countries share a number of attributes.

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