Why has same-sex marriage not been legalized in india?

Ervin Reilly asked a question: Why has same-sex marriage not been legalized in india?
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⭐️ Is same-sex marriage legal in india?

No. Although there is no law explicitly prohibiting it, same-sex marriage is not legal in India and same-sex marriage performed elsewhere is not recognized in India. Same-sex couples can have a Hindu wedding in India, but they cannot register their marriage with the government and they will not be considered legally married, despite the fact that a heterosexual couple doing the same thing are considered married. The majority of marriages in India are never registered with the state and marriage laws dictate that any two Hindus who marry according to the Hindu rite are legally married in India.

⭐️ Do india men marriage american women?

Yes, men from India have married American women.

⭐️ How does marriage differ in india?

They are arranged would be one difference

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The issue in India is complex, but in general terms, same-sex marriage has not been legalized in India due to religious and cultural taboos against gay people.

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How many websites have been banned in india?

  • In August 2015, the government banned at least 857 sites for their pornographic contents. Moreover, the government also banned about 170 objectional sites. In June 2016, the government further banned over 200 URLs for providing 'Escort Services'. independentescortservicemumbai.com/mumbai%20escort%20servi..

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Is amazon prime india and usa same?

Indians pay just ₹ 129 per month as subscription charges while Americans pay $12.99 monthly for Amazon Prime Video, according to the study… In India, Amazon Prime's annual membership plan comes at a discounted price of ₹ 999 besides a free one-month trial.

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How long have the people of india been vegetarian?

  • Majority of Indians are vegetarian. The rise of vegetarianism in India goes back to more than 500 BC, when India saw the rise of Buddhism and Jainism. These religions preached the principle of ahimsa or “non-violence.”. During the ancient Aryan Vedic period meat was consumed after animal sacrifice to the Gods.

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  • There have been 13 Vice-presidents of India since the inception of the post in the Constitution. This article lists the Vice-Presidents of India from 1950 to 2021. Candidates can know the List of Presidents of India that is again helpful in your exam preparation.

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Oldest Indian Prime Minister

  • List of Prime Ministers of India by longevity. The oldest living Prime Minister is Manmohan Singh, born 26 September 1932 (aged 86 years, 104 days). The youngest living Prime Minister is the incumbent Narendra Modi , born 17 September 1950 (aged 68 years, 113 days). The longest lived Prime Minister was Gulzarilal Nanda,...

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Do pakistan and india speak the same language?

hindi hindi urdu language

English is the lingua franca and official language of both India and Pakistan… Urdu is another common language that Pakistanis and Indians share and that unites them. Urdu unfortunately is usually confined to Indian Muslims or Pakistanis only in the Indian popular culture.

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Are there any taxes that have been abolished in india?

  • India has abolished multiple taxes with passage of time and imposed new ones. Few of such taxes include inheritance tax, interest tax, gift tax, wealth tax, etc. Wealth Tax Act, 1957 was repealed in the year 2015.

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How many wars have been fought between india and pakistan?

Pakistan and india had fought three major wars, 1st in 1947-48 in that war Pakistan occupied some part of Kashmir with the help of tribal areas. . 2nd in 1965 in which Pakistan got losses such as Pakistan their 3800+ battlefield deaths & losses mainly areas like Lahore & Sialkot & Pakistani 97 tanks were destroyed or abandoned. . 3rd war fought between in December 1971 in which Pakistan lost its other part which was known as East Pakistan now that is known as Bangladesh. In that Pakistan got serious damages they lost East Pakistan, about 93,000 members of the Pakistan Armed Forces including paramilitary personnel were taken as Prisoners of War by the Indian Army & Pakistani military suffered further humiliation by having their 90,000 "Prisoners Of War" (POWs) released by India only after the negotiation and signing of the "Simla Agreement" on 2 July 1972.

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India first underwater restaurant has been opened in which city?

India's first underwater restaurant called The Real Poseidon has opened in Ahmedabad.

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Who has been regarded as the patriot saint of india?

Swami Vivekananda

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Can unmarried couples share a hotel room in india without having to show a marriage certificate?


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Will sania mirza lose her eligibility to play for india after her marriage with shoaib malik?

No, because she is not ending the Indian citizenship and has conformed to play for India.

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Are india and australia on the same tectonic plate?

It doesn't. India is on Indian Plate whereas Australia is on Indo-Australian plate:

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Are sri lanka and india in the same country?

  • India and Sri Lanka are two countries located in South Asia. India ranges over a massive area of 3,287,263 km2, and is the second-most populous country in the world after China. Sri Lanka, on the other hand is an island country located to the South of India, and possesses a humbler area of land of approximately 65,610 km2.

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Can two companies have the same name in india?

A company cannot have the same name as another registered company. Any company formation or change of name application containing a company name that is the 'same as' or 'too similar' to an existing name will be rejected by Companies House.

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Did ancient india and egypt have the same language?

No. Ancient India had about a thousand languages, and none of them were related to Ancient Egyptian.

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Yes and No. Actually speaking, there is a bank named Central Bank of India which offers commercial and retail banking services to citizens of India. At the same time, the term Central Bank of a Country refers to the bank that governs all banking operations in a country. If that is what you are referring to by central bank in your question, then Yes, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the central bank in the country.

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  • As of January 2020, there have been 104 amendments of the Constitution of India since it was first enacted in 1950. There are three types of amendments to the Constitution of India of which second and third type of amendments are governed by Article 368.

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Whose literary works have been freed from copyright laws in india?

Anyone who first published in India, and died more than 60 years ago.

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Is an avocado or butter fruit same thing in india?

No, it is not the same thing in India. An avocado is something like a peach in India.

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On which subject matter have the bronze sculptures been made in india?

Bronze sculptures and statuettes of various icons of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism have been found from various parts of India dating from the 2nd century CE to the 16th century CE. Most of the images were used for religious and ritualistic purposes.

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Which job started state in india has been granted 10000000000 job plan?

Jammu & Kashmir

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Who are the two prime ministers that have been assassinated in india?

  • There have been numerous assassination attempts on the Prime Ministers of India. The Prime Minister is the executive head of the Union Government of India, and is usually the most powerful person in the country. Two prime ministers, namely Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi have been assassinated.

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How many companies have been awarded the status of 'maharatna' companies in india?

As on date - only 7 Companies have the Mahartna Status in India

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