Why does iphone cost so much in india for us dollars 600 when in us it is available for only us dollars 200?

Forest Kilback asked a question: Why does iphone cost so much in india for us dollars 600 when in us it is available for only us dollars 200?
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⭐️ How much cost to unlock iphone in india?

US$ 7.5 from ebay


⭐️ How much is 10 dollars in india?

The currency of India is the rupee, and 10 US dollars is equivalent to about 497 rupees.

⭐️ How much is ten dollars worth in india?

380 inr

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because in the US, the $199 will include the iPhone bound with a carrier contract for like 2 years. In India, the iPhone does not come locked with such carrier networks.Also in the US, in 24 months the phone usage can exceed $400 profit for the Carrier Network, and it is not seemingly so in India.

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How much does a chihuahua cost in india?

12,000,000,000 million

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How much does a haircut cost in india?

Presently, in a general saloon (gents parlour) the shop owners charge Rs 30 for a haircut and Rs 20 for a shave. In an air-conditioned shop the rates are Rs 40 for a hair cut and Rs 25 to 30 for shaving.

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How much does a monkey cost in india?

pocket monkey price in india

Even though keeping monkeys as pets is frowned upon—it can be difficult, costly, cruel, and dangerous—they are easily obtained from private breeders. Lemurs, tamarins, and marmosets run in the range of $1,500 to $2,500; rhesus macaques and baboons might cost $3,500; and spider monkeys tend to be around $6,000.

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How much does a n8 cost in india?

Rs 18000/-

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How much does a playstation3 cost in india?

a playstation3 will cost $400

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How much does a ps1 cost in india?

$ 30

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How much does a recharge cost in india?

  • Recipients will get approximately 87% of the recharge value because India deducts tax locally. What is an online mobile recharge? To avoid expensive roaming costs (often highest for incoming calls) many people travelling or working in India buy a local prepaid SIM card.

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How much does a sim cost in india?

Typical price for an airport SIM is in the range of ₹500-1000 including some airtime and data worth of about ₹250 (as a 2 GB per day plan for 28 days).

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A ball python would cost Rs 25,000 in the city, a corn snake Rs 20,000 and a king snake with black and white stripes is priced at Rs 40,000 each.

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  • The price of angiography or an angiogram in India typically ranges between Rs.6000- Rs.55,000. Are the results of the treatment permanent? An angiography is a testing procedure that makes use of a dye along with a camera to check for defects in the arteries or the veins.

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How much does an egg cost in india?

  • So, the actual cost of an Egg donor in India may vary between INR 1,00,000 to INR 1,25,000 – this is because of the couple’s preference and first-choice of their desire (like some want Caucasian donor, while some choose white or black). Hence the cost might vary

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How much does atm space cost in india?

Experts say the banks are giving monthly rent at around Rs 15,000 for the ATM space means at least Rs 1.8 lakh per annum. If you add the appreciation coming in into the ATM property, an investor can pocket at least Rs 2 to Rs 2.25 lakh per annum easily.

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How much does balloon sinuplasty cost in india?

  • Balloon Sinuplasty prices from ₹78130 - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Choose from 22 Balloon Sinuplasty Clinics in India with 4 verified patient reviews. For more information about Dr Aggarwal's Clinic in Jodhpur please contact the clinic.

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  • Bikes and Insurance Premium Bike name Engine capacity Approx. Price Average premium Honda Activa 110cc Rs. 65,000 Rs. 1350 to Rs. 1750 TVS Apache RTR 180cc Rs. 90,000 Rs. 1750 to Rs. 2300 Bajaj Avenger 220cc Rs. 1 lakh Rs. 1800 to Rs. 2000 Yamaha Fazer 149cc Rs. 1.07 lakh Rs. 1550 to Rs. 2200 1 more rows ...

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How much does car insurance cost in india?

  • => Every year, Arun has to renew car-insurance which can easily cost atleast Rs 7,000 per renewal. Since he covers a total distance of 7,200 km in an year, and must spend Rs 7,000 on insurance that year, we can spread this cost over each km, which comes to around Re 1/km.

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How much does dermaroller treatment cost in india?

  • Dermaroller treatments are safest when done in a clinic. Dermaroller treatments in India can cost anywhere between 1500 to 2500 Rupees per sitting, depending on the reputation of the clinic. You will need between 3 to 6 sittings to see good results.

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How much does dog vaccinations cost in india?

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Cost factor

The vaccine should be available free of cost at government facilities. In private clinics and hospitals, each dose costs ₹350-400, so five doses cost ₹1,700-2,000. Besides five doses of vaccine, if a patient also requires immunoglobulin, then it entails an additional cost of ₹2,400.

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How much does domestic help cost in india?

On an average, for a 10-hour work day and a seven-day working week, a maid can typically charge INR 5500 to 6000. *This is the typical cost of maid service for a 2BHK apartment with 4 family members.

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In India, LASIK cost varies from centre to centre being as low as Rs 5,000/- per eye to as high as over a lakh of rupees. Many laser centers typically use older technology that is far cheaper with minimal medical safety protocols and quality control.

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  • Interior Design price varies with the location. The actual charges depend on the service requirement and type of property like an independent house, flats, apartment, or commercial space. The labor cost may vary based on your location. Hire Interior Designers online at Bro4u or check out the interior design price listed above.

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How much does intrauterine insemination cost in india?

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Average Cost of IUI in Various Cities

CityAverage Cost per IUI (not inclusive of Stimulation medication costs)
Mumbai12,000 - 17,000 INR
Bangalore12,000 - 17,000 INR
Delhi12,000 - 17,000 INR
Chennai12,000 - 17,000 INR

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