Why austrilla is better then india in sports?

Phoebe Tremblay asked a question: Why austrilla is better then india in sports?
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⭐️ Popular sports of india?


⭐️ What are the sports of india?

Hockey and Cricket

⭐️ Why india not interested in sports?

Who said that...... India wins......

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Australia focuses on sports more than India

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Who is current central sports minister of india?

MS Gill

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Is brazil better than india?

yes brazil is way better than india it is better because brazil won 5 cups and india won 0 cups

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Is india better than pakistan?

Pakistan is much much much better than India in all of the things especially in cricket and economy but India has a much larger army than Pakistan. And Pakistan is more powerful than India.

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Is srilanka better than india?

Better in terms of what? In terms of quantity it's always India. But quality it's Sri Lanka.

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Is uk better than india?

India is better than the UK for undergraduate courses (in terms of cost only). And the UK definitely has an edge over India when it comes to graduate studies and doctoral studies… Education in India is more like a formality and done as a part of the routine.

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How many sports do india participate at the olympics?


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What can we do to promote sports in india?

we can do nothing to promote sports in India

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On the birth anniversary of which indian sports personality is the 'national sports day' celebrated in india?

Dhyan Chand

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How is india better than pakistan?

Thats impossible Pakistan is much better pakistan is cleaner pakistan is richer

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Which is better nepal or india?


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How to make india a better country?

  • A country can become a developed country by establishing new industries & factories as these industries are a major contributor to the national income of a country. So, industrialization is another way to make India a super power. A country can show its power to the entire world by way of space exploration.

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Is renting better than buying in india?

Renting relieves one of the burdens of EMI fees, property taxes, and other legal problems that come with owning a home. 2. Renting gives the impression of less responsibility. In metro cities, a house worth Rs 50 lakh can be rented for just Rs 10,000-15,000 per month.

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What is better india or new zealand?

obviously India, its a way better country.New zealand is nothing in front of India, India is the best country ever.

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Which country is better us or india?

Both are Okay i am from India i love India i love America too

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Which is better pakistan and india airforce?

Pakistan is better then India

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Why china's economy is better than india?

  • China has arguably the best physical infrastructure outside the Western world. India’s looks more like the poor country that it still is. But this is a real opportunity for India. Increase investment. Improve infrastructure. Grow economic output. This is a tried-and-true path to growth, and it is one India is poised to follow.

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When it is winter ending in india then what season in australia?

When winter ends in India, summer is ending in Australia.

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How do you make india a better place?

India first should stop being lazy and take some action

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Which country has better economy china or india?


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Which is better india or china in 2019?

  • As indicated in the CNAS report, Beijing’s barrier financial plan in 2019 is several times higher than the Delhi plan, and the PLA seems to have a direct (and developing) quantitative share of freedom over the Indian military.

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Which is better india or the united states?

  • America is mostly Christian while in India there are many more religions than just Hinduism. Also they have helped the World so much. India has grown way faster than any other country. It has grown technologically and spiritually. It also has more religions than any other country and supports many beliefs.

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