Who pays the bride price in india?

Jaren Ledner asked a question: Who pays the bride price in india?
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Brideprice is positively associated with bride's age at marriage, meaning groom's family pays a higher brideprice if the bride is older. In this sample of rural Indian marriage unions, the mean age at marriage for women is 18 years.


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  • Any foreign entities running a business in India or individuals registered outside India are liable to pay tax in India due to their business operation. If you are a GST-registered business, you are required to fill in the GSTIN field. It is a fifteen-digit number given in a certificate of registration to an applicant.

⭐️ How much tiktok pays in india?

A content creator, with at least a million followers, could earn between ₹30,000 and ₹35,000 a month on the app, the report said. TikTok has more than 200 million users in India.

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What is corporate income tax and how to pay it?

  • Corporate Income tax, as mentioned before, is a category of income tax that has to be paid by domestic and foreign companies for the revenue that they have earned in India.

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  • Your maintenance charges will depend on the total number of square feet in your apartment. For example, if the committee decides to levy Rs 2 per square feet and your apartment is 600 sq feet, you will pay Rs 1200. But if your apartment is 1200 square feet, you will pay Rs 2400.
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  • India is inexpensive because of its value for money accommodation options, transportation, service and food, as well as its weak monetary value. But one doesn't necessarily have to stay at hostels, simple BnB's, and eat cheap street food non-stop. India provides you a huge variety of options in every category.
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Price discovery is a process which determines market prices, mostly through interactions between buyers and sellers. Price discovery is a method for determining the spot price of a commodity through interactions between sellers and buyers – often referred to as a price discovery process or price discovery mechanism.

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Today Silver Price Per Gram/Kg in India (INR)

GramSilver Rate TodayDaily Price Change
1 gram₹ 61.90₹ -0.40
8 gram₹ 495.20₹ -3.20
10 gram₹ 619₹ -4
100 gram₹ 6,190₹ -40
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In 2021, prices had hit a high of ₹51,875 and low of ₹43,320 levels. In 2019 and 2020, gold prices were up 52% and 25% respectively. “We expect gold prices to move higher towards ₹54000 per 10 gm till next Diwali. Till next Diwali, we expect Gold prices to find support at 42,300 – 41,100 Levels.

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  • Reported salaries are highest at Hindustan Construction Company Ltd. where the average pay is ₹662,500. Other companies that offer high salaries for this role include Larsen and Toubro Ltd. and Larsen & Toubro Limited, earning around ₹560,285 and ₹550,443, respectively.
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24 Carat Gold Price in India Today

Gram24K Gold PriceDaily Price Change
1 gram₹ 4,733+ ₹ 5
8 grams₹ 37,864+ ₹ 40
10 grams₹ 47,330+ ₹ 50
100 grams₹ 4,73,300+ ₹ 500
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Taxes: Prices change as per the changes in government policies imposing tax on fuels – there are two major tax levied on petrol… Rupee and Dollar: When dollar strengthens against Indian rupee, buying cost of OMCs increase, and hence the price of petrol.

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  • Inflation Gold,due to its almost steady character as compared to currency,holds significant value and is used to hedge inflation…
  • Global Movement Any global movement in the price of gold affects the price of the yellow metal in India
  • Government Gold Reserves Central banks of most major countries hold both currency as well as gold reserves…
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The iPhone X comes with an all-screen design with a 5.8-inch Super Retina HD display with HDR and True Tone. With iPhone X, Apple changed the complete iPhone series with brand new design and this flagship device costed a bomb around its launch. Launched at around Rs. 89,999, now iPhone X price in India is Rs.

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EASYCAP TV-out Cable High Quality USB 2.0 Video & Audio Capture ... TECHON TV-out Cable HDMI Male To Female Adapter for LCD LED TV, ... ... Google Chromecast 3 Media Streaming Device (Black)

Warranty Summary1 Year
Covered in WarrantyProduct
Not Covered in WarrantyExternal Damage
Warranty Service TypeBrand Warranty
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  • Producer Prices Change in India averaged 6.88 percent from 1969 until 2021, reaching an all time high of 34.68 percent in September of 1974 and a record low of -11.31 percent in May of 1976.
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  • The PlayStation 4 is set to receive a price drop mid-October in India. Sources have confirmed with Gadgets 360 that the price of the console will be reduced by around Rs. 5,000. Currently the 500GB PS4 is priced at Rs. 39,990. This would bring it down to Rs. 34,990.
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CNG Price in India (January 2022) The Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) prices in India will be determined by the government of India. The domestic prices of CNG will be based on the global prices of the natural gas which India imports from abroad.

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  • mmission and VAT, the retail selling price of petrol gets nearly doubled. Various factors impact the price of fuel. These include rupee to US dollar exchange rate, cost of crude oil, global cues, demand for fuel, and so on. When international crude oil prices gain, prices in India move higher.
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Maruti Suzuki A-Star Vxi Key Specifications

Price₹ 4.18 Lakh
Mileage (ARAI)13.8 kmpl
Engine998 cc
Fuel TypePetrol
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Apple iPhone 8 (64GB) - Silver₹ 37,999
Apple iPhone 8 (64GB) - Red₹ 38,999
Apple iPhone 8 (128GB) - Gold₹ 39,999
Apple iPhone 8 (256GB) - Space Grey₹ 41,999
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  • Get the numbers. When negotiating the price of a used car,it's essential to arm yourself with solid information on which to base your negotiations.
  • Make the right opening offer. With the monthly payment trap neatly avoided,it's time to open negotiations…
  • Make a counteroffer…
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Kingfisher Beer Price in Bangalore

TypesPackingMRP (INR)
Premium500 ml – can82
Premium650 ml – bottle100
Strong500 ml – can85
Strong650 ml – bottle105
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  • Any change in the global movement affects the price of the metal in India. This majorly comes from the fact that India is among the largest importers of gold and when the import prices fluctuate because of any global movement, the same is subsequently reflected in the price of gold in home country.