Which country have less economy than india?

Giovanni Lehner asked a question: Which country have less economy than india?
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Why do African countries have a lower cost of living than India?

  • African countries have a lower cost of living than india, as in those countries the literacy rate also very low,most of the countries with scarcity in food are there in africa, may be it is also a reason..


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⭐️ Which country is cheaper than india?

10 Cheapest Countries You Must Travel To From India

  • NEPAL. This Himalayan country promises mountains, spirituality, and scenic beauty…
  • OMAN…

⭐️ Which country is larger than india?

  • Russia, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil and China are the larger country than India.

⭐️ Which country is powerful than india?

China has the strongest military force in the world while India stands at number four, according to a study released on Sunday by the defence website Military Direct. "The USA, despite their enormous military budgets, comes in 2nd place with 74 points, followed by Russia with 69, India at 61 and then France with 58.

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Which state in india has a railway route length less than 2000?
  • In fact, Kerala & Telangana are the only two states with a railway route length of less than 2000 Kms even with a population of more than 3 crore people. Telangana is the 12th largest in terms of geographical area. Except Assam, the other North-Eastern states together have a route length of only 179 Kms as of 2015-16.
Hindi is official language of which country other than india?

Such languages include Fiji Hindi, which is official in Fiji, and Caribbean Hindustani, which is spoken in Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, and Suriname. ...

The word "Hindi" in Devanagari script
Native toIndia
RegionNorthern, Eastern, Western and Central India (Hindi Belt)
Which is the only country with more gold than india?
  • Other countries having more gold holdings than India is Italy with 2451.8 tonnes, France with 2436 tonnes, Russian Federation with 2241.9 tonnes, China: PR Mainland with 1948.3 tonnes, Switzerland with 1040 tonnes and Japan with 765.2 tonnes.
Which neighbouring country has a higher poverty ratio than india?

Myanmar has higher poverty ratio than India.

Did india have a traditional economy?
  • India has a mixed economy. Half of India's workers rely on agriculture, the signature of a traditional economy. One-third of its workers are employed by the services industry, which contributes two-thirds of India's output.
Do lawyers earn less in india than celebrities?
  • India is a home to some of very influential and powerful lawyers who can hold the entire court in awe with their fabulous arguments and skills. While we’re busy looking out for the highest paid celebrities in Bollywood, let us throw some light on the fact that our lawyers earn no less than any celebrity.
Is mexico developed country than india?

Mexico has a GDP per capita of $19,900 as of 2017, while in India, the GDP per capita is $7,200 as of 2017.

How much less water does china use than india?
  • China, with a larger population, uses 28% less fresh water than India. An ambitious $165 billion water-diversion scheme for drought-prone regions is in the works.
What type of economy does india have?

India has a mixed economy and has been that way ever since the country was made from moving tectonic plates.

Which beer has less alcohol in india?

Top 8 Best Non-Alcoholic Beers in India

S.NoProduct NamePrice
1Budweiser 0.0 Non Alcoholic BeerRs. 360
2Heineken 0.0% Non Alcoholic Lager BeerRs. 275
3.Kingfisher Ultra Non-Alcoholic BeerRs. 420
4Hoegaarden 0.0 Non Alcoholic Wheat BeerRs. 225
Which shampoo has less chemicals in india?

Which are the best chemical free shampoos in India?

  • If you are looking to find chemical free shampoos in India, then the following are very good options:- 1 Indulekha Bringha Hair Cleanser 2 Khadi Natural Amla And Bhringraj Shampoo 3 Kama Ayurveda Himalayan Deodar Hair Cleanser 4 Forest Essentials Bengal Tuberose Hair Cleanser More ...
Is india a good country than pakistan?

Both nations are at a very lower position in World GDP per capita ranking. The rank of India is 147 (nominal) and 130 (PPP)… After 19 years, India's gdp growth rate (-7.97) is lower than Pakistan's (-0.39) in 2020. India attains a maximum gdp growth rate of 9.63% in 1988 and a minimum of -5.24% in 1979.

Which country does not have a common border with india?

The country which does not share the boundary with India is Sri Lanka. The island country Sri Lanka lies in the Indian Ocean.

India which type of country?


Country NameRepublic of India; Bharat Ganrajya
Government TypeSovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic with a Parliamentary system of Government.
CapitalNew Delhi
Administrative Divisions28 States and 8 Union Territories.
Which country loves india most?
  • #1: Afghanistan.
  • #2: Myanmar.
  • #3: Maldives.
  • #4: Sri Lanka.
  • #5: Australia.
  • #6: Japan.
  • #7: Singapore.
  • #8: Thailand.
Which country visits india most?

Share of leading source countries for foreign tourist arrivals in India 2020. In 2020, Bangladesh accounted for the largest share of foreign tourist arrivals in India with over 20 percent, followed by the United States and United Kingdom. India had over 500 thousand visitors from Bangladesh that year.

Which european country influenced india?

Indian influence in the West can be traced with reasonable certainty from the ancient Mediterranean world of Greece and Rome, through the European Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the age of European imperial expansion and decline, to the post-colonial world of the Indian diaspora of modern times.

How can india defeat pakistan in less than a week?
  • That’s why this week’s argument begins with Modi, will go back to the two Bhuttos, father and daughter, Indira Gandhi, V.P. Singh, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, and return to Modi. The central truth is that a country or even a set of countries defeating another in the manner of World War II is now an impossibility.
Which is a better economy pakistan or india?
  • Pakistan, despite having less fiscal space than India, has initiated a larger economic stimulus than India, relative to GDP. It has announced a stimulus package of US$ 8 billion, amounting to about 2.5 per cent of GDP, compared to a stimulus package of US$ 22.6 billion announced by India, amounting to about 0.8 per cent of GDP.
What kind of economy does india have now?
  • India has a mixed economy. Half of India's workers rely on agriculture, the signature of a traditional economy. One-third of its workers are employed by the services industry, which contributes two-thirds of India's output.
What kind of economy does nagpur india have?
  • Since that time, Nagpur’s industrial complex has diversified considerably. In the 1970s the city expanded to absorb the nearby town of Kamptee, with its factories that produce ferromanganese products, transport and farm equipment, and other metal goods from local mineral deposits (notably coal and manganese).
What type of economy system does india have?
  • The economy of India is a developing mixed economy. It is the world's Sixth-largest economy by nominal GDP and the third-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP).
Which is fish has less bones in india?
  • Jhinga (Prawns and Shrimps) Both Prawns and Shrimps can be found in salt water as well as fresh water. Furthermore, which Bengali fish has less bones? Bhetki Paturi - Bhojohori Manna Oshiwara This time a Bengali version. Bhetki fish is used here and its fillets don't have any bones. Is ROHU a bony fish?
Why does india have less deaths in earthquakew?

Why are there so many earthquakes in India?

  • The reason for the intensity and high frequency of earthquakes is the Indian plate driving into Asia at a rate of approximately 47 mm/year. The following is a list of major earthquakes which have occurred in India, including those with epicentres outside India that caused significant damage or casualties in the country.
Was pakistan ever a richer country than india?
  • No, Pakistan was never a richer country than India. No Pakistan is not richer than India. Pakistani Generals are richer than Indian Generals. Pakistani bureaucrats are richer than Indian bureaucrats. Pakistani politicians are richer than Indian politicians.