Which aircrafts does india use commercially?

Marina Hane asked a question: Which aircrafts does india use commercially?
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⭐️ How many commercial aircrafts in india?

  • Despite Jet Airways, with its fleet of 123 aircraft, shutting down operations in 2019, the year saw India’s fleet of commercial aircraft growing by nearly 29%. From 520 in 2018, the number of commercial aircraft in the country rose to 669 in 2019.

⭐️ Which are the aircrafts used by the indian air force?

  • Boeing C-17 Globemaster III. C-17 is a high-wing,4-engine,military transport aircraft…
  • C-130 J Super Hercules. It is a 4-engine,turboprop military transport aircraft…
  • Ilyushin IL-76. It is a medium range,4-engine turbofan,military transport aircraft…
  • Antonov AN-32…
  • Dornier Do 228…
  • Hawker Siddley HS 748…

⭐️ Which country does india surround?

India does not surround any other country.

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Indian airlines, spicejet.

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Which place does apple grows in india?

himachal pradesh and kashmir.

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Which states of india does it snow?

  • In which states of India does it snow? Gulmarg, Jammu, and Kashmir – The Rosy Picture Bringing you much closer to nature, this place is perfect to experience snow sports. It has skiing, snowboarding, and different Gandola rides. In addition to this, the sheer splendour of Gulmarg during winter makes it one of the best snowfall places in India.

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Which terminal does air india fly from?

Air India is the first Indian airline having both domestic and International from the same International Terminal 2.

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Which time zone does india fall under?


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Which post does the constitution of india does not mention?

ambedkar indian constitution constitution india hindi

The post of the Deputy Prime Minister does not mention in the Indian constitution.

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From which country does india import oil from?

Saudi Arabia Iran Nigeria Iraq Kuwait UAE Malaysia Yemen

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In which asterix comic does asterix visit india?

In which Asterix comic does Asterix visit India ?

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In which part of asia does india lie?

India lies in the southern part of Asia.

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Which channel does nba come on in india?

When is NBA game on TV in India?

  • But you must be updated with nba schedule 'cause live matches are telecasted in the morning (in India), usually starts at 5:00am or 5:30am. It may be difficult to wake up so much early, i know. You can watch matches that are telecasted at 8am and 10:00 am.

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Which countries does india share dual citizenship with?

India does not allow dual citizenship.

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Which country does not shares border with india?


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Which part of india does assam is located?


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Which terminal does air india fly from delhi?

Station Name : Terminal 3, IGI Airport, Delhi.

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From which country does india import its defense equipment?

I believe its the U.S.

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In which car does the president of india ride?

indian president house emblem indian president car

The official set of wheels for the President of India is the Mercedes-Benz S Class (S600) Pullman Guard. It is the flagship model from Mercedes-Maybach, which went on to become the official car for head of state and individuals who are particularly at high risk.

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In which season does the nightingale sing in india?

in winter

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In which state does have more airports in india?

The state Gujarat has the most number of airports.

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In which state of india does sun rises first?

Arunachal Pradesh

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Which country does not celebrate independence day with india?

Goa does not celebrate Independence Day on 15 August like other states; here's why.

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Which country's constitution does india follow in her constitution?


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Which india neighbouring country does not have democratic setup?


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