When was ballpoint pen introduced in india?

Alyson Block asked a question: When was ballpoint pen introduced in india?
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⭐️ When did democracy introduced in india?

Democracy was introduced in 1950. It was the republic year of India.

⭐️ When was wifi introduced in india?

  • Vi had first introduced WiFi Calling in India in December 2020 across Goa and select Maharashtra regions. It later expanded the facility to users in Kolkata, Gujarat, and Mumbai. To recall benefits, VoWiFi or WiFi Calling service allows customers to experience HD quality voice calls along with faster call setup time.

⭐️ When did first census introduced in india?


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Who introduced rose to india?


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Who introduced tobacco in india?

If you mean as in a form for smoking, it was introduced by Portuguese traders in AD 1600. The same traders introduced seeds (in the 1700's) which were the basis for the beginning of tobacco farming.

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Who introduced tobacco to india?


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Who introduced vegetarianism in india?

It was the ancient Jains, in particular their apostle Mahavira, 2,500 years ago who preached an extreme form of non-violence, which also involved an elaborate vegetarian code.

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Who was governor general when railways were introduced in india?


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English education in india introduced by?

Lord William Bentinck introduced western or English education in India in 1835.

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Who introduced civil services in india?

Lord Curzon introduced civil services in India

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Who introduced income tax in india?

James wilson in India..

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Who introduced internet banking in india?

  • The Internet has revolutionized the way we live, shop, entertain and interact and also the way we save and invest. Internet banking arrived in India in the late 1990s. ICICI was the first bank to champion its usage and introduced internet banking to its customers in 1996. With lower internet costs and increased awareness about electronic media, online banking established itself only in 1999. Other banks followed suit, including HDFC, Citibank, IndusInd and the now redundant Times Bank. Internet...

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Who introduced iqtadari system in india?

The iqtadari system was introduced by Iltumish in india. This is a system pertaining to division/partition of land.

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Who introduced paper currency in india?

E ngland

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Which bank introduced debit card in india?

indian bank debit card images happy indian air force day


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Who introduced 1st mobile phone in india?

It was introduced by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, BSNL in India.

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Who introduced chillies and tobacco in india?


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Which bank introduced first credit card in india?

Which Bank introduced credit card in India?

  • Central Bank was the first public bank to introduce credit card in India. Central Bank of India, a government-owned bank, is one of the oldest and largest commercial banks in India.

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Which year government of india introduced exim policy?

exim policy was established in India on JANUARY 1 1982

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Who introduced english as official language in india?

The British brought the language over when they settled in India

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Aadhar card was first introduced in india which state?

  • The program was introduced in Karnataka on October 8 with the then CM BS Yeddyurappa being the first to enrol for it. Former UIDAI Chairman Nandan Nilekani

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In which year english education is introduced in india?

English education was officially introduced in India in 1835 by governor-general William Bentinck.

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The postage stamps were introduced in india by whom?

Sir Bartel Frere

Sir Bartel Frere, the commissioner of the Sindh, introduced the stamps, then known as 'Scinde Dawk' in 1852 but the stamps were withdrawn in October 1854, after the introduction of regular Indian postage stamps. The Scinde Dawk of 1852, the first postage stamp of India is a round red sealing wafer.

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Which british governor general introduced postage stamp in india?

Lord Dalhousie.

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Who british ruler introduced the police administration in india?

east india company rule

Lord Cornwallis

In 1791 Lord Cornwallis (Governor-General, 1786-1793) organised a regular police force to maintain law and order by going back to and modernising the old Indian system of thanas (circles) in a district under a daroga (an Indian) and a superintendent of police (SP) at the head of a district & relieved the zamindars of ...

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Who introduced hinduism and the caste system to india?

According to one long-held theory about the origins of South Asia's caste system, Aryans from central Asia invaded South Asia and introduced the caste system as a means of controlling the local populations. The Aryans defined key roles in society, then assigned groups of people to them.

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When was the first indian rupee coin introduced?

  • The British India coins which were mostly in circulation from 1947 to 1950 until the first Republic of India (Pre-decimalization Series) coins were introduced as follows: On 26 January 1950, India became a sovereign republic. This series was introduced on 15 August 1950 and represented the first coinage of Republic India.

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What religion was introduced to south east asia by india?

Buddhism and Hinduism were introduced to South Asia by India. Buddhism has gradually declined in India, but it is still very strong in South Asia.

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