What year was the war that split between india and pakistan?

Armand Upton asked a question: What year was the war that split between india and pakistan?
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⭐️ What is the reason for the split between india and pakistan?

  • The partition of India split British India into the countries of India and Pakistan in 1947. This partition was part of the end of British rule over the Indian subcontinent , called British Raj. The partition was caused in part by the two-nation theory presented by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan , due to presented religious issues.

⭐️ How did india and pakistan split?

  • The independent nations of India and Pakistan were created by the partition of British India in 1947, a split largely driven by religion: Pakistan became primarily Muslim while India remained mostly Hindu. The drawing of new borders uprooted 14 million people and resulted in sectarian violence that killed as many as 1 million people.

⭐️ Why did india split from pakistan?

  • India was separated in August 1947 as it gained its independence, splitting into Pakistan and India. The decision to create two separate countries was sparked by the end of British rule in India. It was decided that to limit violence and bloodshed between Hindus and Muslims, the country would be split into two completely separate countries.

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Pakistan Revolution (1936 - 1947).

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What country posses nuclear weapons between pakistan and india?

india has more nuclear weapons than pakistan. india is more smarter and has better tactics.

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What is the religious conflict between india and pakistan?

India is a religious country which persists of many religions ,but Pakistan is a single religious country that is "islam" this has meant a great conflict between India and Pakistan

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Is there a war between india and pakistan?

  • Pakistan and India are facing serious difficulties in their bilateral relations. Though they are not in a state of war, a virtual warlike situation exists on the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir. They are engaged in an intense propaganda against each other.

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Name of the border between india and pakistan?

Nothing is separating India and Pakistan. They boarder each other.

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Who win 1965 war between india and pakistan?

pakistan wins

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Who won most matches between india and pakistan?

jang pakistan v india india vs pakistan flag

India vs Pakistan head-to-head in cricket

FormatMatchesIndia won

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What almost cause nuclear war between china pakistan and india?

almost Pakistan and china because both are atomic power and great alliance from many years India did not fight with pak and china

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What is the possibility of war between india and pakistan?


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When will the war between india and pakistan began?

The next war between India and Pakistan is due within 2 months, but this war would not be a full scale war rather a limited AIR STRIKES type of war

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Which is the first odi between india and pakistan?

  • 1978-1979 Pakistan v. India Ayub National Stadium India won by 4 runs 9 13/10/1978 1978-1979 Pakistan v. India Jinnah Stadium (Sialkot) Pakistan won by 8 wickets 10 03/11/1978 1978-1979 Pakistan v. India Zafar Ali (Sahiwal) Stadium Pakistan won (conceded by india) 11

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Who won the cricket match between pakistan and india?

pakiststan for a long time later :)

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Who won the most matches between pakistan and india?

Pakistan=69 India=48 Pakistan have won way more matches in this rivalry. Source=Indian.Wikipedia

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Why is there a fight between india and pakistan?

The Kashmir conflict is a territorial conflict over the Kashmir region, primarily between India and Pakistan, with China playing a third-party role. The conflict started after the partition of India in 1947 as both India and Pakistan claimed the entirety of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir.

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Why was kargil war fought between india and pakistan?


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What is the main cause of the conflict between india and pakistan?

A long-running dispute over Kashmir and cross-border terrorism have been the predominant cause of conflict between the two states, with the exception of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, which occurred as a direct result of hostilities stemming from the Bangladesh Liberation War in erstwhile East Pakistan (now Bangladesh ...

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What was the date of cricket match played between india and pakistan?

30 March 2011 at 2:30 P.M by IST and 9:00 P.M. by GMT

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How many wars have been fought between india and pakistan?

Pakistan and india had fought three major wars, 1st in 1947-48 in that war Pakistan occupied some part of Kashmir with the help of tribal areas. . 2nd in 1965 in which Pakistan got losses such as Pakistan their 3800+ battlefield deaths & losses mainly areas like Lahore & Sialkot & Pakistani 97 tanks were destroyed or abandoned. . 3rd war fought between in December 1971 in which Pakistan lost its other part which was known as East Pakistan now that is known as Bangladesh. In that Pakistan got serious damages they lost East Pakistan, about 93,000 members of the Pakistan Armed Forces including paramilitary personnel were taken as Prisoners of War by the Indian Army & Pakistani military suffered further humiliation by having their 90,000 "Prisoners Of War" (POWs) released by India only after the negotiation and signing of the "Simla Agreement" on 2 July 1972.

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Is there a war going on between pakistan and india?

In the succeeding days and months, India and Pakistan continued to exchange fire along the border in Kashmir, resulting in dozens of military and civilian casualties on both sides. 2019 India–Pakistan standoff: On 14 February 2019, a suicide attack on convoy of India's CRPF resulted in death of at least 40 troops.

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Which is the most famous border between india and pakistan?

  • International boundary: The demarcated line between the Republic of India and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan recognized internationally. Sir Cyril Radcliffe Demarcated the land in 1947. Attari and Wagah, is the most famous and prominent border crossing point between India and Pakistan due to Wagah-Attari border ceremony.

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Who has won more hockey matches between pakistan and india?

Probably India, although there isn't much of a total record for either.

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