What were some impacts of india being imperialized?

Santiago Lemke asked a question: What were some impacts of india being imperialized?
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⭐️ When was india imperialized by british?

India was imperialized on June 23rd,1757, by the British.

⭐️ What were some important things that happened in india for vasco da gama?

He never got to India

⭐️ What are the impacts on agriculture and forest due to imperialism in india?


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The Europeans imperialism of India was disastrous for the country. The Mughal Empire crumbled. The wealth of India was plundered and used for the benefit of the British. The English East India company was started and established the rule of the British over the Indians. They had complete power over the country of India.

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What are some major events in india history?

  • 2500–1600BC. Harappan (Indus Valley) Civilisation.
  • 1500BC onwards. Central Asian Aryans migrate to the Indian subcontinent.
  • 563BC. Birth of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha. c. 325BC. Chandragupta Maurya founds the Mauryan empire. c. 260BC. King Ashoka converts to Buddhism. c. AD320. Gupta empire is established.

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What were the reasons india wanted independence?

  • The British wanted to take over India, but India wanted freedom as well since it’s their country not the British. Although politics and nationalism were important causes of the Indian Independence Movement, the most important cause was Imperialism because of the British East India Company, economy, and religion.

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it is India which is formwed by India.

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In india were jews persecuted?

Jews in India faced no persecution from Hindus from the time they migrated to India, but they were subjugated by Christian missionaries during the Goa Inquisition from the year 1552 Portuguese invaders in the South India committed massive atrocities on South Indian Jewry in the 17th Century

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The festival of Eid al-Adha or Bakrid is being celebrated today, 21 July across the country… This year, in India, the moon was sighted on the evening of 11 July hence the month of Dhu al-Hijjah or Zul Hijjah began on 12 July in the country.

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Born in India to Indian parents., marries to an Indian lived in India for 7 years and applied for Indian citizenship

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What major wars were fought in ancient india?

i dont know sorry

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What were the policies of east india company?

  • Thus, the commercial policy of the East India Company after 1913 was guided by the needs of British industry. Its main aim was to transform India into a consumer of British manufactures and a supplier of raw materials. The British exported to Britain part of India's wealth and resources for which India got no adequate economic or material return.

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  • The following lists events that happened during 2016 in India . 1 January – The Indian and Pakistani governments provided one another with a full list of nuclear sites, military and civilian, in accordance with the 1988 Non-Nuclear Aggression Agreement.

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