What were euopean married women in india called historically?

Thea Kozey asked a question: What were euopean married women in india called historically?
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⭐️ What is burning of women called in india?

The practice of burning women in India is called Sati

⭐️ What region has india and pakistan historically fought over?


⭐️ Is india arie married?

  • Despite turning 40's, India Arie is still not married. She has dedicated her entire youth time mostly for her professional life. Since 2007, she is in the relationship with actor Chris Tucker but no. Mar 25 2019

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What are india natives called?

  • People from India are often referred to as "East Indians", in order to differentiate them from N.A. Indians. The term "East Indian" is quite acceptable and not offensive to a person from India.

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Are david banner and india arie married?

  • Nah, no way. Okay so I'm saying all this to say that I really hope India.Arie and David Banner are indeed a couple because they are both spiritual, laid back, socially and culturally-conscious and I just think they would be perfect together.

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What were the reasons india wanted independence?

  • The British wanted to take over India, but India wanted freedom as well since it’s their country not the British. Although politics and nationalism were important causes of the Indian Independence Movement, the most important cause was Imperialism because of the British East India Company, economy, and religion.

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What were the transformations in colonial india?

it is India which is formwed by India.

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In india were jews persecuted?

Jews in India faced no persecution from Hindus from the time they migrated to India, but they were subjugated by Christian missionaries during the Goa Inquisition from the year 1552 Portuguese invaders in the South India committed massive atrocities on South Indian Jewry in the 17th Century

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Can women go to school in india?


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Do india women attracted to white men?

are india women attracted to white men

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How safe are working women in india?

90% safe in metros & 95% safe in small cities

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Solution anyone explain women education in india?

Women do not get a lot of education in India. Women in India are thought to be good for cleaning and cooking.

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What are scarves called in india?

  • What is a scarf called in India? dupatta. What is a long fur scarf called? boa. A long fluffy scarf made of soft material, such as fur or feathers. How do you wear a long scarf? Loosely twist a long scarf into a soft rope before wrapping.

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What is india called in spanish?

The capital of India is New Delhi.La capital de la India es Nueva Delhi. Aranmula is a village in the state of Kerala, India.

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What is paprika called in india?

  • Deghi or Kashmiri chilli has a bite, but is more valued for its faint smokiness and its ability to impart that reddish tinge to curries. Sweeter chilli powders are called paprika or pimiento in the West but they are not the same as Deghi. In fact, smoked paprika, the staple of Hungarian cuisine, is actually extracted from bell peppers or capsicum.

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What is someone from india called?


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What is walmart called in india?

To launch the wholesale marketplace, called Flipkart Wholesale, the e-commerce giant said it was acquiring a 100% stake in Walmart's India business, which had limited standalone presence in the country and operated Best Price, a cash-and-carry business that runs 28 warehouse-club-style stores across the country and has ...

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What is yogurt called in india?

The word curd is used in the English of India to refer to (naturally probiotic) homemade yogurt, while the term yogurt refers to the pasteurized commercial variety known as heat treated fermented milk.

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What major wars were fought in ancient india?

i dont know sorry

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What were some impacts of india being imperialized?

The Europeans imperialism of India was disastrous for the country. The Mughal Empire crumbled. The wealth of India was plundered and used for the benefit of the British. The English East India company was started and established the rule of the British over the Indians. They had complete power over the country of India.

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What were the policies of east india company?

  • Thus, the commercial policy of the East India Company after 1913 was guided by the needs of British industry. Its main aim was to transform India into a consumer of British manufactures and a supplier of raw materials. The British exported to Britain part of India's wealth and resources for which India got no adequate economic or material return.

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Are there any hiv positive women in india?

  • Around 68% of HIV positive transgender people are aware of their status.24. In India, being a hijra (also known as ‘aravani’, ‘aruvani’ or ‘jagappa’ in other areas) is an identity associated with being a transgender woman, intersex or a eunuch. However, not all transgender women in India belong to a hijra community.

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Are there equal rights for women in india?

  • Equal rights exist for women according to the Indian constitution, but difficulties for Indian women are still plentiful— 68 percent of women in the world's second largest nation suffer from some sort of domestic violence, and it continues to grow.

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Are women legally second class citizens in india?

  • Yes, a lot has changed since the first women's day was celebrated over a hundred years ago, but, not much had made a difference since then. Women are still the second class citizen in India.

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In which year india allowed women to vote?

1937 elections

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Were india got their supplies from?

silk road

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Why banks were nationalised in india?

In the early days after independence, India was under immense financial hardships. Peoples savings were drained out and citizens were unable to lead a normal life. Since banks were the lifeblood of the economy, the government felt that nationalizing banks would instill the faith in the banking system that was required to revive the economy. Hence they nationalized the nation's banks. State Bank of India is the largest bank in India and it is a nationalized bank.

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Why states were formed in india?

  • In 1947, the boundaries of several old States of India were changed in order to create new States. This was done to ensure that people who spoke the same language lived in the same State. Some States were created not on the basis of language but to recognise differences based on culture, ethnicity or geography.

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