What was the highest rate of income tax in india before 1975?

Barrett Witting asked a question: What was the highest rate of income tax in india before 1975?
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By FY 1973-74, the highest marginal tax rate (for the highest slab) had gone up to 85 per cent. Combined with surcharge, the maximum marginal rate of income tax went up to 97.75 per cent. In FY 1974-75, Finance Minister, Y B Chavan reduced the rate for income tax in the higher slabs with an upper limit of 70 per cent.


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⭐️ Which is highest income tax paying city of india?

Mumbai is the highest tax paying city in India and it also ranks in top 5 cities in world.

⭐️ Highest literacy rate among union territory in india?


⭐️ Which city in india has highest suicide rate?

Suicide in cities

Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) followed by Kollam (Kerala) reported the highest rate of suicides at 45.1 and 40.5 per 100,000 people respectively, about 4 times higher than national average rate.

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Which state in india has the highest female foeticide or infanticide rate?


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What is passive income in india?

  • Passive income sources in India include assets that generate dividends like Indian stocks, US stocks, and mutual funds. Interest income generating assets like bonds, FDs, RDs, and others also count as passive income sources.

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What is taxable income in india?

  • Taxable Income in India. Taxable income is the income of an individual or organization, minus any allowable tax deductions. It is the amount of income an entity makes every year upon which the government levies taxes. In simpler words, it is the amount of one’s income which is subject to income tax.

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Does india tax worldwide income?

  • Yes, India also follows the classical system of tax jurisdiction like USA (with the exception that there is no citizenship based taxation in India , as applies in USA) So, India will tax a worldwide income of a person who is a “Resident and Ordinarily Resident” of India as per Section 6 of the Income Tax Act.

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What is income tax raid in india?

  • What is Income Tax Raid? The Income Tax Department of India (ITD) is the apex executive agency responsible for the collection of direct taxes. It functions under the Department of Revenue of the Ministry of Finance and is headed by the Central Board of Direct Taxes ( CBDT ).

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What is taxable income in india 2019?

tax revenue in india 2019-20 tax collection in india 2020

Income Tax Slabs and Rates for Financial Year: 2019-20

Income Tax SlabIndividuals below the age of 60 years
Up to `2,50,000Nil
2,50,001 to 5,00,0005%
5,00,001 to 10,00,00012,500 + 20% of total income exceeding 5,00,000
Above 10,00,0001,12,500 + 30% of total income exceeding 10,00,000

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What is the average income in india?

  • India's per capita income (nominal) was $1670 per year in 2016, ranked at 112th out of 164 countries by the World Bank, while its per capita income on purchasing power parity (PPP) basis was US$5,350, and ranked 106th.

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What are the main causes of a slow rate of growth of per capita income in india?

  1. Hight level of fiscal deficits
  2. High rate of growth of population.

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What is divorce rate in india?

As of 2011 CE, the divorce rate in the Republic of India is 1.01 for every thousand marriages annually.

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Who introduced income tax in india?

James wilson in India..

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Who measure national income in india?

  • Before independence, Dadabhai Naoroji is considered as the first person who calculated the national income of India. While, VKRV Rao divided the economy into sectors, corporate sectors, and agriculture sectors. After independence, a committee called the national income committee was formed.

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What is merchant discount rate in india?

What is a Merchant Discount Rate? A merchant discount rate is the rate levied on debit and credit card transactions to a merchant for the payment processing services. Before accepting debit and credit cards as payment the merchant must set up this service and agree to the rate.

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What is reserve repo rate in india?

  • REPO rate is the rate of interest at which the central bank of India, i.e. Reserve Bank of India ( RBI ), lends money to the commercial banks. In case of a financial crisis, the commercial banks can lend money from the Reserve Bank of India and the rate of interest at which the money is provided is called the repo rate.

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What is the growth rate in india?

  • According to IMF World Economic Outlook (April-2019), GDP growth rate of India in 2019 is projected at 7.3% and India is 8th fastest growing nation of the world just behind Bangladesh . Average growth rate from 2013-17 is estimated at 7.149%, that is 9th highest.

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What is the obesity rate in india?

  • Obesity in India has reached epidemic proportions in the 21st century, with morbid obesity affecting 5% of the country's population. India is following a trend of other developing countries that are steadily becoming more obese. Unhealthy, processed food has become much more accessible following India's continued integration in global food markets.

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What is the poverty rate in india?

  • The Saxena Committee report, using data from 1972 to 2000, separated calorific intake apart from nominal income in its economic analysis of poverty in India, and then stated that 50% of Indians lived below the poverty line. The Planning Commission of India, in contrast, determined that the poverty rate was 39% . Jan 5 2020

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What is withholding tax rate in india?

Withholding Tax Rates for Payments to Non-Resident Companies

Nature of PaymentWithholding Tax Rate
Interest on investment in long-term infrastructure bonds issued by Indian company (rupee denominated bonds or government securities)5%
Technical fees25%
Long-term capital gains (other than exempt income)20%

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Current repo rate in india?

That would depend on the damand for the specific bond

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Which state of india has the highest and lowest literacy rate and how much in 2011?

Kerala has the highest literacy of 93.91% and Bihar has the lowest literacy of 63.82%.

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Does pension income get taxed in india?

  • Just like other incomes accrued in India, the pension income is also taxed according to the Income Tax slabs fixed by the Government of India. All incomes that come under the head Salary (including Pension) are taxed upon, under the Section 192 of the Income Tax Act. The income tax on pension amount is levied according to the below-given tables.

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Is income earned abroad taxable in india?

  • If one's status is 'resident Indian,' then one's income earned abroad is taxable in India. However, one has to to pay tax only on one's Indian income if one is an NRI.

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What was india like before mohandas gandhi?

India was ruled by Britain before Gandhi.

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