What was the first president of india?

Louie Hickle asked a question: What was the first president of india?
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⭐️ Who was the first first president of india?

Dr.Rajendra Prasad was the first President of Independent India from 26 Jan 1950 to 13 May 1962.

⭐️ First president of india in which year?

Dr. Rajendra Prasad took Office on 26 January 1950

⭐️ Who was first president of independent india?


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rajendra prasad

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Who is the first president of the independent india?

The first president of an independent India was Rajendra Prasad. He was elected to the office three times and retired in 1962.

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Who was the first republic day president of india?

  • However, this government can’t take away our rights, which are protected by the constitution. That’s the difference between a democracy and a republic. During the period between 1947 and 1950, without the Constitution, India was headed by King George VI. But on the first Republic Day, Dr. Rajendra Prasad became our first President.

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India vice president?

Hamid Ansari

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Who was the first dalit to become president of india?

  • He faced Meira Kumar, former speaker of the Lok Sabha (the lower house), and herself a Dalit. In spite of the fact that his low-key profile made him relatively unknown, he won nearly two-thirds of the vote. Kovind was sworn in as India’s 14th president in July 2017.

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Who was the first president of the republic of india?

  • The Constitution of India was eventually enacted on 26 November 1949 and came into force on 26 January 1950, making India a republic. The offices of monarch and governor-general were replaced by the new office of President of India, with Rajendra Prasad as its first incumbent.

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Who was the president of india during first nuclear test?

On 13 May 1998, two additional fission devices were detonated, and the Indian government led by Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee shortly convened a press conference to declare India as a full-fledged nuclear state.

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Who is the india president and vice-president?

pranab mukherjee is the president and Hamed Ansari is the Vice-president of India.

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Where is jared village native place of our first president of india?

native place of first president of India is Jiradei a village of Siwan district in Bihar province

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When uk president visited india?

The UK does not have a president. It has a queen. So no UK president has ever visited India.

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Who was the first unopposed candidate to be elected vice president of india?


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What is the time period of the president and vice president of india?

Both 5 years

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What are the qualification of president of india?


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What is the salary of president of india?

The President if India is the head of state, executive, legislature and judiciary of India. President Pratibha Patil has a current salary of 1.5 lakh.

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Is president trump still in india?

Namaste Trump was a tour event held on 24 and 25 February 2020 in India. It was the inaugural visit of the US President Donald Trump and his family to India… The Narendra Modi Stadium (then known as Motera Stadium) hosted US President Trump and his family along with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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Is there a president over india?

Yes of course there is a president over india.

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Who appoints the president of india?

elected members of parliament including members of lok sabha , rajya sabha and vidhan sabha

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Who is next president in india?

Mr. Pranab mukharji

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Who is president of rbi india?

Devvuri Subbarao

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Who is the president of india?

Pranab Kumar Mukherjee is the President of India. He was sworn in as the 13th president of India on July 25, 2012. Prior to his election he was the Finance Minister from 2009 January 24 to 2012 June 26, and also previously from 1982 January 15 to 1984 December 31. Other posts he has previously held include Minister of Defense and Minister of External Affairs. As of July 2014, Pranab Mukherjee is the President of India, and Mohammad Hamid Ansari is the Vice President. Mukherjee has held several positions in the government throughout his career, including Minister of External Affairs.prathibha patil

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Who president in india at present?

Pranav Mukherjee

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Dispute regarding the election of president and vice president in india?

The Supreme Court.

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What is the age to become president of india?

Minimum Age to become president - 35 yrs.

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What came first egypt or india?


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