What was the capital of india in 1772?

Frances Simonis asked a question: What was the capital of india in 1772?
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  • Calcutta did not become the capital of British India until 1772, when the first governor-general, Warren Hastings, transferred all important offices to the city from Murshidabad, the provincial Mughal capital. In 1773 Bombay (now Mumbai) and Madras (now Chennai) became subordinate to the government at Fort William.


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⭐️ What is the capital of india today?

the capital of India is New Delhi

⭐️ What was the old capital of india?

It was Calcutta

⭐️ What's the capital of india?

  • Capital of India. The Capital City of India (officially named Republic of India) is the city of New Delhi. The population of New Delhi in the year 2008 was 1,147,995,904.

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  • United News Of India is a Public incorporated on 19 December 1959. It is classified as Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Delhi. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 2,500,000 and its paid up capital is Rs. 1,018,900. It is inolved in News agency activities

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How many states in india 2017 with capital?

9 union territories of india 2020 list states and capitals of india 2020

29 Indian states

Interesting facts about 29 Indian states and 7 Union Territories with their capitals - Education Today News.

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How much time to reinvest capital gains india?

capital gains tax india

It means you need to remain invested in these funds for at least three years to get the benefit of long-term capital gains tax. If redeemed within three years, the capital gains will be added to your income and will be taxed as per your income tax slab rate.

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How to avoid capital gains tax in india?

  • Invest the l gift money in stocks and equity mutual funds e and hold for more than a year. There is no capital gains tax on equity assets held for g more than 12 months. In case of gold and property and debt-oriented mutual funds, the holding period is 3 years. If earnings are reinvested, it will be treated as your relative's income.

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How to calculate capital gains tax in india?

  • Capital gains tax India calculator is easy to understand, let’s try to simplify this calculation by understanding Capital Gain and Capital Gain Tax. Buying a Property for Rs 35 Lakhs and Sold it for Rs 50 Lakhs, The Profit is Rs 15 Lakhs.

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Which city is the economic capital of india?

  • Major Capital Cities of India and their Importance Mumbai is the major commercial hub of India and capital of Maharashtra state. It is also known as the commercial capital and a global hub for financial activities. Mumbai is also the largest city of South Asia and home of vibrant Hindi film industry popularly known as Bollywood .

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Which was the capital city of ancient india?

  • Champa, also spelled Campa, city of ancient India, the capital of the kingdom of Anga (a region corresponding with the eastern part of present-day Bihar state ). It is identified with two villages of that name on the south bank of the Ganges (Ganga) River east of Munger.

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Which is the capital of portuguese possessions in india?


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Which state is known as fruit capital of india?

Kotgarh of Himachal Pradesh is known as apple bowl of India, popular for its apples and sections of land of apple plantations. The Apple Valley of Kotgarh has arranged 82 km from Shimla. Nashik area is known as the grapes capital of India, Nestling at the feet of the Sahyadri Hills.

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What is the best example of a capital intensive industry in india?

tourism industry

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How much is capital gains tax on shares in india?

Long-term capital gains and losses

As per the provisions of the Financial Budget of 2018, if a seller makes long term capital gain of more than Rs. 1 lakh on sale of equity shares or equity-oriented units of mutual fund, the gain made will attract a capital gains tax of 10% long-term capital gains tax.

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Which city is known as the financial capital of india?

Mumbai is the financial capital of India.

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The capital of india was shifted from calcutta to delhi in?

The administrative capital of India was moved to New Delhi from Kolkata in the year 1911.

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What is the name of the capital of the island of the southeast coast of india?


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What is the provincial capital of goa?

The provincial capital city of Goa is Panaji, Republic of India.

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When was the capital of india was shifted from old delhi to new delhi in?


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What is the view of india from india?

The view of india from india is not at all a beautiful one. Indians are not proud of what is happening around in their country. Corruption, un-employment and poverty have destroyed the country's image since it gained independence in 1947. But looking at India and its development, India is progressing fast and soon will be one of the best countries in the world. But as of now, a lot of work to do.

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What salary can mph india expect in india?

what is the sallery India as mph professional.

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What country borders india?


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What country owned india?


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What does india mean?


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What does india speak?

  • India has 22 officially recognized languages. Hindi is by far the most common; it is the native language of about 40% of the population. English, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, and Urdu are also widely spoken.

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What happened fiat india?

FCA India stopped making Fiat cars at its Ranjangaon plant in India in 2019. “For our Fiat customers, we have the entire service system here to make sure that every single spare part that they need will be available for the next decade,” Datta said.

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What influence india climate?

The influence of India's climate is because India is the equator which makes it more hotter near India is to the equator. Hopes it helps!

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