What to do if your flight is delayed in india?

Rollin Blick asked a question: What to do if your flight is delayed in india?
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  • As per the revised norms of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation(DGCA), effective from August 1st 2016, domestic airlines will have to pay passengers up to INR 10,000 if the flight is delayed for more than two hours. If you are denied the right to board, you can claim compensation up to INR 20,000.


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⭐️ How to get compensation for delayed flights in india?

  • If your Air India flight was delayed or canceled, you may have the right to compensation under European Regulation EC 261. The amount of compensation is up to 600€ ($700). Here is all you need to know to claim compensation of up to 600€ per passenger under EU 261 rule for Air India flight delays or cancellations.

⭐️ What is flight time from ny to india?

For direct flights, about 16.5 hours flying time from JFK to Bangalore, India. This is time 'in the air' and excludes ground activities.

⭐️ Where to buy flight to india?

  • As the flag carrier for India, the government-owned Air India Airlines services the nation of India as well as North America, Asia, and Europe. Travelers within the subcontinent of Asia can enjoy online booking, special deals, the cheapest fares on reservations and air tickets by contacting Expedia for their expert travel guidance and assistance.

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How long is the flight between lax and india?

A typical flight between LAX and India would have a flying time of about 17 hours, 10 minutes.

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How long is the flight from liverpool to india?

No Flight from Liverpool. Get the flight from Manchester Airport which is nearby. The flight Takes around 11-13 hours normally depending upon where you are travelling in India. Two hours less for North India than south India. Also add the time between connecting flights :) Direct Flights are there from Heathrow Airport.

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When was first flight of mirage 2000 in india?

  • It was developed by Dassault Aviation and took its first flight in 1978 and was inducted in the French Air Force in 1984. India had placed an initial order of 36 single-seater Mirage-2000 and 4 twin-seater Mirage 2000 in 1982 as an answer to Pakistan buying US-made F-16 fighter jets by Lockheed Martin.

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What is your concept about modern india?

the most impact of moder india according to me is all are working for themself .they are not bothering about thier family ,country .their main aim is to make money

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How much time it takes to reach singapore from india by air india flight?

5 hrs

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Do you need a passport for internal flight in india?

Passport is not mandatory . You need to show an identity card which has a photo affixed ( Like PAN,Passport,Voter ID card, Photo credit/debit card) . If you've bought the ticket using a credit card and it's in your name you need to show the card to them , if you bought the ticket using some one else's card , you need to show the photocopy of the card attested by the owner ..

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How can you find out the cheapest flight to india?

A person can find out the cheapest flight to India by searching flight costs and roundtrip flight costs on travel agencies and websites like Travelocity and Orbitz.

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How long is a flight from ny to bombay india?

A direct flight is 17hrs and 35 mins

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How long is a flight from the us to india?

Depending on where a person is in the United States, a flight from the US to Indiana would take approximately 17 and a half hours. There is 8, 422 miles between the US and India.

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How long is the flight time from india to toronto?

19hr 30min Delhi (DEL) to Toronto Intl (YYZ) by a direct flight operated by Air India. The flight stops at London Heathrow (LHR).

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How much is a flight from india to the us?

  • Cheap Flights from India to the United States from $440 - KAYAK.

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How long is the flight time from delhi india to switzerland?

The flight distance from Delhi, India to Bern, Switzerland is 3,884 miles. A nonstop flight would take about 7 hours 5 minutes.

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How much cash you can carry in domestic flight in india?


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How much is the cheapest flight from the us to india?

  • Free cancellation on most hotels. Because flexibility matters. How much is the cheapest flight to India? Prices were available within the past 7 days and starts at $454 for one-way flights and $619 for round trip, for the period specified. Prices and availability are subject to change. Additional terms apply. found 3 hours ago found 15 hours ago

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How much time sapend in travel india to usa by flight?

It takes nearly 20-22 hours.

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How much time take a flight to reach us to india?

it takes 9.5 hours.

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Can a water heater be carried on jet airways flight in india?

  • A water heater has no such components as it basically has a coil which gets heated on passing electricity. So, it should not be an issue to carry it. However I would suggest a quick call to the jet airways call centre would put that doubt to rest. Yes but with the security approvals and within the cargo weight.

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How long is the flight between mumbai india and johannesburg south africa?

A typical flight between Mumbai, India and Johannesburg, South Africa would have a flying time of about 8 hours, 39 minutes.

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Who is your india prime minister?

India's prime minister is Dr Manmohan Singh

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What to do when you lose your phone in india?

application to police station for lost of mobile phone in hindi

If your mobile is stolen or lost, you have to lodge an FIR and inform Department of Telecom (DoT) via helpline number 14422. DoT will block the reported lost/stolen phone across the network which will prevent the reuse of the phone.

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How much cash can a person carry legally in india by a flight?

£100 and a bomb

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Why does your breath smell like india?

Bacteria grow on these bits of food, releasing foul-smelling sulfur compounds. The most common cause of bad breath is poor dental hygiene. If you don't brush and floss often, the bacteria in your mouth continue to grow, and a thin film of bacteria known as plaque builds up on your teeth.

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Can traffic police take your keys in india?

  • As stated in the Motor Vehicles Act 1932, it is illegal for a Traffic cop to take away your car keys forcefully. No police officer, irrespective of his or her rank or authority can indulge in this sort of action. Are DigiLocker uploaded car documents valid in India?

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