What technology did ancient india make?

Elmo Steuber asked a question: What technology did ancient india make?
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⭐️ How are ancient india and ancient egypt different?

Ancient India believed of different gods plus ancient India has many more gods than Ancient Egypt. Also the ancient egyptians buried their pharaohs in a tomb and ancient india burned them.

⭐️ What did ancient india teach us?

  • The Ancient Indians have not only given us yoga, meditation and complementary medicines, but they have furthered our knowledge of science, maths - and invented Chaturanga, which became the game of chess.

⭐️ What year did ancient india begin?

Ancient India began in 1500 BCE.

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strapping wood to elephants

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What technology is india best at?

digital india future india technology

5 Top Technology Trends 2020 in India

  • 5 Top Technology Trends 2020 in India. By 10xDS Team…
  • Beginning of the era of hyper-automation…
  • Enhanced use of artificial intelligence…
  • Natural language processing & conversational AI…
  • Autonomous things…
  • Innovations in data storage technologies.

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A famous astronomer of ancient india?

Aryabhata I

Aryabhata I (ad 476) is one of the greatest mathematicians and astronomers of ancient India.

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Was there cows in ancient india?

yes there was

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Who had power in ancient india?

Kings, priests and military leaders had power in ancient India.

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What are 3 major river in ancient india?

The three main rivers are the Brahmaputra river, the Indus River and The Ganges River

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What are the social evils in ancient india?

1.child marriage 2.cast system 3.purdah 4.dowry 5.child labour

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What food do people eat in ancient india?

Fruits and meat

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What is the social hierarchy of ancient india?

  • The ancient Indian tradition of social hierarchy is deeply rooted in the caste system. Based on this system, the society is divided into four classes, which are the Brahman , the Ruler (khattiya), the Trader (vessa), and the Servant (sudda).

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What kind of stuff did ancient india export?

India exported cotton, pepper, and many precious jewels.

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What major wars were fought in ancient india?

i dont know sorry

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What transportation did they use in ancient india?

The tuk-tuk

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What was the scientific knowledge in ancient india?

  • You will be surprised to know that a lot of scientific knowledge was evolved in ancient India, so many years ago. During this period Science and Mathematics were highly developed and Ancient Indians had contributed immensely. Medical Science was also highly developed at that time.

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What would you call india in ancient period?


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Is india advanced in technology?

According to the Global innovation index (2020), India ranks 48th overall in terms of innovation and ranks amongst the top 15 nations in Information and Communication Technology and R&D-intensive global companies.

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What are the types of recreation in ancient india?

They loved to write poems and plays. They would put on a play for the royal family and have contests on who could wirte the best poems.

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What did the clothing of ancient india look like?

The clothing in ancient India probably looked like dresses for the girls. The boys probably had turbans on and suits

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What farming tools did they use in ancient india?

they used stones tools,axes,and all kinds of stufff

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What was the medium of instruction in ancient india?

  • All the Vedas were first transmitted orally from one person to another person. It was only in 1300-1500 BC Rig Veda was written. In Vedic period medium of instruction was Sanskrit, while Pali became the medium of instruction in Buddhist education. In ancient period teaching was considered as a holy work and the teachers were given utmost respect.

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What was the social structure of ancient india like?

  • The social structure in ancient India was simple and unadulterated by the alien cultures which crept in subsequently due to foreign rule. There was joint family system as it was an agrarian society and the individual members were not having an independent source of income which causes disparity and division within the family system.

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History of physical education in ancient india?

Physical education began in Ancient India as early as 800 B.C. Forms of metaphysical activities and Yoga was used for physical education in Ancient India.

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System of writing designed in ancient india?


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Two religions were found in ancient india?

hiduizm and buhdizm.

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Who is in charge in ancient india?

Mahajanapadas Is In Charge In Ancient India.

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