What region of asia was hinduism first founded in what region of india?

Jorge Wilderman asked a question: What region of asia was hinduism first founded in what region of india?
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⭐️ Did hinduism start in india?


⭐️ Who brought hinduism to india?

the Aryans

⭐️ After buddhism spread to east asia why did it vanish from india and hinduism returned?

because Buddhism is mostly implemented in places like Nepal and Burma as the major religion of India has and will always be Hinduism

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It can be observed that Hinduism is first found in northern part of ancient India in Vedic era.

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Who was responsible for bring hinduism to india?

Aryans were responsible for bringing Hinduism to India. Aryans invaded India and brought their Religion into India.

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Is india considered southeast asia?

Is India in Southeast Asia?

  • Southeast Asia or Southeastern Asia is a subregion of Asia, consisting of the countries that are geographically south of China, east of India, west of New Guinea and north of Australia. Southeast Asia is bordered to the north by East Asia, to the west by South Asia and Bay of Bengal , to the east by Oceania and Pacific Ocean , and to the south by Australia and Indian Ocean.

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Is india in south asia?

India is a South Asian country.

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Who brought hinduism and the caste system to india?

Different families who professed the same profession developed social relations between them and organised as a common community, meaning Jati. Later on the Aryans who created the caste system, added to their system non-Aryans.

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Who introduced hinduism and the caste system to india?

According to one long-held theory about the origins of South Asia's caste system, Aryans from central Asia invaded South Asia and introduced the caste system as a means of controlling the local populations. The Aryans defined key roles in society, then assigned groups of people to them.

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India come under which region?

South Asia

South Asia, subregion of Asia, consisting of the Indo-Gangetic Plain and peninsular India. It includes the countries of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka; Afghanistan and the Maldives are often considered part of South Asia as well.

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How did india influence southeast asia?

Buddhism started in India but eventually spread to Southeast Asia. Now there are more Buddhist in Southeast Asia than in India.

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What was created when india crashed into asia?

The Himalaya Mountain range was created. When Pangaea was splitting apart, India collided into Eurasia and formed the Himalayas!

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Who founded india house in london?

Shyamji Krishna Varma

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What mountains were created when india crashed into asia?

The Himalayan Mountain range.

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What separates india from the rest of southeast asia?

well india is a subcontinent so thats what separates india from the rest os southeast asia

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India is in which part of asia?

South Asia.

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Mountains seperating india from rest of asia?

Himalayan mountain range

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What national party of india was founded in 1885?

Indian National Congress was founded in 1885. In the pre-independence era, INC was at the forefront of the struggle for independence and was instrumental in the whole of India. It was founded by A.O. Hume and others.

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When was the east india company founded?


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Who founded the mauryan empire in india?

Chandragupta Maurya founded the Mauryan Empire.

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Who founded the national orchestra of india?

Ravindranaath tagore

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Who founded the republican party of india?

dr. b.r. ambedkar

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What region has india and pakistan historically fought over?


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What region of the world is india located in?

India is located on the continent of Asia, specifically South Asia.

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What mountain range is formed from india crashing into asia?

The Himalayan mountain range was formed when India crashed into Asia.

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What religion was introduced to south east asia by india?

Buddhism and Hinduism were introduced to South Asia by India. Buddhism has gradually declined in India, but it is still very strong in South Asia.

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What southeast asia country was once part of british india?

Myanmar (Burma)

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In which part of asia does india lie?

India lies in the southern part of Asia.

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