What major wars were fought in ancient india?

Miles Larson asked a question: What major wars were fought in ancient india?
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⭐️ What major event happened in ancient india?

the gupta empire ruled india

⭐️ What are 3 major river in ancient india?

The three main rivers are the Brahmaputra river, the Indus River and The Ganges River

⭐️ Has india had any major wars?

India did not involve in any major wars. But it helped Britain during the World War. After Independence there were minor wars like Indo-Pak war, Kargil War etc..

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i dont know sorry

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How are ancient india and ancient egypt different?

Ancient India believed of different gods plus ancient India has many more gods than Ancient Egypt. Also the ancient egyptians buried their pharaohs in a tomb and ancient india burned them.

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What region has india and pakistan historically fought over?


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In which year india fought with pakistan?

All of them.

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What are some jobs in ancient india?


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What are the inscriptions of ancient india?

Two of them are Ashoka's edicts and the inscriptions found on the remains of the towns:Mohenjo-daro and Harappa.

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What current countries are in ancient india?


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What are major imports of india?

The chief imports are crude oil, machinery, gems, fertilizers, and chemicals.

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What are major industries of india?

farming and outsourcing

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Did ancient india have leaders?

Ancient India was governed by a priest-king who headed a strong, central government until the Aryans took over the Indus Valley. Then they had to listen to and follow the Aryans.

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Did ancient india have roads?

Yes they had dirt road that they road horses on!

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How big is ancient india?

The current India, Pakistan, Bangladesh were parts of ancient India.

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Was ancient india a monarchy?

Sort of. Ancient India was a monarch controlled democracy.

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What are the social evils in ancient india?

1.child marriage 2.cast system 3.purdah 4.dowry 5.child labour

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What food do people eat in ancient india?

Fruits and meat

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What is the social hierarchy of ancient india?

  • The ancient Indian tradition of social hierarchy is deeply rooted in the caste system. Based on this system, the society is divided into four classes, which are the Brahman , the Ruler (khattiya), the Trader (vessa), and the Servant (sudda).

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What kind of stuff did ancient india export?

India exported cotton, pepper, and many precious jewels.

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What transportation did they use in ancient india?

The tuk-tuk

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What was the scientific knowledge in ancient india?

  • You will be surprised to know that a lot of scientific knowledge was evolved in ancient India, so many years ago. During this period Science and Mathematics were highly developed and Ancient Indians had contributed immensely. Medical Science was also highly developed at that time.

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What would you call india in ancient period?


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What are some major industries of india?

farming and outsourcing

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What are the major holidays in india?

  • The three most important national holidays of India are Independence Day (August 15), Republic Day (January 26), and Gandhi Jayanti (October 2).

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