What kind of stuff did ancient india export?

Jakob Smitham asked a question: What kind of stuff did ancient india export?
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⭐️ How are ancient india and ancient egypt different?

Ancient India believed of different gods plus ancient India has many more gods than Ancient Egypt. Also the ancient egyptians buried their pharaohs in a tomb and ancient india burned them.

⭐️ What did ancient india teach us?

  • The Ancient Indians have not only given us yoga, meditation and complementary medicines, but they have furthered our knowledge of science, maths - and invented Chaturanga, which became the game of chess.

⭐️ What technology did ancient india make?

strapping wood to elephants

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India exported cotton, pepper, and many precious jewels.

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What major event happened in ancient india?

the gupta empire ruled india

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Which product export from india?


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What does the us export to india?

U.S. total exports of agricultural products to India totaled $1.8 billion in 2019, our 13th largest agricultural export market. Leading domestic export categories include: tree nuts ($823 million), cotton ($587 million), fresh fruit ($62 million), dairy products ($60 million), and pulses ($37 million).

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A famous astronomer of ancient india?

Aryabhata I

Aryabhata I (ad 476) is one of the greatest mathematicians and astronomers of ancient India.

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Was there cows in ancient india?

yes there was

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Who had power in ancient india?

Kings, priests and military leaders had power in ancient India.

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What are 3 major river in ancient india?

The three main rivers are the Brahmaputra river, the Indus River and The Ganges River

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What are the social evils in ancient india?

1.child marriage 2.cast system 3.purdah 4.dowry 5.child labour

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What food do people eat in ancient india?

Fruits and meat

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What is the social hierarchy of ancient india?

  • The ancient Indian tradition of social hierarchy is deeply rooted in the caste system. Based on this system, the society is divided into four classes, which are the Brahman , the Ruler (khattiya), the Trader (vessa), and the Servant (sudda).

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What major wars were fought in ancient india?

i dont know sorry

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What transportation did they use in ancient india?

The tuk-tuk

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What was the scientific knowledge in ancient india?

  • You will be surprised to know that a lot of scientific knowledge was evolved in ancient India, so many years ago. During this period Science and Mathematics were highly developed and Ancient Indians had contributed immensely. Medical Science was also highly developed at that time.

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What would you call india in ancient period?


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What are our major export products from india?

  • Petroleum Products: Petroleum products are the number one on the list of top exports from India. Though it is not easy to export petroleum products from India as it requires very huge investment and lots of hard work. What one can export is semi products of petroleum like pet coke, wax, charcoal, coal , and many such semi products.

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What type of goods does the india export?


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How export old items from india?

Items more than 100 years old are antiques by Govt. of india and depending upon what the item you are intending to export (some are prohibited) before export get antiquity certififte from archaeology.

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India export cement to which countries?

best cement in india with price cement industry in india

India exported about 2.81 million tonnes cement valued at ` 937 crore (including 0.78 million tonnes clinker, 1.78 million tonnes of portland gray cement and 0.09 million tonnes white cement) in 2012-13 to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Madagascar, South Africa & Bangladesh, etc.

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Loban allowed to export from india?

How can we start Loban Export Business

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Where does india export cotton to?

indian cotton export from india

India's Major Export Destinations

India's major Export destinations in 2018-19 were Bangladesh, China & Pakistan. Countries such as Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Vietnam and Indonesia are scaling up their cotton imports from India to meet the requirements of their export-focused garment industries.

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Wto in export marketing of india?

achivement of w.t.o.

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What are the types of recreation in ancient india?

They loved to write poems and plays. They would put on a play for the royal family and have contests on who could wirte the best poems.

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What did the clothing of ancient india look like?

The clothing in ancient India probably looked like dresses for the girls. The boys probably had turbans on and suits

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What farming tools did they use in ancient india?

they used stones tools,axes,and all kinds of stufff

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