What is the island south of india?

Oren Reynolds asked a question: What is the island south of india?
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⭐️ Island south of india?

Sri Lanka is the island just south of India.

⭐️ What island is south of india?

the island that is south of India is the maldives your welcom lol

⭐️ An island south of india?

Sri lanka

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SrilankaBoth Sri Lanka and Maldives are south of India.

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Name the island nation south of india?

Sri Lanka is the island nation southeast of India. Maldives is the island nation southwest of India.

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What is the name of the small island directly south of india?

Sri Lanka. (Formerly Ceylon)

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Name the group of island 400 miles south of india?


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Which neighbouring island country lies to the south of india?

  • Sri Lanka and Maldives are the two island countries which are the southern neighbours of India.

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What is south india called?

beauty south india kerala south india

South India, also known as Peninsular India, has been known by several other names.

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What island is southeast of india?

Sri Lanka :) hoped i helped

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What are common in south india?

The southern Western Ghats have high altitude rain forests called the South Western Ghats montane rain forests. The Western Ghats are a biodiversity hotspot. Scrub lands, including the Deccan thorn scrub forests, are common in the interior Deccan plateau. Some of India's famous protected areas are found in South India.

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What country lies beside south india?

Sri Lanka and Maldives

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What does south india call thanksgiving?

  • Thanksgiving Day in India is known with different names and celebrated on various dates. In Punjab, Lohri is the harvest festival which is celebrated to mark both celebration and sharing. The day is celebrated to thank God�s provision and creation. In southern India the end of the harvest is observed as Pongal.

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What is south india famous for?

Hint: South India has a rich history in music, dance, culture, sculptures, clothing which were even spread across South East Asia. The iconic temple style prevalent in the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala is also quite famous.

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What to buy in south india?

Traditional handicrafts, coir products, handcrafted jewellery especially gold, bronze items, wood and stone carvings are few of the popular items to buy in South India. Silk sarees are certainly a must buy if you visit South India.

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An island near india?


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Is india an island?

No India is not an island

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Island nations near india?

sri lanka

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What is the present day country name of the island nation located of south india subcontinet?

There are two island nations south of the Indian subcontinent: Maldives to the southwest and Sri Lanka to the southeast.

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What country island is southeast of india?

Sri Lanka is an island country directly southeast of India. Indonesia is also southeast of India, but is made up of several thousand islands and is further east.

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What island is directly southeast of india?

Sri Lanka.

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What large island lies southeast of india?

The large island that lies southeast of India was known as Ceylon until 1972. Now known as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, has maritime borders with The Maldives and India.

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What direction is india of south africa?


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What do people in south india eat?

People in South India eat rice because it is a good diet for Indian people or sometimes everyone. Rice is staple food for most people in South India and in certain coastal areas .

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What does da mean in south india?

What does it mean to say da or Tha in Tamil?

  • It is a way of saying he or she in a informal and impolite manner. Da or Tha are looking likely same. But -Tha = Tamil = Water, and Aramaic means Tha for the “Water, next di-Hit or Adi=In Tamil = Hit, but -Edi=in tamil = Thander (English ), if you are looking for something like “Da /Tha or Di/thi are not same. Time to Time The Tamil Words Change

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What does india export to south africa?

There is a lot of trade between India and South Africa. The list of imports is endless, but Cars, Movies and Software Developers are prominent examples.

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What does south africa import from india?


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What is the climate in south india?


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What is the gateway of south india?


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