What is the basis of india's economy?

Alva Schaden asked a question: What is the basis of india's economy?
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⭐️ What are indias customs?

i just did a report on india and the customs are namaskar, tilak, arati, garlanding, bindi, and the shakha paula.

⭐️ What are indias landforms?

The landforms of India are spectacular. I have been there myself. There are rocky places, the Himalayas, the Alps and the heart of India, the Ganga River. Since India can be a hot country, there are deserts too. The famous places are the Taj Manual, the Lotus Temple and the museums. Hope this will help you a lot, thanks.

⭐️ What is indias capital city?

The capital city of India is New Dehli and India is located on the contenent of Asia. =D

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subsitence agriculture

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What is las leyes de indias?

The laws of India.

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What is mean by indias gdp?

Gross Domestic Product meaning: Gross Domestic Product, abbreviated as GDP, is the total value of goods and services produced in a country… Hence, the GDP growth rate of India is an essential indicator of the country's economic development and progress.

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Indias 5 share companys?

India's 5 share companies are Tata Consultancy,Reliance Inds.,Infosys,Coal India Ltd and HDFC Bank.

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Indias largest population state?

Uttar Pradesh is India's largest population state.

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What are some of indias trade goods?

India was known to trade loads of goods such as they traded spices and ingigo dye but it was all taken off them when the british invaded India in 1733.

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What indias role in the opium trade?

See: India/Opium Trade

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When was indias flag adopted?

India's flag was adopted on July 22, 1947, after India became independent from Great Britain. The flag was based upon the design of the flag of the Indian National Congress.

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Which is indias beautiful place?

The most famous and most beautiful places in India include Taj Mahal and the Akshardham temple.

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Why is indias climate warm?

Because mountains keep cold northern winds from much of India

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What is air indias low cost carrier called?


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What is indias world rank in manganese production?

India is the 7th in manganese production after China, South africa, Australia, Brazil, Gabon and Kazakistan. India is producing 2,092,000 tonnes manganese. (according to 2006 report)

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What was indias role in world war 2?

India which was still part of the UK during WW2 did fight because Britain fought as a major member of the Allies.

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Indias first dalit woman chief minister?


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Who is the indias richest lady?

Savitri Jindal is the richest lady of india.

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Why is indias climate generally warm?

Because mountains keep cold northern winds from much of india

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What are the effects of tourism on indias environment?

India is a vast country and here are many tourism place like as historical places, hill stations, historical buildings and many famous places, so many people come here to visiting from other countries and get full enjoyment of the beauty of India.

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What is indias vs new zealand live score now?

India 392/4 (50 ov)New Zealand 234/7 (37.0 ov)

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Is india's economy a command economy?


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Is india's economy a market economy?

its dead

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On what basis currency is printed in india?

rupees rupee note

Printing of currency notes in India is done on the basis of Minimum Reserve System (MRS). This system is applicable in India since 1956. According to this system, the Reserve Bank of India has to maintain assets of at least 200 crore rupees all the times.

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What are the traditional basis of indian society?

Traditional bases of Indian social system: Varnashram Vyavastha, Purusharthas, Samskaras, the concept of dharma-samanya and vishishtha; the doctrine of karma, karma and rebirth.

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