What is communalism india?

Reid Schumm asked a question: What is communalism india?
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Communalism, in a broad sense means a strong attachment to one's own community. In popular discourse in India, it is understood as unhealthy attachment to one's own religion… In this way it promotes belief in orthodox tenets and principles, intolerance and hatred of other religions and thus, divides the society.


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⭐️ What is communalism in india?

communalism is India is nothing but a political play just to strenghen their vote bank. strengh

⭐️ Who is the father of indian communalism?

Indian Council Act of 1909 is also known as Morley- Minto Reform. It was instituted to placate the Moderates (Congress) and introduces separate electorates on the basis of religion. Therefore, Lord Minto came to be known as Father of Communal Electorate in India.

⭐️ What was india?

first reality show of india

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India is self-ruled now, but it used to be controlled by the United Kingdom.

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  • India is still a developing country because of imperialism. India was imperialized by British in the late 1700’s and the early 1800’s till 1947 until it gained independence or communism. The British started expanding with the help of the “British East India Company”.

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why were the founders of the Delhi sultanate able to conquer India?

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India invented pluming and Hinduisum

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Indians basically is a multi cultural country and has adopted people from all over the world. The ancient dres code was generally dhoti kurta but as the age passed the Indians adopted the Muslim or western dress clothing.

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  • Some of India's main export items are cotton, textiles, jute goods, tea, coffee, cocoa products, rice, wheat, pickles, mango pulp, juices, jams, preserved vegetables etc. India exports its goods to some of the leading countries of the world such as UK, Belgium, USA, China, Russia etc.

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India is the currently the largest producer of Milk,fruits,cashews,nuts,coconuts and tea. They also have Cotton,Sugar,Safron and mostley Rice

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India means a country were people live they speak different language

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the indochinese forest

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Call Centers !!

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