What do children wear in india?

Blaise Bartoletti asked a question: What do children wear in india?
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⭐️ Do children wear school uniform in india?

Yes Most of them do because of most of the pros of school uniform. The students in India tend to be more focused than many countries.

⭐️ What are school hours for india children?

6-7 hours

⭐️ What clothers do children were in india?

Hi friend, Generally,in India children wear skirts & trousers.

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the girls wear saree and boys wear a western kind of look

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What did adivasis of india wear?

green leaves or skin of animals

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What do boys from india wear?

they ware saris

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What do females wear in india?

Older women wear saris and younger women wear punjabis. Indian women tend to wear a variety of beautiful colours and many also wear alot of jewllery, have piercings and henna tattos.Younger girls may wear tops with skirts, dresses or punjabis.

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What do india people wear called?

Saris and punjabis (women only wear these).

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What do kids wear in india?

In India children during religious meets wear their traditional dress according to their state.................

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What do men wear in india?

The men in India wear Kurta's

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What do people wear in india?

Most men in India wear trousers and shirts with collars. It is very unsual to see a grown man in India wearing a shirt that does not have a collar. Older women wear saris and younger women wear punjabis. Indian women tend to wear a variety of beautiful colours and many also wear alot of jewllery, have piercings and henna tattos. Younger boys wear usually pants or shorts and may have a top with or without a collar. Younger girls may wear tops with skirts, dresses or punjabis. Women may wear bangles too.

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What do they wear in india?

Women wear an Indian Sari.

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What do women wear in india?


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What should women wear in india?

  • The Indian Traditional Dress for women is the traditional saree, the salwar kameez and the lehenga or ghagra choli. While in the norther region of India, the women prefer to wear salwar kameez or suits, the eastern and southern region women's traditional dress is the saree.

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What should you wear in india?

you shoud were normal clothes if you are not indian.

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What to women in india wear?

They where sarees

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Can you adopt children from india?

Yes you can.

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Do children in india have houses?

India is a rather divers country, some children live in homes or huts and some are homeless .

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How many street children in india?

about 2o million

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What are the inheritance rights of children in india?

  • Inheritance rights of children in India Under Indian succession laws, a son has a right in his father’s and grandfather’s property by birth. The son has equal rights as does his father in his grandfather’s ancestral property.

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What are the problems faced by children in india?

  • India’s children continue to face some of the harshest conditions anywhere in the world, with high malnutrition rates (stunting), child labour and forced begging, and childhood illnesses such as diarrheal disease. There are 472 million children in India under the age of 18 years, representing 39% of the country’s total population.

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What are the rights of the children in india?

  • Right to equality (Article 14)
  • Right against discrimination (Article 15)
  • Right to personal liberty and due process of law (Article 21)
  • Right to being protected from being trafficked and forced into bonded labour (Article 23)
  • Right of minorities for protection of their interests (Article 29)

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What kind of work do children do in india?

  • Legally, children in India are allowed to do light work, but they are often trafficked for bonded labour and domestic work, and are worked far beyond what is allowed in the country. Children are also forced to work as bonded labourers in brick and stone quarries to pay off family debts owed to moneylenders and employers.

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What percentage of children go to school in india?

Im pretty sure its about 60%

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