What are the countries that are larger than india?

Calista Abernathy asked a question: What are the countries that are larger than india?
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  • The countries that are larger than India are Russia, Canada, U.S.A, China, Brazil and Australia. Russia is the largest among all countries. The area of the Country Russia is of 17.09 sq.km, and India has an area of 3.28 sq.km.


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⭐️ How many countries are larger area than india?

Which is bigger India or the other countries?

  • India is the seventh largest country in the world with an area of 3,287,263 square km. The other six bigger countries are: 1. Russia ( 1,70,98,242 sq km) 2. Canada (99,84,670 sq km) 3. China : area (97,06,961 sq km) 4. United States : area (96,29,091 sq km) 5.

⭐️ Is brazil larger than india?

Brazil is about 2.6 times bigger than India.

India is approximately 3,287,263 sq km, while Brazil is approximately 8,515,770 sq km, making Brazil 159% larger than India.

⭐️ Which country is larger than india?

  • Russia, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil and China are the larger country than India.

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Who are the countries that have attacked india?
  • Team India : USA , Russia , France , Israel , Mexico , Afghanistan , Japan , Britain , Bangladesh, Italy. History witnessed the negative effects of war twice. Actually war starts between conflict of two countries. Each country have thier supporters and rivals .
How is diwali celebrated in countries other than india?
  • Diwali Celebrations Around The World In Countries Other Than India Australia. Australia celebrates Diwali publicly among the people of Indian origin and the local Australians in Brisbane and Melbourne. Indonesia. The festival Galungan is celebrated in the Hindu culture of Bali that signifies the victory of good (dharma) over evil (adharma) just like Diwali. Carribean… Fiji… Malaysia… Mauritius… Nepal… Singapore… Sri Lanka… More items...
What are the sco countries that india is a member of?
  • Shanghai Cooperation Organisation ( SCO ): India has been invited to join SCO as a full member by Russia. This invitation is supported by China. Originally Answered: What is a list of all the groups India is a member country of (like SAARC, BRICS, etc.)?
Are there any countries with lower currency value than india?
  • Popular countries in the world that have low currency value than India (Indian rupees) include Japan, Indonesia, Algeria, South Korea, Costa Rica and Iceland. Below is the list of all the top countries that have a currency value less than the Indian Rupee.
Is income tax in india higher than in other countries?
  • Yes personal income tax in india is very high. Rather i should say the slabs at which the maximum rate of 30% hits is very low i.e. ten lacs. Although most countries have similar tax rates but they hit at very high income level. For example in uk tax at approximately ten lacs income is zero percent and 20% at income around 35 lacs.
Is the iphone 11 cheaper in india than other countries?
  • It's a known fact that Apple iPhones costs less in many other parts of the world than in India, due to lesser taxes and duties. Here are 12 countries where the new Apple iPhone 11 is cheaper. For price references, only the 64GB storage variant has been compared. All prices are as per the official Apple Store and is inclusive of all taxes.
List of countries which has less currency value than india?

10 Countries With Lower Currency Value Than the Indian Rupee for Every Budget Traveler

  • Nepal.
  • Sri Lanka.
  • Cambodia.
  • Bolivia.
  • Indonesia.
  • Mongolia.
  • Vietnam.
  • Laos.
Why agricultural yield in india is lower than other countries?
  • Despite high levels of production, agricultural yield in India is lower than other large producing countries. Agricultural yield is the quantity of a crop produced on one unit of land. Agricultural yield of food grains has increased by more than four times since 1950-51, and was 2,070 kg/hectare in 2014-15.
Why do laptops cost more in india than other countries?
  • Also most of the parts are imported from outside india. Being imported the laptops from outside india with the heavy import duty in india the prices got increased. (Same is the case with mobile phones) I think these are the two reasons why laptops cost more in india.
Why does india have a lower hdi than other countries?
  • In all regions, women have a lower HDI than men, despite having higher life expectancy at birth. Historically disadvantaged groups, such as Dalits and Adivasis in India, also have lower human development indexes. South Asia is a prime example of this, according to the report.
What are the names of countries that were once part of india?
  • Related Questions More Answers Below. Indian Subcontinent is a name designated to a geographical area that now constitute the independent countries of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and Afghanistan. The British India was partitioned into the present day Pakistan and India, and later Bangladesh too.
What countries are near india?

Pakistan and Bangladesh

What countries make up india?

In terms of modern geopolitical boundaries, the Indian subcontinent constitutes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan, besides, by convention, the island nation of Sri Lanka and other islands of the Indian Ocean, such as the Maldives.

Are there any cis countries that india can travel to?
  • Also, it has been reported that passengers between India and Ukraine can travel to and from any of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS countries), except Russia. (Besides Russia, CIS countries include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.)
Are there any countries that have restricted travel from india?
  • Consequently, the US restricted travel from India (from April 30) with exemptions for students and journalists. >>The United Kingdom has put India on its ‘red list’; foreigners who have been to or transited via India in the previous 10 days will be refused entry to the UK. Local nationals will be subject to 10-day quarantine.
What are some things that are cheaper in australia than india?
  • For example: One litre of milk is available for just $1 in Australia, and best part is that price has not changed from last 5 years. Cereals i. e. Cornflakes, Oats, muesli are relatively cheaper than in India. Veggies and fruits available in Australia are really fresh, and its not costly at all.
What are the countries surrounding india?
  • India is bordered by Pakistan to the northeast, and China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the north and northwest; and Burma to the east. India surrounds Bangladesh , which was once part of India, on three sides.
What countries are located in india?

India is a country, so there are no other countries located in it.

What countries are similar to india?

the countries that are similar to India are Pakistan Bangladesh and south Asian countries mostly...................

What far eastern countries border india?

The far eastern countries that border India are China, Nepal and Bangladesh!

Which countries other than india celebrate their independence day on august 15?
  • Countries other than India which gained their independence on August 15 are Republic of Congo, North Korea, South Korea, Bahrain and Liechtenstein. Here are the five countries, apart from India, that celebrate their Independence Day on August 15: Republic of Congo
Why do african countries have a lower cost of living than india?
  • African countries have a lower cost of living than india, as in those countries the literacy rate also very low,most of the countries with scarcity in food are there in africa, may be it is also a reason..
How many countries have less currency than indian?

7 countries with lower currency value than Indian Rupees.

Which countries colonized india?

British Empire, French empire, Portuguese empire, Danish Empire, Ottoman Empire, Sultanate of Oman, and Dutch Empire

Which countries like india?
  • Afghanistan. Relations between India and Afghanistan have been friendly for decades…
  • Myanmar. Sharing a 1,020 mile-long border,India and Myanmar (or,as it was formerly called,Burma) have strong historical bonds,so naturally.
  • Maldives. What comes to your mind when you think of Maldives? ...
  • Sri Lanka…
  • Australia…
  • Japan…
  • Singapore…
  • Thailand…
  • South Korea…
  • Jamaica…