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⭐️ Where is buddha is born?

In Lumbini

⭐️ Where was the buddha born?

At Lumbini, in Nepal.Lumbini in the South of Nepal

⭐️ When was the buddha born?

Buddha was born in Lumbini of Nepal. Lord BUDDHA was born in Lumbini before 2550 years.

⭐️ Where was the gautam buddha born?

He was born in Kapilvastu at Lumbini ,Nepal.

⭐️ Does gautam buddha was born in india?

Gautam Buddha was born in a border of Nepal & india in a place called Kapilbastu which is in Nepal. So, he was born in Nepal.

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Was buddha god or human?

  • Yes, the Buddha was a human being but not just another man. He was a marvellous man. The Buddhist texts say that the Bodhisatta (as he is known before he became the Buddha) was in the Tusita heaven (devaloka) but came down to the human world to be born as a human being (manussatta).

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What does buddha sahib mean?

Buddha Sahib is the founder of Buddhism.

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How many baby born as per govt count in india per second?

1 per second

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Where did buddha live in india?

The Buddhist tradition regards Lumbini, in present-day Nepal to be the birthplace of the Buddha. He grew up in Kapilavastu. The exact site of ancient Kapilavastu is unknown. It may have been either Piprahwa, Uttar Pradesh, in present-day India, or Tilaurakot, in present-day Nepal.

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Where did buddha meditate in india?

This extraordinary place—Bodh Gaya—is understood to be the site of the enlightenment, or “great awakening” (Sanskrit, mahabodhi), of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha. It was here that Siddhartha Gautama sat in meditation under the Bodhi tree, having renounced his princely life to wander and practice asceticism.

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When and where did buddha live?

Where;Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in India When; 2500 years ago Buddha was born in Lumbini in Nepal.

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What does the elephant buddha mean?

In Buddhism, the elephant is seen as an earthly manifestation of the qualities embodied in the Buddha himself. Even at his inception, Buddha was linked to the elephant… A classic symbol of strength, patience, loyalty and wisdom, the elephant epitomizes the boundless powers of the Buddha.

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When was lumbini buddha university created?

Lumbini Buddha University was created in 2004.

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Buddha found buddhism in what nation?

The religion was founded in northeastern India between the 6th and the 4th centuries BCE.

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Did buddha introduce hinduism into india?

buddha introduced Buddhism in India.

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If a baby is born in india to a canadian mother and father does the baby automatically get canadian citizenship?

It depends on the Indian Citizenship Law. If they give the instant citizenship to new born babies then the child have dual nationalities otherwise it is automatically gets the Canadian Citizenship.

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Is india birth place of gautam buddha?

No, Lord Buddha was not born in India. The Lord Buddha was born in 623 BC in the sacred area of Lumbini located in the Kapilvastu district of southern Nepal, testified by the inscription on the pillar erected by the Mauryan Emperor Asoka in 249 BC.

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Where is the birth place of buddha?

Lumbini, NepalLumbini is the birthplace of Buddha.

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Which bit in india did buddha live?


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What country does the buddha come from?

India. It's Niple. He was born in Lumbini- which is in Niple. Don't try to erase the history by giving wrong answer.

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What most popular country is in buddha?


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Where did the belief of the buddha start?

India was the country. Buddhism started around 6 BC

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Who first wrote the teachings of the buddha?

The Prince of India.

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What was the language spoken by lord buddha?

The written language if Nepal in 500 BCE was Sanskrit, the language of the court in north India. Pali was the probable spoken language.

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At which place lord buddha attained true enlightenment?

Born into an aristocratic family, Lord Buddha left home at the age of 29 in search for the meaning of life. In his quest, he travelled to a great many places, until finally attaining enlightenment in Bodh Gaya India, under the Mahabodhi Tree that still stands today in Bihar, India.

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Where to get birth certificate in bangalore for newborn baby - born at manipal hospital bangalore india?

call manipal hospital they will guide you.. Its that area municipal corporation

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Where did the buddha spend most of his life?

  • They, together with the Buddha, formed the first Saṅgha, the company of Buddhist monks, and hence, the first formation of Triple Gem (Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha) was completed. For the remaining years of his life, the Buddha is said to have travelled in the Gangetic Plain of Northern India and other regions.

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Which baby products are good for baby in india?

Which is the best baby care brand in India?

  • Mamaearth is the Top Rated Mom’s & Newborn Baby Care Products Online in India. Their genuine natural, Toxin-free, and safe products for your little one can be considered the best.

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What is the date of when the buddha start buddhism?

Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal but not in India.

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Is skylar india's baby?

Family Life

She has a daughter named Skylar. She started dating rapper Lil Durk at the end of 2017; they have a daughter named Willow together.

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Who found buddhism or also known as buddha or enlightened one?

Buddism was founded by Siddhartha Gautama in Northern India

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When was india hawker born?


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When was india king born?

India King was born on February 27, 1974, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

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When was bernardino india born?

Bernardino India was born in 1528.

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When was india catalina born?

India Catalina was born in 1495.

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When was india hicks born?

India Hicks was born on September 5, 1967.

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When was india eisley born?

India Eisley was born on October 29, 1992.

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When was india summer born?

India Summer was born on 1975-04-26.

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When was la india born?

La India was born on 1969-03-09.

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When was india arie born?

India Arie was born on October 3, 1975.

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When was india trotter born?

India Trotter was born on 1985-03-10.

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When was india - entertainer - born?

India - entertainer - was born on 1977-05-17.

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When was india adams born?

India Adams was born in 19??, in USA.

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When was india callender born?

India Callender was born on October 12, 2001, in Vienna, Austria.

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When was gustav naan born?

Gustav Naan was born in 1919.

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When was india dupre born?

India Dupre was born in 1976.

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When was india fisher born?

India Fisher was born in 1974.

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When was india neilan born?

India Neilan was born on June 7, 1975, in Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA.

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When was india amazonense born?

India Amazonense was born in Amazonas, in Brazil.

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When was india ennenga born?

India Ennenga was born on November 16, 1994, in New York City, New York, USA.

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What religion is based on the teaching of buddha that developed in india?

The religion is Buddhuisim.

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Did india arie have a baby?

Not that anyone knows of

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When was india love westbrooks born?

Birthday: February 3, 1995

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Where did indian president abdukalam born?

Rameswaram, British India (now Tamil Nadu, India)

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Who are born today in india?

  • 1 Phoolan Devi. Aug 10, 1963. Uttar Pradesh…
  • 2 Pratyusha Banerjee. Aug 10, 1991. Jamshedpur…
  • 3 Shabir Ahluwalia. Aug 10, 1979. Mumbai…
  • 4 V. V. Giri. Aug 10, 1894. Berhampur…
  • 5 Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa. Aug 10, 2005. Chennai…
  • 6 Malashri. Aug 10, 1973. Bangalore…
  • 7 Nirmal Pandey. Aug 10, 1962. Nainital…
  • 8 Bonny Sengupta. Aug 10, 1991.

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