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⭐️ Can a gurkha carry a knife in india?

  • Gurkha's carry their traditional knives all the time and I don't see any one troubling them. As long as you don't create a scene with your knife I would imagine you are safe.

⭐️ Can i carry knife in checked baggage india?

If you are traveling with knives in any of the Air India flight, they must be carefully packed in your checked baggage. As per the rules of TSA, the blades of the knives in your luggage must be wrapped properly. It should be sheathed so that the baggage handlers and security personnel don't hurt themselves from these.

⭐️ Can i carry knife in checked baggage india indigo?

Prohibited items in Cabin Baggage:

Knives, scissors, Swiss army knives and other sharp instruments. Toy replicas of fire arms and ammunition. Weapons such as whips, nan-chakus, baton, or stun gun. Electronic devices which cannot be switched off.

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⭐️ What size knife is legal to carry in india?

In the country of India you can carry knives which are able to fit in your pocket. Some people in specific occupations can legally carry large knives.

⭐️ What to do with a pocket knife in india?

  • If you are going to use the knife for cutting very hard objects like wood and things, then just keep it in your bag and you most likely wont get any hassle, if you want to use it as a blade for cutting food, try to go for a hard plastic knife and you won't get much hassle for it. For me I would just be wondering if it was really 100% necessary.

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Airline new list of prohibited items in carry on - check in baggage

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Why is india called mini india?

After being born and living for 21 years in India, to my knowledge, India is not called as mini India. It is Delhi which is called mini India. Delhi is called so because it has people of all languages, castes, religions etc. as there are in India.

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Why is india called the'incredible india'?

  • The Incredible India slogan is used to present the secularism of the country. There is a saying, “Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isaayi sab bhai bhai,” which literally means that all religions exist together in peace and harmony. National holidays are provided for all religious festivals in schools, colleges, and jobs.

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Why india is called incredible india?

its part of an ad campaign by the tourism ministry

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Why is india called incredible india?

A unique land of vibrant colours, breathtaking landscapes and rich history, India is unlike any other. From the writhing streets of Mumbai to the idyllic shores of the Andaman Islands, this remarkable country offers a diverse feast for the senses.

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Who started clean india green india?

While leading the mass movement for cleanliness, the Prime Minister exhorted people to fulfil Mahatma Gandhi's dream of a clean and hygienic India. Shri Narendra Modi himself initiated the cleanliness drive at Mandir Marg Police Station.

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Distance pune india to banglore india?

Bangalore is approximately 850 kms south east of Pune

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When was india first called india?

The name "india" orignates from the ancient Indo-Aryan tribes that migrated to the Indus valley from the Caucus Mtns. India may have been called by the native Dravidians living on the Indus. Origins of the name are not clear.

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India to india free mobile calls?


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Miss india universe miss india earth and miss india universe 2009?

Ushoshi Sen Gupta won the "I Am She" 2010 Miss India Universe Pageant, Ekta Choudhary, a 22-year-old girl from Delhi, won the Pantaloons Femina Miss India Universe 2009 title, and Bangalore girl Nicole Faria was crowned Pantaloons Femina Miss India (PFMI) Earth 2010.

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Does india?

What is the meaning of the word India?

  • Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word India. a republic in the Asian subcontinent in southern Asia; second most populous country in the world; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1947 The territory east of the river Indus and south of the Himalaya mountains (formerly also known as Hindustan)

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Who was built india gate of india?

the India Gate was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, inspired by the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

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Population of india in 2003 from india?

10654620 i think said on internet

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Why is india gate famous in india?

it is because people enter India through it

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Is aniant india the same as india?

No, not at all

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When did east india company enter india?

1601 AD

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How east india company settled in india?

The East India Company first came to India as traders and seeked the permission of the emperor to carry on trade. It gradually took the advantage of weak political situations, fighting princes and instable rule to take over India and rule over it for over 200 years.

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When did east india company entered india?

When East India Company entered India?

  • East India Company. Company rule in India effectively began in 1757 and lasted until 1858, when, following the Indian Rebellion of 1857 , the Government of India Act 1858 led to the British Crown 's assuming direct control of the Indian subcontinent in the form of the new British Raj .

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Why india is known as republic india?

A republic is a nation that is not a monarchy (like the United States). In 1947, India became independent from the UK, but decided to keep the King of the UK as their monarch. This made the nation a monarchy. In 1950, the Government decided to become a republic (in other words, drop the Monarchy and become a nation without a king).

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How many india reserve battalion in india?

three thousand nine hundred and fifty battalions - if you want to know!

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Where is gujarat india located in india?

when will declare result of B.A. semester- 6 of Gujarat university in Ahmadabad in India. please tell us.

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Why is india known as increadible india?

India is not officially called 'Incredible India' anywhere. It is actually the tagline created by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India for promoting its tourism activities.

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Who named the country india as india?

Columbus. No, it was Vasco da Gama!

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What is india international exchange ( india inx )?

  • India International Exchange (India INX) is India’s first International Exchange set up at International Financial Services Center at Gujarat International Finance Tec-City. India International Exchange (India INX) is India’s first International Exchange set up at International Financial Services Center at Gujarat International Finance Tec-City.

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Why east india company came to india?

east india company, came to india to trade and purchase the spieces of india. Eventually the East India Companny was the base of british army to conqure india.

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Metro cities in india metrocities in india?

Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, capital New Delhi and Coimbatore

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What year did india stop ruling india?

Do you mean the British?? If so then 1947 :)

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How far jaipur india from ajmer india?

Distance from Ajmer to Jaipur is 131 Kilometers / 81 Miles.

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How did ancient india influence india today?

Ancient India has a lot of influences today. The stereotypes still remain.

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How does the country india celebrate india?

by putting up lights and giving money and wearing our special clothes

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Why south india hotter than north india?

one reason is that it is closer to the equator

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Distance from mumbai india to chennai india?

Its about 2hrs by air.

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Why is india ink called india ink?

India ink has been used in India since at least the 4th century BC. Indian documents written in Kharosthi with this ink have been unearthed in as far as Xinjiang, China. The practice of writing with ink and a sharp-pointed needle was common practice since antiquity in South India. Several ancient Buddhist and Jain scripts in India were also compiled in ink. In India, the carbon black from which India ink is formulated was obtained indigenously by burning bones, tar, pitch and other substances.[5] Mark Gottsegen argues however that India ink was first invented in China, although he attributes the source of the carbon pigment used in the ink to India.[6] He states that the traditional Chinese method of making the ink was to grind a mixture of hide glue, carbon black, lampblack, and bone black pigment with a pestle and mortar before pouring it into a ceramic dish where it could dry.[6] In order to use the dry mixture, a wet brush would be applied until it reliquified.[6] Joseph A. Smith also argues that India ink was first invented in China, but used lampblack, carbon black, and bone black that originated in India.[7] Michael and Mary Woods assert that the process of making India ink was known in China as far back as the middle of the 3rd millennium BC, during Neolithic China.[8] However E-tu Zen Sun and Shiou-chuan Sun states that India ink was first used in China by Wei Dan (also known as Wei Zhongjiang) of the Cao Wei state (220-265 AD).[9] Historically the ink used in China were in the form of ink sticks made of lampblack and animal glue. The Chinese had used India ink derived from pine soot prior to the 11th century AD, when the polymath official Shen Kuo (1031-1095) of the mid Song Dynasty became troubled bydeforestation (due to the demands of charcoal for the iron industry) and desired making ink from a source other than pine soot. He believed that petroleum (which the Chinese called 'rock oil') was produced inexhaustibly within the earth and so decided to make an ink from the soot of burning petroleum, which the later pharmacologist Li Shizhen (1518-1593) wrote was as lustrous as lacquer and was superior to pine soot ink {From Wikipedia}

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What do india people eat in india?

they eat chapati and its made of dough. with the chapati they eat dal or sabji.

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When east india company came in india?

The east India company was established in 1600 and was in India for a long time.

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How many kms from new delhi india to bangalore india via indore india?

2061 km its different according to ur mode of journy

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Total atm of bank of india in india?


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Is it pronounced mumbai india or bombay india?

The city was renamed to Mumbai in 1996, it was called Bombay prior to that. It is officially referred to as Mumbai (pronounced as Mum bai).

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Why is india called the republic of india?

When India got independence from the UK it was a dominion but later 26th January 1950 it became a republic, which means it got complete independence from the UK , and so officially it is the Republic of India

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Was a passage to india filmed in india?

Most of the scenes took place indoors and in offices while Lean had in mind to film outdoors as much as possible. With India in the title of the film, he reasoned, audiences would expect to see many scenes filmed of the Indian landscape. Lean commented: "We are blessed with a fine movie title, A Passage to India.

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When did british east india company enter india?

well i dont know

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Is using vonage in india legal in india?


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Which is the correct spelling india or india?

  • India(ProperNoun) The territory east of the river Indus and south of the Himalaya mountains (formerly also known as Hindustan) India(ProperNoun) Country in South Asia (Bharat). Official name: Republic of India. India(ProperNoun) Formerly applied to America, also plural Indies (obsolete)

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Why did india ban chinese apps in india?

  • However, the Galwan Valley clash between China and India in June 2020 proved to be a decisive turning point for the Indian government. India’s immediate response to the skirmishes was to ban more than 260 Chinese apps, purportedly to ensure the safety, security, and sovereignty of Indian cyberspace.

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Why south india is hotter than north india?

one reason is that it is closer to the equator

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How to call india from usa to india?

To call India from the U.S., just follow these simple dialing directions: First dial 011, the U.S. exit code. Next dial 91, the country code for India. Then dial the area code (2–4 digits — please see a sample calling code list below) and finally the phone number (area code plus phone number equals 10 digits).

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How long has india been on eath india?

Eventually, various bands entered India between 75,000 years ago and 35,000 years ago." Archaeological evidence has been interpreted to suggest the presence of anatomically modern humans in the Indian subcontinent 78,000–74,000 years ago, although this interpretation is disputed.

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How did east india company take over india?

  • The British East India Company gradually took over most of India by threat, intimidation, bribery or outright war. The East India Company was the first company to record the Chinese usage of oil of bergamot to flavor tea, which led to the development of Earl Grey tea.

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Does tehran support india if china attacks india?

No, the Iranians have supported the enemies of India. Tehran (Iran) supports muslim terrorists. It is more likely that Russia will support India if attacked by China. It is also very unlikely that China would attack India, unless in retaliation for something that India does.

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Does russia support india if china attacks india?

never............because they both are brothers

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Will america help india if china invade india?

America never helped any countries so far India is just another insignificant third world country why should they do that? America is waiting for such an opportunity. in fact, America might even encourage china to invade India. America has used these kinds of tactics before in Tibet by sponsoring gorila forces. America does this sort of thing all over the world. obviously they wouldn't be doing it to "help India", but to help themselves to natural resources, and business opportunities.

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