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⭐️ Is indian medicine good?

Very, according to new reports. India is world-famous for its doctors, and it produces some of the world's best, from reputable institutions in and out of the country. There are more medical colleges and teaching hospitals in India than anywhere else — 579 to be exact.

⭐️ Who founded the ancient indian empire?

Chandra Gupta.

⭐️ What is the ancient indian flag?

  • The Flag used during India s early phase of freedom struggle white over green over red (not saffron) emblazoned with a Charkha (spinning wheel) in the centre was designed by Pingali Venkayyaa. The flag was known variously as Swaraj Flag, Congress Flag, Gandhi Flag, etc. Mahatma Gandhi called it National Flag.

⭐️ What religions developed out of ancient indian religion?

The 3 main religions in India were and are Sikh, Muslim and Hindu. In ancient India there were Hindus and Muslims and then the Sikhs developed from the Hindus (the founder of the Sikh religion was originally Hindu)

⭐️ Who among the following wrote a treatise on medicine in ancient india?


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Rulers of ancient india?

Aryans i doubled checked on the Ancient History of India web site

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Was ancient india rich?

yes very rich indeed that is why everybody wanted to conquor india

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Who ruled ancient india?

Who ruled ancient India?

  • The most famous of the Maurya emperors, in fact the most famous ruler in ancient India’s history and one of the most notable in the entire ancient world, was Ashoka (also spelt Asoka – reigned 272-232 BCE).

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Is ancient india mountainous?

Yes it was. India had mountains from the start.

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Who invaded ancient india?

Mant rulers invaded India but the most famous from them are Alexander, Mahmud of Ghazni and Muhammad Gauri.

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Where was ancient india?

Ancient India is in modern day India.

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Like ancient india ancient china was generally ruled by a dynasty?

rule of the country was passed down by inheritance

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Is medicine a good career in india?

A career in medicine is one of the oldest and most respected professions; it allows you the potential to impact human life in a way that is truly unique and the job satisfaction you get is unparalleled. A field in which one needs to put others first, medicine is truly a service and not just a profession.

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Can i sell medicine online in india?

  • Online medical stores in India are fairly new entrants to ecommerce. That’s because India adopts a stringent policy for sale of medicines. As you would know, some medicines are available only with prescriptions. Furthermore, brick-and-mortar pharmacies are also opposing online pharmacies.

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Can foreign students study medicine in india?

  • Yes, as per the Government of India (GOI) regulations, all foreign students admitted to health science courses like medical, dental and nursing require ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the MHRD, GOI.

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Can a nurse prescribe medicine in india?

  • Q: I have been working with some nurses from India. They say that they can prescribe medications to patients. Up to what level can they give medication to patients? A: Nurses generally do NOT prescribe medicines, leaving this task to doctors.

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How to start medicine business in india?

Before applying for registration of business, the individual should fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Pharmacy Licence…
  2. Land Registration: ...
  3. Registration of Medical Store Business: ...
  4. Company Registration : ...
  5. Shop and Establishment Registration/ Gumasta Registration : ...
  6. Tax Registration…
  7. Registering for Drug License.

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Can i send medicine through india post?

Minister of Communications, Law & IT Sh. Ravi Shankar Prasad, has instructed Secretary Posts to ensure that delivery of medicines through Speed Post is given the highest priority during lockdown. The entire postal network across the country has been galvanised for the purpose…

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How old is ancient india?

it is 70 years old in 2017

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How did ancient india fall?

It was said that the climate change made the people of ancient India abandon India.

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Did ancient india have schooling?

yes ,we have schooling in ancient India.

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How big is ancient india?

The current India, Pakistan, Bangladesh were parts of ancient India.

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Where is ancient india located?

Where India currently is.

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Did ancient india use slaves?

Yes it did. We had slaves in ancient India too.

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Did ancient india have roads?

Yes they had dirt road that they road horses on!

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Who wrote in ancient india?

one of the first things that was written was Rig Vedas.

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What did ancient india trade?

Ancient India traded goods that they had with others.

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What did ancient india wear?

ancient India wore alot of gold and silver. Alot of jewelry, slippers, and little shoes that looks like ballet shoes

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Why did ancient india trade?

To make the economy better.

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What is india's ancient civilzations?

one of the oldest civilizations in India are the Indus valley civilization which subsists the Harrappan civilization that existed during 3300--1300 B.C.E.

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Did ancient india have kings?

ancient India had kings but they were called Hakka's or Bukka's

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Did ancient india have leaders?

Ancient India was governed by a priest-king who headed a strong, central government until the Aryans took over the Indus Valley. Then they had to listen to and follow the Aryans.

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How was ancient india protected?

ancient india was protected by the himalayan mountian peaks

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Was ancient india a monarchy?

Sort of. Ancient India was a monarch controlled democracy.

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Did ancient india make tools?

The discovery of ancient stone tools in India suggests that the technique used to make stones spread across the world much before estimated. In a recent discovery, stone tools from about 2,85,000 years ago have been uncovered at one of India's best known archaeological sites, Attirampakkam, near Chennai.

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What were ancient india's jobs?

There where jobs such as washing clothes , house wife's and of course jobs like farming and hunting

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What did ancient india achieve?

Ancient India was peaceful and nonviolent for many years.

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How ancient india influenced today?

ancient India has influenced us today by showin us arts religion and some dance HAHA :<

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Indian drives?

New and used Car dealers in India available in Indian Drives by Manufacturer and By State.

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Do indian elephants live in indian rainforests?

they live throughout India

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Can you send medicine from india to usa?

  • They have been serving to many companies, doctors and Ayurveda people. You can't send medicine via mail. If person is travelling and if it is must required medicine, and if you have prescription then only you can send medicine to usa. , former Retired as Indian Government Auditor.

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Does generic medicine work the same in india?

Generic medicines are usually identical as a proprietary drug that has a brand name because of which the chemical composition of the medicine is sold as. Without any difference, the generic drug is the same in potency, dose, and method of intake, quality, and implications and works the same as the branded medicine.

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How to practice medicine in canada from india?

Can a Indian doctor get a job in Canada?

  • After years of grueling hard work and finally getting the much-coveted MBBS degree from India, an Indian doctor may wish to try luck in abroad such as Canada. However, the following formalities are there that have to be completed in Canada in order to set up a full-fledged medical practice or do any other allied medical sector jobs.

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How to pay for medicine bill in india?

  • Make the payment of INR 4950 or USD 70 and share the screenshot on WhatsApp: Call +91-9650754902 Pay Shipping Charges of INR 4950 (USD 70) through the following links: Option 1 - Send us a list of Medicines and we will procure on your behalf from reputed Pharmacies. Once procured, we will share the pictures with you along with Medicine Bill.

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How can i get generic medicine in india?

  1. MyDawaai.
  2. MediIndia.
  3. MIMS.
  5. Getdavai.
  7. JanAushadhi.
  8. NeedyMeds.

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Can i get medicine from india by courier?

To avail the medicine delivery service, customers need to visit any Blue Dart/DHL counter across India and provide valid medical prescription for sending medicines overseas to their family/ friends through the Blue Dart-DHL's door-to-door express service, the company said in the release.

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Who pharma company produce dihydrotestosterone medicine in india?

The types of dihydrotestosterone produced

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What is the penis enlargement medicine in india?

There is no effective medication for penis enlargement.

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Can you mail medicine from us to india'?

India does not allow medicine to be mailed from the United States. Customs officials in either country have the right to hold and inspect in package that may contain medicine.

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When did ancient india civilization started?

in a year

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What sports did ancient india have?

Traditional sports include kabaddi, kho kho, and gilli-danda in acient India

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Did ancient india make kids toys?

Yes, it did. Ancient Indians had a market too.

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What technology did ancient india make?

strapping wood to elephants

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What tools did ancient india invent?

  • Ancient Dentistry (7000 BC) ...
  • Ayurveda (5000 BC) ...
  • Ancient flush toilet systems (2500 BC) ...
  • Ruler (2400 BC) ...
  • Weighing scale (2400BC) ...
  • Plastic surgery (2000 BC) ...
  • Pythagorean theorem (700 BC) ...
  • Crucible steel (200BC)

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What is ancient india money called?

Ancient India money was called panas. There were coins with holes in them that were stored on a money tree.

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