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⭐️ When is american indian day?

  • The state of Tennessee observes a similar American Indian Day each year on the fourth Monday of September . In 1939, Governor Culbert Olson declared October 1st to be "Indian Day", making California the first state to honor this holiday.

⭐️ Who won pakistan vs india war?

The hostilities between the two countries ended after a ceasefire was declared following diplomatic intervention by the Soviet Union and USA and the subsequent issuance of the Tashkent Declaration. India had the upper hand over Pakistan when the ceasefire was declared.

⭐️ Which american states have indian names?

  • The three states that are named specifically after Indian names are Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. The Puritans named Massachusetts, after a local Indian tribe whose name means "a large hill place.". Rhode Island was named after the Indian name for "Red Island.".

⭐️ What are some american indian holidays?

  • Many of these holidays are about food, crops, or hunting. The Zuni, Cherokee, and Iroquois all have holidays to celebrate the growth and harvest of corn. Other crops honored among common Native Americans are squash, strawberries, and maple trees.

⭐️ Which war indian army reached lahore?

āī), also referred to as the Lahore Front, constitutes a series of battles fought in and around the Pakistani city of Lahore during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965.

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How are american students different from indian students?

  • · American students give much lesser importance to grades as compared to the Indian counterparts. They do believe that grades are important, of course! But they have a more intrinsic sense of “wanting to learn” rather than “scoring good grades”.

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Can indian economy afford a war with pakistan?

  • The other reason India cannot afford a war with Pakistan is, its economy is too young and still too small to survive through a round of war. Regardless, the havoc it will run on the already distressed Pakistani economy, the war will for sure spell an end to the largely service-based economy, which depends on the foreign investments; and the foreign investments inherently depend on peace driven stability.

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Is the seven years war and the french and indian war the same?

  • In Europe, the French and Indian War is conflated into the Seven Years' War and not given a separate name. "Seven Years" refers to events in Europe, from the official declaration of war in 1756—two years after the French and Indian War had started—to the signing of the peace treaty in 1763.

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Where can i watch indian vs sri lanka series?

The online streaming of the 3rd T20I between India vs Sri Lanka will be available on SonyLiv. You can also catch the live commentary, scorecard, and latest updates of the 3rd T20I between India vs Sri Lanka on

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What kind of education does an indian american have?

  • More recent (2013) data from the American Community Survey provides more detail: 40.6% of Indian Americans 25 and older have graduate or professional degrees, and 32.3% have bachelor’s degrees; an additional 10.4% have some college education.

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What are some differences between indian and american politics?

  • While politicians in the US are well-educated. (4) India still runs on British system (consider our police departments), except for two differences: India is a democracy and also, that our Constitution is supreme, not Parli (1) India has countless parties. Ruling party forms the Government of India.

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Would indian army win a war against china army?

Without either side using their nuclear weapons, and with the Indian Army resisting a Chinese Army invasion, I think India would have a good chance of winning. If it were the other way around China would win, but India would have little reason to invade China.

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Is the indian army involved in the kargil war?

  • Indian Army launches major offensive in Kargil. Indian Army re-captures two key positions in the Batalik sector. India releases intercepts of conversation between Pakistan Army Chief Gen. Pervez Musharraf, while on a visit to China and Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. Aziz Khan in Rawalpindi, as proof of Pakistan Army's involvement.

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Who was an indian woman in world war 2?

  • Noor Inayat Khan, George Cross (2 January 1914 – 13 September 1944), of Indian and American descent, was a British heroine of World War II renowned for her service in the Special Operations Executive.

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What are facts about the french and indian war?

  • Interesting French and Indian War Facts: When the war began France controlled the Louisiana Territory and Canada. The fighting between the French and the British began in 1754, but war was not officially declared until 1756. The French and Natives of North America fought as allies against the British at the start of the French and Indian War.

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How was the indian economy after world war 1?

India's economy was pushed to near bankruptcy

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What did india learn from the sino-indian war?

  • India learned a lesson from the 1962 Sino-Indian war. At that time India operated superior western aircraft compared to China. India had a technological edge over China yet the Air force was not used as the Indian government thought it would further escalate the conflict. The decision was a blunder and the Indian ground troops paid the price.

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India vs pakistan 1965 war who won with real footage?

Indo-Pakistani War of 1965

DateAugust – 23 September 1965
ResultStalemate (Both nations declared victory) Ceasefire through UNSC Resolution 211 No permanent territorial changes (see Tashkent Declaration) Return to the status quo ante bellum
Territorial changesNo territorial changes

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How many indian soldiers were killed in world war 1?

  • In the 20th century, the British Indian Army was a crucial adjunct to British forces in both world wars. 1.3 million Indian soldiers served in World War I (1914–1918) with the Allies, in which 74,187 Indian troops were killed or missing in action. In 1915 there was a mutiny by Indian soldiers in Singapore.

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Who was the winner of the french and indian war?

  • The French and Indian War, or Seven Years War, a conflict primarily fought between Britain and France over New World territory, ended with a British victory.

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What were the results of the french and indian war?

  • One result of the French and Indian War was that England: reduced colonial taxes wanted the colonies to help pay for the war gave the colonies their freedom erased all colonial dissatisfactions.

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What battles were fought in the french and indian war?

  • Seven Years' War in North America: The French and Indian War, Ohio Valley Theater. The Battle of Jumonville Glen, also known as the Jumonville affair, was the opening battle of the French and Indian War, fought on May 28, 1754, near present-day Hopwood and Uniontown in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

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Why is cab an ideological war on the indian constitution?

  • CAB is clear ideological war on the Indian constitution, and a propaganda tool. Ideological – because it will establish a legal precedent for ‘religion’ as a benchmark for citizenship, claiming to protect persecuted Hindus and all other minority communities from three Muslim majority countries, but leaving out Muslims.

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Did india acquire new territories after the russo indian war?

When did India fight Russia? India was a Crown Colony (British Colony) from the 1800s up thru WWII (1945). And Russia disappeared in 1918 (officially on or about 1922) and became the USSR...until 1990. From about 1990 Russia has been Russia (NOT the USSR). So...did India fight Russia in 1990...or when?

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When did the french and indian war spread to europe?

  • The French and Indian War later became a global war when it spread to Europe in 1756 and nearly every European great power at the time joined in, which resulted in the Seven Years War (1756-1763.) The French and Indian War was actually the fourth of the French and Indian Wars between Great Britain and France,...

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How many times has the indian army won a war against pakistan?

  • The Indian Army has proved its mettle time and time again in three wars and has come out on top every time. The 1965 war was declared a stalemate but Pakistan suffered terrible losses.

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What was the size of the indian army during world war 2?

  • At the onset of World War 2, the Indian Army only had 200,000 personnel in its ranks (1939). This number would grow to more than 2.5 million. men by August of 1945 making it the largest volunteer army in history at the time. The army included divisions in the airborne, armor, and infantry specialties.

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Why was the war of 1962 the lowest point in indian history?

  • But 1962 war proved to be wakeup call and when Pakistan attacked India in 1962 and 1971, Indian Army was well prepared. The war of 1962 will always remain the lowest point in Indian history. This was a struggle between Communists & democracy and Democracy emerged stronger after the war.

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Which indian tv channel will telecast argentina vs paraguay world cup qualifier 2014?

ten action

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How much would 10 dollars in american money be worth in indian currency?

On January 17th, 2009: 10 US Dollars = 486.45 Rupees 1 USD = 48.6450 INR; 1 INR = 0.0205571 USD INR = India Rupee; USD = United States Dollar

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What is the first war of indian independence commonly called by the british?

1857 is supposed to be called as the First War of Independence of India but the Britishers called it as Mutiny.

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What did the british do with the indian troops in world war 1?

  • So by December 1915, Britain had removed its Indian troops from the front lines of Europe, along with some of their other foreign forces. Some colonial troops remained in Europe and were used for manual labor. They dug trenches, moved supplies, and cleared battlefields.

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What does parliament do to raise money after the french and indian war?

To raise money the taxed the colonist.

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Why did washington decide to leave the militia during the french and indian war?

Because someone wanted to strip him.

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What part did the battle of quebec play in the french and indian war?

The Battle of Quebec was marked the beginning of the end of French Rule in America. It took place on the Plains of Abraham outside the city on 13 September 1759. The city of Quebec was surrendered to the British on 18 September, 1759.

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What territory did the french and british fight over during the french and indian war?

new orleans

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Indian drives?

New and used Car dealers in India available in Indian Drives by Manufacturer and By State.

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Do indian elephants live in indian rainforests?

they live throughout India

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The partition of the indian subcontinent into india and pakistan after world war 2 was based largely on?

The partition of the Indian subcontinent was based on religion, Pakistan had a majority of Muslims, while India had a majority of Hindus.

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Where is indian?

in india

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Is cherokee indian?

Cherokee Ancestry

About 200 years ago the Cherokee Indians were one tribe, or "Indian Nation" that lived in the southeast part of what is now the United States. During the 1830's and 1840's, the period covered by the Indian Removal Act, many Cherokees were moved west to a territory that is now the State of Oklahoma.

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Indian stock markets?

A Stock Exchange is the place where investors go to buy/sell their shares. Once a company's public offering is complete, it gets listed in a stock exchange. After listing it would be available for trading to all investors in the stock exachanges where they are listed. In India we have two major stock exchanges. They are:

  1. The National Stock Exchange (NSE) &
  2. The Bombay Stock Exchanges (BSE)

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Are samosas indian?

Samosas are popular in India, but they also occur throughout Asia, North and East Africa and the Mediterranean. They are said to have originated in Tanzania.

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Indian income tax?

tax is important sources of government. it meet all the expenss of human wellfare, developments so it chareged or levied by individual, HUF, fir and companies earning incomes or profit.Answer:Every individual who earns an income in India is entitled to pay Tax on the Income earned by him during that financial year to the government of India. Calculation of the Income Tax to be paid by an individual is a cumbersome process. The government of India provides certain benefits to its citizens who earn an income in the country by means of deductions, exemptions etc.1. Salaries & Wages2. Bonus & Commissions3. Other Perquisite benefitsAre all considered for the purpose of taxation in India

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Indian airlines minister?

who is Indian union airlines minister? who is Indian union airlines minister?

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Largest indian state?

rajasthan is the largest state in India

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Is bollywood indian?

yes. It is the name of the Indian Film Industry.

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Richest indian actor?

Amitabh Bachchan.

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India vs pakistan 1965?

Pakistan won 1965 war

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Is the indian subcontinent part of the indian plate?

  • The Indian Plate including the Indian subcontinent countries and some parts of other countries. From a geographical perspective, there is a general understanding that the Indian Subcontinent consists of the peninsular part of present-day India, south of the Himalayas, on the Indian tectonic plate that is separate from the rest of Asia.

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Where does the indian plate meet the indian ocean?

  • The Indian plate includes most of South Asia—i.e. the Indian subcontinent—and a portion of the basin under the Indian Ocean, including parts of South China and western Indonesia, and extending up to but not including Ladakh, Kohistan and Balochistan.

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Why indian students prefer international education over indian education?

  • When it comes to higher education, there’s no doubt that international education is a big attraction for Indian students. Compared to the quality of education available at most Indian universities, a degree from a university abroad is considered superior.

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Is it correct to say asian indian or indian?

  • The correct term (demonym) is Indian. In the United States, the term Asian Indianis also used in order to avoid confusion between Indians from the subcontinent and Native Americans (American Indians). These days, using Indianto describe a Native American may be considered improper and even offensive by some*.

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When did indian indian relations with roman empire begin?

  • Indo-Roman relations began during the reign of Augustus (23 September 63 BCE – 19 August 14 CE), the first emperor of the Roman Empire. The presence of Romans in the Scythia and India and the relations between these regions during the period of the Roman Empire are poorly documented.

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After the french and indian war what did england try to do to the colonists that made them upset?

England put up taxes to the colonists because King George III needed to pay off some war expenses. The colonists did not want to pay these taxes for they did not to be ruled by England anymore.

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