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⭐️ Sunrkshit hindi meaning?

Sanrakshit is a sanskrit based hindi word meaning preserved.

⭐️ Hindi meaning of avocado?


⭐️ Hindi meaning of laptop?

Hindi meaning of laptop is Godi ganak.

⭐️ Hindi meaning of password?

Hindi has no specific meaning of password. You can however make a word of your own if you like, eg: 'sanketik shabdh', or just use 'password' in Devanagari script.

⭐️ Meaning of 'adventurous 'in hindi?

The meaning of the word adventurous in "Hindi" is "Sāhasika".

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Video answer: Alimony laws for husband and wife | divorce laws in india |

Alimony laws for husband and wife | divorce laws in india |

Video answer: How can alimony in divorce be avoided| how to fix alimony | गुजारा भत्ता कैसे तय करें

How can alimony in divorce be avoided| how to fix alimony | गुजारा भत्ता कैसे तय करें

Video answer: How much and how to get alimony in contested divorce ?

How much and how to get alimony in contested divorce ?

Video answer: How to get divorce in india/डाइवोर्स या तलाक़ कैसे ले - phenix bay

How to get divorce in india/डाइवोर्स या तलाक़ कैसे ले - phenix bay

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What is the meaning of samir in hindi?

Sky is the ENGLISH meaning of the word Samir In Hindi

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What is the meaning og lauda in hindi?

lauda is not an Hindi word..... it's informally used in places of India. nd that is to address penis. i.e. lauda = penis

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What is the meaning of chodu in hindi?

  • Chodu means ‘Fucker’. The English word is used among friends a lot, however the Hindi word does sound very cheap but it can be releated to the topic of hippocracy since the ones who use the English word are considered to be cool while the ones who use the Hindi word are considered to be illiterate.

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What is the hindi meaning for a pond?

The hindi meaning of pond is TAAL. It is a small area full of water.

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What is the meaning of organic in hindi?

Jaivik is Hindi for organic.

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What is the meaning of cloves garlic in hindi?

Both cloves are garlic are used as masala in India .Cloves in Hindi is called "Laung" .Garlic in Hindi language is called "Lehsun" .

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What is the meaning of the hindi word satku?

what is the meaning of Hindi word satku

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What is the meaning of 'international trade' in hindi?

'International trade' means 'antar-rashtriya vyapar'.

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What the meaning of anxinil 0.5 tablet in hindi?

it doesn't have any meaning in hindi

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What is the meaning of incredible india in hindi?

Why is India called the'incredible India'?

  • The Incredible India slogan is used to present the secularism of the country. There is a saying, “Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isaayi sab bhai bhai,” which literally means that all religions exist together in peace and harmony. National holidays are provided for all religious festivals in schools, colleges, and jobs.

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What is the meaning of napunsa in hindi word?

The meaning of napunsa in the the Hindi word is sexless.

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What is the meaning in hindi for a sim card?

sim card only

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Can a husband get alimony in india?

  • Under Section 25 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, the spouse can ask for alimony but generally, it is the women who seek grants for alimony but the instances where the husband has physical disability which prevents him from earning, then the wife has a liability to pay compensation.

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Which is the law for alimony in india?

  • Under section 36 of the Indian Divorce Act, 1969 a Christian’s women can claim her to alimony and the husband will be entitled to pay the alimony [9]. As per the provision of Crpc the rights of alimony is available for women. Section 125 of Crpc talks about alimony rights to wife which is given by the husband.

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How can i avoid paying alimony in india?

If the woman is proved to be unfaithful, the husband may be able to avoid paying alimony. Infidelity offers the counter partner an advantage, thus if the husband can prove his wife is cheating on him, he has the right to refuse to pay alimony.

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What word is used for the meaning of human trafficking in hindi?

Human trafficking: मानव तस्करी (mānava taskarī); child trafficking बाल तस्करी (bal taskarī) Translation provided by A1 Interpreters & Translators

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What's the difference between alimony and maintenance in india?

  • Alimony is the allowance paid by one spouse to another for their everyday livelihood. In India, the term alimony and maintenance is used interchangeably since they mean the same. But, before the divorce proceedings come to an end, a spouse pays ‘maintenance’ to another. While after the divorce, either term can be put to use.

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Can a hindu husband claim permanent alimony in india?

  • The law on alimony and maintenance varies from religion to religion as governed by their personal laws. For example, under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, both the husband and wife are legally entitled to claim permanent alimony and maintenance.

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What are the exact alimony laws on divorce in india?

  • In India, husband has to pay alimony after divorce to his wife even if she is capable of earning a decent income? Getting alimony or not, depends on the earning of the wife, whether she earns enough to survive or not.

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Importance of hindi in non hindi speaking states?

very important. Hindi is India's main language and it is understood in every state by mostly everyone thus its important

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Hindi paragraph on literacy in hindi from india?

I live in India and if your asking us where in India then it is kerala. i sometimes study a dance called karnatium in kerala

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Answer in hindi?

In Hindi answer is called as Javaab or Uttar. Hindi a language Spoken in India. Except for India it is also spoken in Pakistan and sri lanka.

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Importance of hindi?

Its a national language of India. It is spoken all over India

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Why hindi is national language of india in hindi?

Is Hindi and Indian the same thing?

  • The root of both the words Hindi and Hindu are the same —“Hind”. This was the name given to India by Persians as the first Indians lived on the banks of Indus also known as Sindhu which Persians referred to as Hindu.

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Is hindi sahitya sammelan hindi vishvidyalaya allahabad recognised by ugc?

Yes Hindi sahitya sammelan Hindi. vishvidyalaya allahabad recognised by UGC of india.

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What country speaks hindi?


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How is hindi written?

Modern Hindi is written in Devanagari script, which is made of two Sanskrit words: Deva, meaning 'God' and Nagari, meaning 'of urban origin'. Devanagari has its origin in Brahmi script.

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What lanuage is hindi?

Wat do u mean? Hindi is a language......... Its a language from India that Indians speak.........

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Hindi essay on terrorism?

terrorism of india

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Which country use hindi?

Hindi is mostly used in India, more commonly in the northern regions of India.

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What state speaks hindi?

Following States of India speaks Hindi language (Fully or Partially)Please note Hindi is not necessarily the State language in many of these States, but large number of people in these States read, write,speak and understand Hindi: Jammu-Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, Gujrat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh... In other states spoken and written Hindi is widely understood because Hindi language is taught in primary schools all over the country. But Southern and Eastern States of India does not use Hindi as a day to day language.

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What is fdi hindi?

FDI is a kind of investment is one country to other country without approval country govt and central bank of that country ..

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India nibandh in hindi?

Give me the nibandh in hindi on badhti mahangai

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What is hindi language?

Hindi language is most spoken in India. It is the national language.

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Which countries speak hindi?

  • Hindi Speaking Countries. Aside from India, where most speakers live, those who speak Hindi can also be found in Nepal, Mauritius, the United States, and the United Kingdom, among other places.

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What continent is hindi in?

Hindi is a religion.India and Fiji ar mostly incorporated in this religion. India is in Asia and Fiji is in Oceania.

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Who started the hindi diwas?

History of Hindi Diwas

Hindi was adopted as one of the two official languages of the Republic of India by Constituent Assembly of India due to the efforts of Beohar Rajendra Simha along with Hazari Prasad Dwivedi, Kaka Kalelkar, Maithili Sharan Gupt and Seth Govind Das.

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What country is predominately hindi?


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Where is hindi diwas celebrated?

Every year on Hindi Diwas, the President of India presents the Rajbhasha awards to people for their contribution towards the language at a ceremony in Delhi. Hindi is an Indo-Aryan language, written in the Devanagari script as one of the official languages of India.

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Is urdu harder than hindi?

Urdu is one of the most difficult language in the world and hindi is far more easier than urdu but if u set an example i.e we speak a mixture of both urdu nd hindi in our society but these words which we uses are more from urdu language but those words aren't pure Urdu.

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Is urdu older than hindi?

No. Urdu is not older than hindi. As hindi is the native language of hindustan, whereas urdu was developed by different language like persian, arabic, pashto etc. It came into existance in early mughal era.

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Why is hindi diwas celebrated?

September 14th, is celebrated as Hindi Day because on this day in 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India had adopted Hindi written in Devnagari script as the Official Language of the Union. Hindi Diwas is celebrated all through the India to show the importance of Hindi language in the country. The Hindi language in India has a long history, and it is the language spoken as a mother tongue by around 258 million people, and known as the 5th largest language of the world.

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Is hindi a popular language?

  • Hindi language has 180 million native speakers, Hence that makes it one of the most popular languages within the world. However, the figure is reach more than 400 million speakers who can speak the language. In Hindi language, each character contains a completely different sound. Thus, it's one of the easiest languages to learn in the world.

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Do justin bieber know hindi?

No,he doesn't as he never had been to India he cannot make out what they say or do.

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Is hindi number plate allowed?

The Supreme Court on 30 November 2004, had clarified that all states had to comply with the scheme. Currently all of North East including Assam, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, West Bengal, Karnataka, Andaman & Nicobar Islands (UT) and Goa are the only states which have complied in full.

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When we celebrates hindi diwas?

On14th september.

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Is hindi useful in india?

This means that there are more Hindi speakers out there than Arabic speakers! ... On top of that, Hindi is the most commonly spoken language in India, which solidifies its place as one of the most important languages of south-east Asia.

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Is hindi spoken in pakistan?

Hindi is also spoken amongst the small Indian community in Pakistan. The Indian High Commission in Islamabad operated a Hindi school which gave classes to the children of expatriates.

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Where does hindi come from?


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Where is the hindi located?


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