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⭐️ Which crops largest agriculture in india?


⭐️ Agriculture minister of india?

MR. Radha Mohan Singh is the agriculture minister of India and Mr. Brijmohan Agrawal is the agriculture minister of Chhattisgarh.

⭐️ Is india famous for agriculture?

Yes ,India is famous for agriculture,more than people are depend on agriculture.80% income come from agriculture land.

⭐️ Who started agriculture in india?

Indian agriculture began by 9000 BCE on north-west India as a result of early cultivation of plants, and domestication of crops and animals. Settled life soon followed with implements and techniques being developed for agriculture. Double monsoons led to two harvests being reaped in one year.

⭐️ What is agriculture in india?

Agriculture in India is livelihood for a majority of the population and can never be underestimated… India is the top producer of milk, spices, pulses, tea, cashew and jute, and the second-largest producer of rice, wheat, oilseeds, fruits and vegetables, sugarcane and cotton.

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What crops are grown in india?


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Which are cash crops in india?

  • Sugarcane: It is one of the most important cash crops of India…
  • Cotton: Cotton is the most important fibre crop of India and plays an important role in industrial and agricultural economy of the country…
  • Groundnut: ...
  • Rice: ...
  • Wheat: ...
  • Millets: ...
  • Maize: ...
  • Pulses:

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Why are agricultural resources important for india?

Agriculture plays a vital role in the Indian economy. Over 70 per cent of the rural households depend on agriculture. Agriculture is an important sector of Indian economy as it contributes about 17% to the total GDP and provides employment to over 60% of the population.

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What are the agricultural resources in india?

1 With the People's Republic of China, India is the first or second largest global producer of many agricultural commodities including rice, wheat, pulses, groundnuts, sugarcane, cotton, jute, milk, fruits, and vegetables.

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How can agriculture improve productivity in india?

  1. Soil Health Enhancement: ...
  2. Irrigation Water Supply Augmentation and Management: ...
  3. Credit and Insurance: ...
  4. Technology: ...
  5. Market: ...
  6. Regionally Differentiated Strategy:

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What is the agriculture of ancient india?

The farmers grew barley and wheat during the winter and harvested it in the spring. The ground was moist enough from the summer flooding that no more water was needed. Early farmers in India also raised livestock, such as cattle, sheep, and goats.

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Who is agriculture minister of india name?

Shri Narendra Singh Tomar, Hon'ble Minister of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare getting vaccinated against COVID-19 ( 2nd dose 8th April, 2021).

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Who is agriculture minister of india now?


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What are disadvantages of agriculture in india?

India has a growing population and agriculture is necessary in India. But seeing that food grains in India rot in the govt. silos and storage buildings it is better that India does not produce these grains which go waste.

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What are the main crops in india?

Rice, Wheat, Barley

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What crops were grown in ancient india?

Peas, wheat, barley, sesame, ect.

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Where are the tea crops in india?


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Name 20 food crops grown in india?

Potato, Radish, Cabbage, Brinjal (also known as eggplant or aubergine), Spinach, Cucumber and Squash and others.

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What was the new agricultural strategy of india?

  • The new agricultural strategy was very much restricted to the production of food-grains mostly wheat and rice. Thus, the commercial crops like sugarcane, cotton, jute, oilseeds could not achieve a significant increase in its production. This can be seen from the Table 3.4.

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Where can you get agricultural advice in india?

The government of India seems to be a very good source for agricultural information. There are District Agricultural Officers and District Horticulture Officers that you can contact.

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What kind of agricultural products does india produce?

  • Indian agriculture has several credits to it such as the following. World’s largest producer of spices, pulses, milk, tea, cashew, jute, bananas, jackfruits, etc. Second largest producer of wheat, rice, fruits and vegetables, sugarcane, cotton and oilseeds Largest livestock population of around 535.8 million (31%) of world's livestock

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How to become an agricultural scientist in india?

To become an agricultural scientist, an aspirant must have scored at least 50% and 40% for SC/ST in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in Class XII. Also, when it comes to engineering like agricultural engineering, an aspirant should have studied Maths in Class XII. You can do B.Sc / B.

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How big is the agricultural industry in india?

  • Essential agricultural commodities export for April-September 2020 increased by 43% as compared to same period last year to Rs. 53,626 crore (US$ 7.3 billion). Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for about 58% of India’s population.

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What kind of agricultural produce does india produce?

  • And from trading to marketing of agricultural produce began although mostly it is a way of traditional selling. Currently, India is the major producer of many fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, fibrous plants. India is second largest producer of rice and wheat. India has ranked third in producing dry fruits.

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Can a nri inherit agricultural land in india?

  • Yes, NRI or OCI can inherit agricultural land/ or plantation land in India . According to FEMA guidelines NRI can acquire agricultural land or plantation land only by inheritance if they acquire through any other way the FEMA authorities can issue a notice to the NRI they can also confiscate the land and fine the NRI with the penalty.

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Difference between indian agriculture and american agriculture?

in india farmers were take help of us machinry good variety of seeds of us but in us they never take help of us

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Who is the current agriculture minister of india?

sharad pawar

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How has green revolution changed agriculture in india?

  • The green revolution, a period of rapid technological change in agriculture stemming from the introduction of high-yielding variety (HYV) crops, transformed India’s agricultural sector between the 1960s and 1980s, ending perennial food shortages and giving rise to ‘modern’ farming based on the intensive usage of inputs like fertiliser, pesticide, and mechanisation.

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Which is the department of agriculture in india?

  • The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare consists of the following two departments. Department of Agriculture, Co-operation and Farmers Welfare. This Department's responsibilities are assigned to it in the Government of India (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1961 as amended time to time.

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How land in india is used for agriculture?

60.4 %

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Who is the minister of agriculture in india?

  • The agriculture ministry is headed by Minister of Agriculture Narendra Singh Tomar. Abhishek Singh Chauhan, Krishna Raj and Parsottambhai Rupala are the Ministers of State. Agriculture is the principal source of livelihood for more than half population of India.

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Which is the best agriculture business in india?

  • This business only needs proper knowledge about organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizer has become a domestic business. The business needs a little bit of awareness about organic fertilizer. It is the best agriculture business in India.

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How is the agriculture industry growing in india?

  • Agriculture Industry in India: Growth and Opportunities. This rise has driven the agriculture market both in terms of the producer and consumer. It has enabled farmers to invest more in advanced agricultural infrastructure such as irrigation facilities, quality seeds, equipment’s, fertilizers, warehousing, cold storage, etc.

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What is the gdp of agriculture in india?

the gdp of india 9.1%

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How are china and india similar in agriculture?

  • Both India and China are among the world’s top three producers of important crops such as rice, wheat, cotton and maize, but China produces much more from each hectare of land than India does. In the early 1960s, farm sector indicators of India and China looked similar, but since then China has left India behind.

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How has agriculture changed in india since independence?

Since independence, agriculture has changed a lot. Green revolution, a major breakthrough in agriculture, has occurred after independence, thus making India self sufficient in meeting its food needs, and has also enabled it to export wheat to other countries as well. but now inndia has improved a lot the farmers are strting to grow more trees but now the trees from all over the world has been cut down there will be very much disasters haping there will be soil eroson ok now India is not good in agricultere but in some parts of India you will be fasinated by the trees.

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Why start up in agriculture industry in india?

What are the challenges of agricultural start-up in India?

  • Challenges • Owing to the huge productivity gaps and large market size, agricultural start-ups have one of the biggest potential in India. But agriculture is a multiple operations enterprise, where about 10 different operations starting from soil preparation to storage and transport contribute to overall productivity and profit.

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Who is the present agriculture minister of india?

sharad pawar is the agriculture minister

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Who is the agriculture minister of india 2009?

anuj agrawal

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Who is the father of agriculture in india?

M.S swaminathan

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Who was the first agriculture minister of india?


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Who is the minister of agriculture for india?

Radha Mohan Singh is the Minister of Agriculture for India.

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Why does india use their water for agriculture?

dude we all do. plants need water to grow no matter where you our

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How much money does india export in agriculture?

  • India’s Agriculture exports grew at 17.5 percent to cross $41.8 billion in 2020-21 even after the total merchandise exports dropped 7.2 % to $ 290.8 billion, from $313.4 billion in 2019-20. India has been performing very well on the Agri-exports front.

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What is the future of agriculture in india?

  • India, in the 21st century, is getting Improved agricultural implements and new mechanized farming tools. We can review the importance of farming techniques, which can lead to high crop yield and maintenance of the fertility of the soil while saving time and utilizing it in other fields.

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Who is the agriculture minister of india 2021?

Union Minister Shri Narendra Singh Tomar inaugurates Saras Aajeevika Mela 2021. Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Rural Development, Panchayati Raj and Food Processing Shri Narendra Singh Tomar inaugurated Saras Aajeevika Mela 2021 at Noida Haat today.

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When was agriculture insurance company of india created?

Agriculture Insurance Company of India was created in 2002.

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What are the challenges of agriculture in india?

  • Government and other organisations are trying to address the key challenges of agriculture in India, including small holdings of farmers, primary and secondary processing, supply chain, infrastructure supporting the efficient use of resources and marketing, reducing intermediaries in the market.

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How many people work in agriculture in india?

In India, there are more or less 523.5 million people working in agriculture. This makes up about 60% of the overall population in India. Agriculture still remains the dominant sector in India.

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Who was the first agriculture minister in india?

the energetics's I past collge already and i went to be a teacher

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Who is the agriculture minister of india 2017?

The agriculture ministry is headed by Minister of Agriculture Narendra Singh Tomar.

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What are the benefits of agriculture in india?

  • Agricultural influence on national income: The contribution of agriculture during the first two decades towards the gross domestic product ranged between 48 and 60%.
  • Agriculture plays vital role in generating employment: In India at least two-thirds of the working population earn their living through agricultural works.
  • Agriculture makes provision for food for the ever increasing population: Due to the excessive pressure of population labour surplus economies like India and rapid increase in the demand for ...

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What is the contribution of agriculture in india?

  • The contribution of the agriculture sector to India’s total GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is between 14% to 15%. Agricultural business is also known as Agribusiness. It is the process of farming, production, marketing, and management of agricultural commodities such as grains, vegetables, fruits, and livestock.

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Name the two important beverage crops of india?

it is a food material which is used for drinking purpose.ex tea,coffee

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What are the food crops grown in india?

spices such as masala and many spices which are famous

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