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⭐️ Why was rs 500 and rs 1, 000 notes banned in india?

  • On November 8, 2016, the Centre banned Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes to curtail the shadow economy and crack down on the use of illicit and counterfeit cash to fund illegal activities and terrorism. Modi said data mining after the note ban is also helping government track down those involved in corruption.

⭐️ Is 20 lakhs a good salary in india?

It depends on what do you mean by “good” and “experience”. There are factors such as if you are staying single or have dependents, your expenditure. However, in general 18–20 LPA is a good salary in India.

⭐️ Is 30 lakhs a good salary in india?

Mostly salary is directly proportional to experience… But after almost 5 to 6 years of experience and with skills a person in India can get 25 lakhs to 30 lakhs per annum. But those people are just about 20% of the population. One platform in India which now gives you better advice is none other than Quora.

⭐️ When 10000 rs note banned in india?

When was 5, 000 and 10, 000 bank notes demonetised in India?

  • But these notes were demonetised in January 1946 and again in January 1978, according to RBI data. Rs 1,000 and Rs 10,000 bank notes were in circulation prior to January 1946. Higher denomination banknotes of Rs 1,000, Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000 were reintroduced in 1954 and all of them were demonetised in January 1978.

⭐️ Which is the best 7 seater car in india?

  • This 7-seater car is designed to offer a perfect combination of performance and affordability. Renault has made sure that the Triber is capable of taking on some of the biggest names in one of the most competitive segments in India such as the Mahindra Bolero and the Ford Freestyle.

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100% big news electric vehicles cheaper than petrol cars in india | shocking pakistani reaction |

Video answer: Surat news updates : electric bike ની ખરીદી વધી | e-vehicles are cheaper than other fuel vehicles

Surat news updates : electric bike ની ખરીદી વધી | e-vehicles are cheaper than other fuel vehicles

Video answer: Flex-fuel cars to be available in india with cheaper fuel costs | vehiclecare

Flex-fuel cars to be available in india with cheaper fuel costs | vehiclecare

Video answer: Tata tigor electric car launch | cheaper than nexon | 300 kms range | 8 years warranty | ev bengali

Tata tigor electric car launch | cheaper than nexon | 300 kms range | 8 years warranty | ev bengali

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When was the rs 500 note introduced in india?

  • The Rs 500 note that is currently in circulation was introduced in the October 1987, whereas the Rs 1000 note was brought into circulation in November 2000. During both the instances, the government justified the step as a means to control the volume of banknotes in circulation.

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Who sign on the rs 50 note in india?

dr.d subbarao

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Does india sell ferrari cars?

No. Ferrari cars are not sold in India

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What cars are from india?

  • The top car brands in India that enjoy a wide and loyal customer base include Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and Honda. Apart from these brands, Toyota, Ford, GM BMW, Nissan, Volkswagen and Skoda are also gaining momentum in Indian automobile market.

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Does india has ferrari cars?

Yes. India has a few ferrari cars. Sachin tendulkar is one of the proud owners of a ferrari in India. Ferrari cars have very low ground clearence and hence they are not very suitable for driving in Indian conditions. Also they are imported & hence the customs duty and tax that needs to be paid is very high. So most people do not prefer or opt to buy a ferrari in India.

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Ferrari cars price in india?

Ferrari Cars in India have a buying price of around Rs 2,20,00000.

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Do india people have cars?

Of course they have cars! Every contry has cars.

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How many cars in india?

4.8 Million cars in India

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Which year rs 500 note launched in india by rbi?

b l sharma

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When was the first rs 10 note issued in india?

  • Bank notes in Ashoka Pillar watermark series in Rs 10 denomination were issued between 1967 and 1992, Rs 20 in 1972 and 1975, Rs 50 in 1975 and 1981 and Rs 100 between 1967-1979. The banknotes issued during this period contained the symbols representing science and technology, progress and orientation to Indian art forms.

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How to earn rs.1000 per day online in india?

  • It is one of the best ways to earn Rs.1000 daily online in India, provided you know how to write content and have knowledge in a particular niche. Online presence has become extremely important for businesses. Having a well-maintained website can work miracles for a company.

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How can i save tax in india if income is under 10 lakhs?

  1. Reduce Your Taxable Income by Up To Rs 1.5 Lakhs (Section 80C, 80CCC, 80CCD) ...
  2. Additional Reduction of Up To Rs 50,000 for NPS Investors (Section 80CCD…
  3. Reduce Your Taxable Income by Up To Rs 75,000 (Section 80D) ...
  4. Reduce Your Taxable Income by Up To Rs 2 lakhs (Section 24)

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Which phone is best to buy under rs 20,000 in india?

Following is the list of best smartphones under Rs 20,000 it also contain best-buy link click link and buy from amazon product by best seller

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Can a check in usd be converted to rs in india?

If submitted as payment and the bank issuing is in the US and the receiving bank is in India then a conversion is made by the sending bank using the exchange rate at the time of the transmission of funds

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What are cars called in india?

There are different types of cars available in India such as Hatchback, Sedan, minivan, Crossover, multi purpose vehicle, sports utility vehicle and Adventure Utility Vehicle plus commercial vehicles.

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How many diesel cars in india?

so many cars are they how i will tell?

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How many benz cars in india?


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How many cars in india now?

4.8 Million cars in India

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How many cars are in india?

There are approximately 4.8 Million cars in India.

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Who has many cars in india?

The chief minister of Chennai, Jayalalithaa, has the most number of cars in India.

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Can you rent cars in india?

  • You will need an international driver’s permit in addition to your domestic driver’s license in order to drive and rent a car in India. There are numerous toll roads in India, particularly expressways in and between major cities.

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How many cars in india today?


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How many maybach cars in india?


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What cars are made in india?

Maruti , TATA NANO , Hyundai cars are made in India or you can say they are assembled in India.

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Do people in india have cars?


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How many cars in india 2016?

By vehicle types, passenger vehicle sales were down 8.1% y/y to 158,617 units versus 172,671 units in the year previous. Utility vehicle (UVs) sales were up 29.9% y/y to 58,309 units. ... Flash report, December 2016.


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Total no of cars in india?

some one say i love you

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When did the currency in india go below rs 9 lakh crore?

  • This was the only occasion since October 2016 when the currency in circulation went below Rs 9 lakh crore. Since January 2017, the currency in circulation increased continuously as new notes were brought into circulation.

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Which is the best way to invest rs 1 lakh in india?

  • The first two ways of investing your Rs 1 lakh could be bank fixed deposits and the tax saver bank fixed deposits. Bank fixed deposits you all know about it. As you all know bank failures in India are very rare. Hence, you’re not going to lose your money.

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Should large cars be banned in india?

Large cars should be or should not be banned in India

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Can i buy ford cars in india?

Ford car price starts at Rs 5.82 Lakh for the cheapest model which is Figo and the price of most expensive model, which is Endeavour starts at Rs 33.81 Lakh. Ford offers 5 car models in India, including 1 car in SUV category, 2 cars in Hatchback category, 1 car in Compact Sedan category, 1 car in Compact SUV category.

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Why cars costlier in india than foreign?

Cars that are not produced in India are more expensive in India as The Government of India wants people in India to buy Indian cars which are cheaper.

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How many cars are in india today?

around 10,75,99,999

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How many cars are there in india?

10,75,99999 approx.

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How fast do cars go in india?

The same speed they go in any other country. The speed limit may be different but the speed a car sold in India is for the most part the same as the same car sold in the U.S. That assumes they have the same engine.

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Which companies make electric cars in india?

Who is the leading electric car manufacturer?

  • The world's biggest electric-car manufacturer, Nissan, along with rivals BMW and Tesla, together account for about 80 percent of the world's battery-run electric car sales, the newspaper said.

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Can we buy chevrolet cars in india?

Chevrolet is not here in India anymore. They discontinued their operations in 2017 and the whole lineup was discontinued… The good news is that you can buy yourself a Chevrolet from the used car market and they are a steal deal for sure!

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When was honda siel cars india created?

Honda Siel Cars India was created in 1995-12.

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Why automatic cars dont run in india?

What's the percentage of automatic cars in India?

  • In the sub-Rs 12 lakh passenger car space, automatic transmission accounts for 12-14%. However, the share rises to more than 50% for cars priced above that. In the SUV space, people still prefer manual transmission, though the share of automatic is rising there too.

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Which cars are fully manufactured in india?

  • Tata Nexon. Tata Nexon | Made-in India Cars…
  • Mahindra XUV300. Mahindra XUV300 | Made-in India Cars…
  • Tata Safari. Tata Safari | Made-in India Cars…
  • Hyundai Grand i10 Nios…
  • DC Avanti…
  • Mahindra Scorpio…
  • Hyundai Verna…
  • Mahindra e2O.

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Where are hyundai cars manufactured in india?

Who is the owner of Hyundai Motor India?

  • Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company (HMC). HMIL is India’s first smart mobility solutions provider and the number one car exporter since inception in India.

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Are diesel cars being banned in india?

  • Diesel cars that are more than 10-year-old are banned. Social media campaigns are shunning diesel cars. India has fought one of the longest and toughest battles against dieselisation that has finally dented the sales curve. This curve will bend further as health evidences mount.

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Why bmw cars are expensive in india?

What's the price of a BMW in India?

  • BMW car price starts at Rs 38.85 Lakh for the cheapest model which is X1 and the price of most expensive model, which is M8 starts at Rs 2.17 Crore. BMW offers 18 car models in India, including 7 cars in SUV category, 6 cars in Sedan category, 4 cars in Coupe category, 1 car in Convertible category. BMW has 1 upcoming car in India, X8.

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Names of cars not available in india?

Lamborghini, Ferari, Bentley etc..

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Will diesel cars be banned in india?

The Union government did not have any plans to impose a ban on the use of diesel and petrol cars throughout India in the near future, Union Minister of Road Transport And Highways Nitin Gadkari told the Lok Sabha February 11, 2021.

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How many lamborghini cars sold in india?

What is the best small car to buy in India?

  • - Ford Figo. Ford India launched the new Figo last year to replace the successful first generation model… - Tata Tiago. Tata 's latest entrant's place in the best small cars to buy in India list very well deserved… - Hyundai Grand i10… - Maruti Swift… - Maruti Celerio…

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Are cars cheaper in us than india?

Cars are expensive in India because of the duties levied upon them is high. Similarly, cars in the US are considered cheap due to high competition and respective margin over them is low.

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What happened to honda cars in india?

  • The two main Honda cars produced at the Greater Noida facility, Civic and CR-V, have now been discontinued in India. As premium offerings, neither has been particularly successful for the brand in India and the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is unlikely to have helped matters.

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How many years can you survive in india with rs 1 crore savings?

  • One can lead a comfortable life in Bangalore and Mysore in 30k ( middle class nuclear family ). Keep some amount of the remaining 30k for emergency. Rest, take out around 25k every month. Invest in PPF. One for 15 years and another account for 20–25 years. You'll get around 35,00,000 after 15 years investment scheme.

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What is the tax rate for income above rs 10 crore in india?

  • Also, surcharge at the rate of 7% is applicable if the income of a domestic company is between Rs. 1 Crore and Rs. 10 Crore. For income above Rs. 10 Crore, a surcharge of 10% is applicable. A health and education cess of 4% is also levied on the tax calculated.

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