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⭐️ How many rupees are in a lakh?

A Lakh Rupee is one hundred thousand rupees and a crore rupee is ten million rupees.

⭐️ How can i earn 2 lakh rupees in a month?

  1. #1. By Stock Market Trading…
  2. 2# By Online Selling. Online Selling is the best and simplest method to earn money online…
  3. 3# Become a Freelancer. If you have skills and don't want to invest money then start working as a freelancer…
  4. #4. Become a Consultant…
  5. 5.#By DropShipping…
  6. #6…
  7. #7…
  8. #8.

⭐️ What would a 1 lakh rupees bill from bank of india be worth in american dollars?

1 lakh rupees in India is worth approximately around $2250.00 in U.S. dollars.As at present,the dollar rate is nearly 47 rupees

⭐️ 1 pound how many rupees?

72.0 rupees to the british pound

⭐️ How to earn 1 crore rupees?

To get to Rs 1 crore in five years, you need to invest at least Rs 1.2 lakh, assuming an annual return of 12 per cent per year. You might get around Rs 45 lakhs if you invest Rs 50,000 for five years. Ideally, you should invest for a longer term in equities. As you give more time to your money, the true magic of compounding comes into play.

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What can you buy with 1 rupees in india?

Three whole sweeties.

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1 us dollar equals how many rupees in india?

As at 02Mar09 USD1 was worth INR51

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How many rupees are equal to 1 british pound?

The exchange rate for British pound to rupee is £1 equals to 94.70 rupees. This is only accurate to date of answer as exchange rate does vary from time to time.

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1 uk pound equal to how much indian rupees?

1.00 British Pound = 79.99 Indian Rupees.

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How much is 1 pound in sri lankan rupees?

The current exchange rate has one British Pound Sterling being worth 223.02 Sri Lankan Rupees. The exchange rate can change from day to day.

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1 baht equal to how many rupees in india?

I baht is equal to 1.7485 indian rupees.

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How much is 100 pakistanian rupees in 1 american dollar?

its about a dollar and a half

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What should i do if i have 1 crore rupees?

  1. Invest in Commercial real estate (In tier II cities or smart cities ) or real estate investment trust.
  2. Invest in debt mutual funds with duration of 3–5 years.
  3. Invest in blue chip stocks or indexed fund for next 5 years.

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What is the exchange rate of 1 pound in rupees?

99.50 rupees = 1 pound British Sterling

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How much is 1 billion dollars in indian rupees in words?

1 Billion = 1,000,000,000 Rupees

It means that 1 billion in lakhs is equal to ten thousand lakhs.

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What is 1 russia rouble is equal to in indian rupees?

1 russian rouble is equal to how many indian rupees

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Are rupees coins?

Yes, the rupee is the currency of India. Both coins and bills are used.

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Dollar to rupees?

60.26 rupees is one dollar.

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What is the currency value of 1 jugoslavija dinara in indian rupees?

i wanna know how much a 1000 jugoslavija dinar cost in Indian rupees and where i exchange that money in India

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What is the cost of a lakh in india?

  • Specifics first - a lakh is INR 100,000 which at current exchange rates is USD 1,542. Globalisation has meant that goods will be priced almost similarly - for one lakh Indians can purchase 2 iphone 5s, which is roughly similar to what Americans would pay for an unlocked phone.

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How many rupees would you have if you take five rupees from tow hundred and fifty rupees?


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What can 30000 rupees buy?

  • OnePlus 3T. The best flagship killer of 2016, everything out of this smartphone hits the right spot…
  • Moto Z2 Play…
  • Honor 8 Pro…
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro…
  • LG G5…
  • LG V20.

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How much rupees in pound?

1 rupees is 0.0098 british pound.

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How much is 5 rupees?

5 rupees now is about an eighth of a dollar

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If we send 1 million from dubai to india how many rupees will it become?

one Dubai money =13.5rupees on dated 08/12/2008.so ultimately multiply that

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When did the currency in india go below rs 9 lakh crore?

  • This was the only occasion since October 2016 when the currency in circulation went below Rs 9 lakh crore. Since January 2017, the currency in circulation increased continuously as new notes were brought into circulation.

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How many cities in india have a population more than one lakh?

  • For instance, in 1971 there were only about 150 cities whose population was more than one lakh, now this figure has reached to 500. The urban population of India has increased from 25.85 million in 1901 to 377.11 million in 2011.

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What can eat in 10 rupees?

  • Buttermilk (Garden Vada Pav) ...
  • Button Pizza…
  • Nolen Gur…
  • Ardeshir's…
  • Shegaon Kachori Centre…
  • Zarthosi Seva Mandal…
  • Chocolate Balls…
  • Vrindas Family Foods.

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How many rupees in one dollar?

46 Rupees in one dollar.

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How much rupees equal one dollar?

On the 24th March 2013, it is about 54 rupees for 1 dollar :)

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How much rupees in us dollar?

1 Rupees is 0.017 US Dollars.

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How much rupees is 199 dollar?

how much is 199 dollar in danish?

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Is 30000 rupees a good salary?

Is 30000 a good salary in India? If you stay in an urban area like Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, Kolkata and other urban town you should have a monthly salary of at least 30k in order to have a peaceful month of basic necessities and healthy living ( you can live a middle class life easily in this salary ).

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What large asian country spends rupees?

Rupees are the currency of India.

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How many rupees make a pound?

85.2978942 Indian rupees = 1 British pound === ===

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How many rupees makes one pound?

79 rupees make 1 pound currently

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Thai baht equals how many rupees?

As of 21st June 2009: 1 Thai Baht = 1.41 Indian Rupees 10 Thai Baht = 14.08 Indian Rupees 100 Thai Baht = 140.82 Indian Rupees

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Iron rate rupees per kg today?

what is iron rate per kilo

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Whose signature contains of 10 rupees?

Governor, Reserve Bank of India

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1billion is how much in rupees?

1 US Dollar billion = 51,110,000,610.35rupees

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Who can trade in indian rupees?

Most banks in India will exchange Rupees. Some foreign banks and money changers will also exchange.

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How much rupees in one yen?

Several countries use 'rupee" currency as listed below: India Rupees (INR) Sri Lanka Rupees (LKR) Nepal Rupees (NPR) Pakistan Rupees (PKR) Mauritius Rupees (MUR) Seychelles Rupees (SCR) You can look up the currency rates from http://currate.com site Today's rate (6/23/09) 1 Japan Yen (JPY) = 0.50919 India Rupees (INR)

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Can we use indian rupees in maldives?

indian currency is not accepted. the going currency is the united states dollar for anything.

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How many indian rupees youtube 1000 views?

Making Youtube videos; Potential earnings : Rs 200-300 per 1,000 views. Ads pay according to engagement and clicks. YouTube is both popular and easily accessible.

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23 dollar is how much indian rupees?

As of January 9, 2008 1 US dollar is equal to 39.3 Indian rupees for today 45.600

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250 dollar is how much indian rupees?

Let's start with Currency Codes:United States Dollars (USD)India Rupees (INR)Using http://currate.com (for 7/6/09), we get the answer:250 USD -> 11,955.927 INRAnswer:11,955.92 Indian Rupees

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How much 29.99 dollar in indian rupees?

The US dollar is worth a great deal more than a rupee. 1 dollar equals 60.81 rupees, so 29.99 in dollars would be equal to 1823.84 in Indian rupees.

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Is korean won cheaper than indian rupees?

India is 65.2% cheaper than South Korea.

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How much rupees is 30 million dollar?

1.401 billion rupees are in $30 million.

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How many rupees is electricity per unit?

Cost per unit of electricity depends the type of generation used. ie:- thermal hydel, nuclear etc. hydel electricity is cheaper and now a days it cost less than Rs.10 per unit in India. whereas thermal electricity cost less than Rs. 20 per unit

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How much is 228 in india rupees?

if 15% discount on rupees 228

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Can you take rupees out of india?

  • The short answer is no. The Indian Rupee is a closed currency that is heavily regulated, this means there are restrictions on taking the currency in and out of India. It’s not permitted for tourists to take Indian rupees in or out of the country. However, (to make it more confusing) residents of India can take a limited amount in and out.

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How much money is 32 crore rupees?

A crore is equal to ten million (10,000,000)32 crore is therefore 320,000,000 rupees.

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Which currency is lowest in indian rupees?

Lowest Currency In the world In Indian Rupees:

Zimbabwe, 1 Rupee = 4.96 Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWD). Hungary, 1 Indian Rupee = 4.19 Hungarian Forints. Yemen, 1 Rupee = 3.75 Yemeni Rial.

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What can 100 rupees buy in india?

  • In India, $100 can buy 13 nights in good hotels, 30 days in a nice hostel, 4 nice dinners for two, 30 local dinners, domestic flights around India, or a high-quality sari…
  • I only spend $19.90 per day as I'm staying in one location in a small city in India at the moment.

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