Is there any tax on remittance in india?

Rachelle Stehr asked a question: Is there any tax on remittance in india?
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  • After receiving money, any remittance of it to India will not be treated as receipt of income. A NRI after receiving income outside India can not be taxed as income because of remittance of such income to India.


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India, the world's largest recipient of remittances, received USD 87 billion in 2021 with the United States being the biggest source, accounting for over 20 per cent of these funds, according to the World Bank.

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  • Matia (Goalpara) Detention Centre. Goalpara Detention Centre is located in Matia, Goalpara district, Assam. It is India's first (and largest) detention center for illegal immigrants. The detention center covers approximately 2,88,000 square feet (about the size of seven football grounds). It includes a school, recreational area and hospital.
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In India, brown bears are present in 23 protected areas in the northern states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttaranchal, but only in two of these the bears are regarded as fairly common. There are likely less than 1,000 bears, and possibly half that in India.

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