How to find investors for your business in india?

Marguerite Ondricka asked a question: How to find investors for your business in india?
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Start by looking in your own network! Friends and family should be your first target as it's much easier to gain their trust given your long-term relationship with them. You can also reach out to other angel investors on social media platforms like LinkedIn.


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  • Assam, a treasure trove of natural beauty and diverse history, is one of the least explored of the Seven Sisters of India, lending it an immaculate, untouched aura that is sure to allure you.

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  • If these figures prove to be correct, we have a reason to believe that the future trend of Indian KPO industry will be bright for years to come. Another main contributor to the KPO boom will be the BPO sector itself, which will contribute nearly 50% towards the newly developing KPO industry.

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1. Amazon India. American e-commerce giant, Amazon, is said to have an audience reach of 89 percent in India, according to Statista. Since launching in India in 2010, the site now generates an estimated 322.54 million monthly visitors, making it the highest performing site in the country, by a long shot.

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