How much service tax is collected in india?

Herman Kovacek asked a question: How much service tax is collected in india?
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From the 1st of June 2016, service tax is levied at 15% of the value of taxable services under Section 66 of the Service Tax Act. The 15% includes 0.5% Krishi Kalyan Cess and 0.5% Swach Bharat Cess.


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  • The current rate of service tax in India is 14%. How long does it take to obtain service tax registration? It takes about a week for the government to issue Service tax registration certificate from the date of submission of form ST-1. Is there a penalty charged for not obtaining service tax registration?

⭐️ What is the definition of service tax in india?

  • Understanding service tax in India- what is it, relevant sections, point of taxation, applicable rate, service tax return and payment due date. Service tax in India is a type of indirect tax charged on the services provided by a service provider.

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So Service Tax @ 15% on 25% of the Total Purchase price is levied on under Construction Property. In other words Service Tax @ 3.75% (25% of 15%) is levied on the total price paid for the purchase of an under construction property.

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⭐️ When was service tax first introduced in india?

  • Service Tax was introduced under the Finance Act, 1994, and is an type of Indirect tax. The Government of India, in keeping with the Finance Act, 1994, has established the Service Tax Rules for the assessment and collection of service tax in India. These rules govern all the service tax particulars in the country.

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Who is responsible for collecting service tax in india?
  • Service tax will be applicable on the taxable services only which is provided or will be provided by the service provider agreeing upon the concern of actually offering services. It is a tax levied on services provided in India. The responsibility of collecting the tax lies with the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC).
Who is the consumer of service tax in india?
  • Service tax is charged by the government of India on specific service transactions carried out by service provider. However, the final consumers are the ones who pay the tax as it is passed on to them by the service providers. Service Tax was introduced under the Finance Act, 1994, and is an indirect tax.
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