How many us presidents visited to india?

Quentin Christiansen asked a question: How many us presidents visited to india?
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⭐️ How many us presidents visited india?

United States presidential visits to South Asia

Richard NixonJuly 31 – August 1, 1969India
August 1–2, 1969Pakistan
Jimmy CarterJanuary 1–3, 1978India
Bill ClintonMarch 19–25, 2000

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⭐️ Which presidents visited india in 2010?

barack obama

⭐️ How many american president visited india?

Who was the first US President to visit India?

  • After a gap of more than 20 years, Bill Clinton visited India in 2000 during the tenure of then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. This was the first visit of the US President to India in more than 20 years. The US supported India in the Kargil war (1999) before this trip.

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When did faihen visited india?

399 BC

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When uk president visited india?

The UK does not have a president. It has a queen. So no UK president has ever visited India.

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How many presidents have ruled in india till prathibha patel?


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How many presidents of india are there in chronological order?

  • The following is the list of all Presidents of India in chronological order: No. Name Tenure 11 APJ Abdul Kalam 2002 to 2007 12 Pratibha Patil 2007 to 2012 13 Pranab Mukherjee 2012 to 2017 14 Ram Nath Kovind 2017 to Present 13 more rows ...

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First british person who visited india?

robert collins

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First foreign traveler who visited india?


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Foreign travellers who visited india upsc?

ancient indian history

Important Foreign Travellers to India

Foreign TravellersPeriod of Stay
Ibn Battuta1333 A.D. – 1347 A.D.
Marco Polo1292 A.D. – 1294 A.D.
Megasthenes302 B.C. – 298 B.C.
Nicolo Conti1420 A.D. – 1421 A.D.

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Has any wwe superstar visited india?

yes they have. as far as i know only the great khali has visited India as he was born there

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Has justin bieber ever visited india?

not yet, but he hopes to in his next world tour!

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How has travellers visited to india?

by foot

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Is india the most visited country?

India is the 7th most foreign tourist revenue generating country for Thailand and Bangkok is most frequently visited by international tourists along with Pattaya, Phuket and and Krabi.

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What king of england visited india?


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When did fa hien visited india?

Who was Fa Hien during whose reign did he visit India?

  • Fa-hien was a Chinese pilgrim who visited India during the reign of Chandra Gupta II. His primary aim was to visit the Buddhist religious places and to take with him the copies of the Buddhist religious texts. He, therefore, travelled through the Gupta empire and also wrote down his impressions about India.

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When did hiuen tsang visited india?

If you have ever gone through the ancient history of India, you must have come across the name of the Chinese Buddhist monk Hsuan Tsang (var. Hiuen Tsiang) who visited India through the Silk Route between AD 627-643.

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When did marco polo visited india?

10th january mate.

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Which wwe superstar has visited india?


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Which year barack obama visited india?

He and his wife Michelle visited India in November 2010.

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Who visited india in 2020 february?

Namaste Trump was a tour event held on 24 and 25 February 2020 in India. It was the inaugural visit of the US President Donald Trump and his family to India.

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Will smith visited india in 2018?

  • Will Smith visited India in 2018. Actor Will Smith has shared a series of new images and a video from Haridwar, in which he appears to be taking part in the Ganga aarti. The actor wrote that his visit to India ‘awakened a new understanding’ of himself.

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Prime ministers and presidents of india?

prime minister and president of india...

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Who are the presidents of india?

  • President of India. The President of India is the head of state of the Republic of India. The current president is Ram Nath Kovind, who was sworn in on 25 July 2017. He succeeded Pranab Mukherjee .The President resides in an estate known as the Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi.

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How many vice presidents of india have died during their tenure?

  • Out of 13 vice presidents, six of them later went on to become the president. Krishna Kant has been the only one to die during his tenure. On 11 August 2017, Venkaiah Naidu was sworn in as the 13th vice president of India. He is also the first vice-president to be born after Independent India is formed.

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