How did india's geography helped early civilizations?

Columbus Kertzmann asked a question: How did india's geography helped early civilizations?
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⭐️ How did india's geography help early civilization?


⭐️ What religious and moral ideas helped shape the civilizations of india and china?

Islam religion can help

⭐️ Indias biggest bank?

Reserve bank of India is the Banker to the Banks. Reserve bank of india,is not open for normal customers.For customers, the biggest bank is State Bank of India.

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the climate and geography influenced the rise of India's first civilization.

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What is indias traditional food?

Biryani (South India) Julabee (South India)

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What was indias major religion?

India is a secular country. If we go by numbers, Hinduism is the major religion in India.

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When was indias flag adopted?

India's flag was adopted on July 22, 1947, after India became independent from Great Britain. The flag was based upon the design of the flag of the Indian National Congress.

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Which is indias beautiful place?

The most famous and most beautiful places in India include Taj Mahal and the Akshardham temple.

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Why is indias climate warm?

Because mountains keep cold northern winds from much of India

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Where were the first indian civilizations located?

  • The first civilization in Indian developed around Harappa quite close to the Indus river. It is popularly known as the Indus Valley civilization. Several excavations were carried out around Harappa and Mohenjodaro , which are now situated in Pakistan.

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Indias first dalit woman chief minister?


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What is indias second largest city?

Mumbai ranks one and Delhi ranks second in the list of largest cities of India.

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What is indias seconf largest cities?

India's second largest city is Delhi.

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What is las leyes de indias?

The laws of India.

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What is mean by indias gdp?

Gross Domestic Product meaning: Gross Domestic Product, abbreviated as GDP, is the total value of goods and services produced in a country… Hence, the GDP growth rate of India is an essential indicator of the country's economic development and progress.

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Who is the indias richest lady?

Savitri Jindal is the richest lady of india.

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Why is indias climate generally warm?

Because mountains keep cold northern winds from much of india

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Human geography of india?

geography has great impact on our life.Broadly we can divide India five geografical regions. We can see each has different culture and habitates.

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Indias balance of payment is prepared by?

India's balance of payments is prepared by the Reserve Bank of India.

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Is pakistan capable to defend indias attack?

Yes, but only because they have nuclear weapons. India is almost ten times bigger so it would win against Pakistan.

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What are some of indias trade goods?

India was known to trade loads of goods such as they traded spices and ingigo dye but it was all taken off them when the british invaded India in 1733.

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What indias role in the opium trade?

See: India/Opium Trade

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Why can india described as two indias?

India is described as two India because of the difference in development and education level in Rural india and urban india. Still there is a large gap in the facilities between the rural and urban india.

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Why is indias supply of mica important?

Mica is a key component in electrical equipment. In the years 2006-2007 India exported 15.21 million US dollars worth of mica, and that number has been steadily growing.

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How has britain helped india?

britain helped india for sucking

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Who helped british control india?

The internal divisions and fights in the people and amongst the kingdoms of India were the main contributers in helping the British. Thereby they adopted the policy of Divide and Ruleand establish their rule over India

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Why english education helped india?

Because without education our life is wast.

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