How did ancient india influence india today?

Marlene Schiller asked a question: How did ancient india influence india today?
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⭐️ How has ancient india influence our culture today?

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⭐️ How ancient india influenced today?

ancient India has influenced us today by showin us arts religion and some dance HAHA :<

⭐️ What individual from either ancient china or ancient india had the greatest influence on world history?

the fox said I wanna find china and india!!!!

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Ancient India has a lot of influences today. The stereotypes still remain.

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Is ancient india mountainous?

Yes it was. India had mountains from the start.

Rulers of ancient india?

Aryans i doubled checked on the Ancient History of India web site

Was ancient india rich?

yes very rich indeed that is why everybody wanted to conquor india

Where was ancient india?

Ancient India is in modern day India.

Who invaded ancient india?

Mant rulers invaded India but the most famous from them are Alexander, Mahmud of Ghazni and Muhammad Gauri.

Who ruled ancient india?

Who ruled ancient India?

  • The most famous of the Maurya emperors, in fact the most famous ruler in ancient India’s history and one of the most notable in the entire ancient world, was Ashoka (also spelt Asoka – reigned 272-232 BCE).
Did ancient india get ideas from ancient china?

Ancient India got some ideas from ancient China.

How are ancient india and ancient egypt different?

Ancient India believed of different gods plus ancient India has many more gods than Ancient Egypt. Also the ancient egyptians buried their pharaohs in a tomb and ancient india burned them.

How is ancient china different from ancient india?

Ancient China is different from Ancient India in many ways! China had different clothes, religion, food, culture, and china had no caste system which India did.

How was ancient china different from ancient india?

The opportunities available to common people

How did india influence southeast asia?

Buddhism started in India but eventually spread to Southeast Asia. Now there are more Buddhist in Southeast Asia than in India.

How did the aryans influence india?

The Aryans have influenced India because the had iron tools and weapons and horse drawn chariots that lead them against enemies. :)

How did the british influence india?
  • The British Imperialism had a positive impact on India. When they had conquered India in 1858, India was not subjected to the influences of the western world , except for trade with the Greeks . THey ruled through the East India Company. The British did not do much for Indian Economy . In fact, taxes were raised and famine was the aftereffects of it.
Influence of the english on india?

Today, English remains at the heart of India's society. There are more than 35 million people in India that use the English language.

What was britain's influence on india?

to pee

What is simler in ancient india and ancient greece?

they are both ancient

Did ancient india have kings?

ancient India had kings but they were called Hakka's or Bukka's

Did ancient india have leaders?

Ancient India was governed by a priest-king who headed a strong, central government until the Aryans took over the Indus Valley. Then they had to listen to and follow the Aryans.

Did ancient india have merchants?
  • GOKHALE: The Merchant in Ancient India shipload of goods . Finally he became a setfhi himself. Money lending was quite a common practice and many rich merchants are described as loaning money to the smaller fry to set them up in businesses of various kinds. In some families arrangements were also worked out whereby one
Did ancient india have roads?

Yes they had dirt road that they road horses on!

Did ancient india have schooling?

yes ,we have schooling in ancient India.

Did ancient india make tools?

The discovery of ancient stone tools in India suggests that the technique used to make stones spread across the world much before estimated. In a recent discovery, stone tools from about 2,85,000 years ago have been uncovered at one of India's best known archaeological sites, Attirampakkam, near Chennai.

Did ancient india use slaves?

Yes it did. We had slaves in ancient India too.