Does generic medicine work the same in india?

Albina McLaughlin asked a question: Does generic medicine work the same in india?
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Generic medicines are usually identical as a proprietary drug that has a brand name because of which the chemical composition of the medicine is sold as. Without any difference, the generic drug is the same in potency, dose, and method of intake, quality, and implications and works the same as the branded medicine.


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⭐️ Is generic medicine available in india?

Though bound by law, neither doctors nor pharmacies want to dispense generic medicines to patients as the profit margin is low. Laws in India specify that all medical prescriptions should give generic medicines and all pharmacies must make them available to patients.

⭐️ How can i get generic medicine in india?

  1. MyDawaai.
  2. MediIndia.
  3. MIMS.
  5. Getdavai.
  7. JanAushadhi.
  8. NeedyMeds.

⭐️ How many leading generic medicine pharma companies in india?

  • According to the recent report of the FDA, there are approx. 40 leading Generic medicine Pharma Companies in India. This blog is about Top 10 leading Generic Pharma Companies in India.

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