Can india become friend with pakistan?

Amelia Goldner asked a question: Can india become friend with pakistan?
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⭐️ In what year did india become india in pakistan?

The partition happened in 1947 when India got independence from the British rule. Due to differences in religious views Pakistan (a Muslim nation) in the northern region of India was formed

⭐️ Why india fears with pakistan?

India afraid with Pakistan because of Pakistans army and the brave peoples of Pakiatan. India are very much bigger in area,economy,army and every thing but they dont have one thing which Pakistan peoples and army have that they did not afraid of death........ALWAYS AND EVER PAKISTAN ZINDABAD......

⭐️ Will pakistan join with india?


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When did pakistan become a separate nation from india?

  • With the speedy passage of the Indian Independence Act 1947, at 11:57 on 14 August 1947 Pakistan was declared a separate nation. Then at 12:02 A.M., on 15 August 1947 India became a sovereign and democratic nation. Eventually, 15 August became Independence Day for India marking the end of British India.

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Districts of india that border with pakistan?

states are Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Punjab and Gujrat

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In which year india fought with pakistan?

All of them.

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Should india the dialouge policy with pakistan?

Yes, talking is a GOOD thing.

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What conflicts does india have with pakistan?

the conflict is simple that is jealous with Pakistan only. because Muslim rule on India for 1000 years

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What desert on india border with pakistan?

Thar Desert

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Why india stop playing cricket with pakistan?

Due to a firm stance from its government, India do not play Pakistan in bilateral series which robs the PCB of the financial bounty boards get from playing cricket's superpower… Relations between the two countries can improve because of cricket," Pakistan great Shahid Afridi said.

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Why is india at war with pakistan?

over kashmir which is located in the north of Pakistan!

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How does pakistan view the relationship with india?

  • In most other areas the approach is strictly hands-off: trade with India has always been severely restricted. Change is under way, but Pakistan continues to link economic progress to "forward movement on all fronts", which everyone recognises as a reference to Kashmir. There are dissenters to this "keep India out" view.

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How many km india share border with pakistan?

India and Pakistan share a 2,912 kilometer long border.

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How many wars did pakistan fight with india?

  • Putting aside the fact that Pakistan fought three wars with India in four decades, in core economic terms, Pakistan started making the same mistakes India did. By 1974, Pakistan took to the illogical nationalisation spree, the same blunder India made. It literally signed the death warrant for manufacturing sector.

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Should india play cricket with pakistan or not?

Yes it should and if we can win the match

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Why did pakistan suspend trade relations with india?

  • Islamabad: Pakistan has formally suspended its trade relations with India after New Delhi revoked Jammu and Kashmir’s special status.

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Why has the tension between india and pakistan become global concern?

The tension between India and Pakistan has become a global concern for several reasons. For one, both nations have nuclear weapons. They have also fought two wars over the disputed region of Kashmir. The latter is now occupied by Pakistan to the West, India to the East, and China to the North. If no resolution is found, the ongoing issues can further escalate into war. This can surely destabilize the region and lead to mass deaths on both sides of the border.

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Can india finish pakistan?

  • India can defeat Pakistan in 7 to 10 days seriously when a superpower like America still trapped in a poor country like Afghanistan And this is Great Pakistan you’re talking about So here’s the the thing forget 65 and 71 If this time a war declare India will be a history Pak will wipe you out from this world map

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Can pakistan beat india?

  • Actually Pakistan can Beat India in 2019 icc wc 2019 . Let's see, how it is possible. In case if Pakistan win toss then Pakistan must choose to bat first. If Pakistan will play deliberately and score 330+ then it means Pakistan will win the half of the match there only.

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Can pakistan destroy india?

Yes Pakistan can destroy india's each city with nuclear bombs in 7 minutes because they r unable to release nuclear till 51 minutes but Pakistan can destroy in 7 minutes and india also knows this very well:) :D :P

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Can pakistan invade india?

  • pakistan invaded India for 3 times and 1948, 65 and 99. In 1948 pakistan Invaded kashmir which was an Independent state, started looting and raping locals, as kashmiri forces were weak, their King Hari Singh agreed to accede to India and the war ended resulting in Kashmir and Pakistan Occupied kashmir POK.

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Does pakistan border india?


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How pakistan connects india?

Pakistan was a part of India than Pakistan got independence and their border meets and remember east and west Pakistan is the best

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India pakistan border name?

India Pakistan border is named as International border.

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India vs pakistan 1965?

Pakistan won 1965 war

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Is india near pakistan?

India and Pakistan border each other. India is in the south and Pakistan is on top of it

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Is pakistan in india?

no in 1947 they were founded as separate states.

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Is pakistan is india?

Pakistan and India are two separate countries. Pakistan only shares border with India on its eastern side.

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