Can i bring my pc to india?

Verna Murazik asked a question: Can i bring my pc to india?
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1. Re: Can we bring a full fledged pc system on India flights? You can get a PC & UPS however at the Customs you will be stopped at Customs and may have to pay as you cannot escape based o the size of it even if its a used item you are bound to have some arguments.


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⭐️ Can i bring 3 phone to india?

  • Regarding phones specifically, legally, you can carry onepersonal phone and that's it. Any packaged electronics (the two iPhones your aunt plans to bring in) should be declared and if they are not declared, she risks being caught. Another place where this is well covered is Can we carry three new smart phones in hand luggage to India?

⭐️ Can i bring food into india in april?

  • Dry foods, cereal bars, chocolates are no problem, people bring them all the time. But remember that April is a summer month, and be careful how you pack things because anything which can melt, will melt. 2. Re: Carrying food into India To add to Brave1, you get very good biscuits in India. I would buy them locally.

⭐️ Can i bring liquor from india to us?

  • Can Liquor be Carried on the flights to India from the USA? Yes, you can carry up to a specified quantity of alcohol In the flights to India from the USA, allowed by the government of India under the Customs Act. How much alcohol can be carried by a person at a time? A passenger can carry up to 2 liters of alcohol on a single journey to India

⭐️ Can i bring mavic pro to india?

Yes, You can bring it to India, but only till the airport. Indian customs will seize it, as drones are not allowed in India at the moment. You can get permission from DGCA to import and fly. You can buy Mavic from Indian sellers, at much higher price (of course because of the risk involved in importing).

⭐️ Can you bring$ 8k in cash to india?

  • Unlike US, India makes no mention about people travelling together and just states the limits as "per person". If both you and your spouse hold $4,000 each, you should be fine. Note that even if you were travelling alone, you could bring $8,000 into India but in that case you would have to declare it at the customs.

⭐️ Can you bring a pal tv to india?

  • If you are planning to bring a TV from USA to India, make sure you carry a PAL to NTSC converter, which can be used to convert the PAL transmission in India to NTSC format. You may not be able to buy PAL to NTSC converter in India. Alternatively, you can look for TVs that support both PAL and NTSC, even though they are rare in USA.

⭐️ Can you bring bose sound system to india?

  • I brought a bose sound system from usa and there was no problem with customs in either usa or india. Tip- throw the box and and user manual. It will make the product look as used and it will be easy to bring it in india. How do I extract emails from LinkedIn? Tons of email extractors make it easier than ever.

⭐️ Can you bring two mobile phones to india?

  • Yes, Personally you can bring the mobile without paying customs duty, but possible for 2 which includes your mobile. Many people are asking you to buy and carry more mobiles from the USA but its 100% risky. If customs person finds out it no other option for us paying duty amount or leaving with them. Very sad right..........

⭐️ How can i bring a drone to india?

  • All the answers are correct but are old now, The new Law allows people to bring drones to india. You can bring the drones in nano category (below 250gms) and also above but need to have license which is a headache. Keep the batteries and propellers in hand baggage and drone and everything else in check in luggage.

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How can i bring foreign currency to india?
  • Any person can bring into India, from a place outside India, foreign currency without any limit. However the currency must be declared by filing CDF (Currency Declaration Form) in the following cases:
How many cigarettes can i bring to india?
  • What you can bring as a duty-free allowance in India depends on who you are, where you are coming from, how long you have stayed abroad, and what you have brought with you. Generally speaking, everyone landing in India, whether they are Indians or not, can bring the following items duty-free; 100 sticks of cigarettes 125 grams of tobacco
How many dogs can i bring to india?
  • Up to 2 dogs or cats can enter India per person. More than 2 pets per person can only be imported under a License from the Director General of Foreign Trade. All dogs and cats must arrive within 30 days of their owner's first immigration stamp as displayed on their passport after issued a proper work or spouse/dependent visa.
How much cash can i bring to india?
  • If you’re resident in India, you can bring up to INR 25,000 into the country. If you’re visiting India, you can bring cash or travellers’ cheques (in pounds sterling or another foreign currency) and/or a bank card with you and exchange or withdraw rupees once in India.
What can you not bring to india?
  • DON'T BRING too many clothes…
  • DON'T PACK valuables in general…
  • DON'T TAKE too much cash…
  • DON'T TAKE unnecessary electronics…
  • DON'T BRING too many books…
  • DON'T PACK too many toiletries but do bring your favorites…
  • DON'T PACK more than one set of warm clothes.
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  • Carrying food into India. Apart from this, there are many many restaurants. There are also supermarkets and stores where you can buy all sorts of things, ranging from nachos to chips to biscuits to chocolates, wafers and many more snacks. Bring a couple of cereal bars if you must, as an emergency, but it's not a must.