Are there air conditioners in india?

Fatima Abernathy asked a question: Are there air conditioners in india?
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⭐️ Gree air conditioners service center india?

yes there are GREE airconditioner service centers in India

⭐️ How many people have air conditioners in india?

  • Across India, millions of people are making similar calculations. The share of Indians with air conditioning is still small, roughly 5 percent, but it’s growing fast. Rising incomes are making air conditioners more attainable, while rising temperatures are making them a necessity.

⭐️ Why are air conditioners so popular in india?

  • In India, continuous rise in the temperature and humidity have encouraged many people to buy air conditioners. Besides, an increase in the number of middle-class population and rising income are also helping in accelerating the demand for this electronic item.

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Yes. One of my current students worked as an air conditioner installer before moving to Canada.

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